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08 March 2010 @ 10:37 pm
On the Eve of Leaving  
You know those moments when you actually, literally want to kick yourself?

This story starts with Sunday, when I had intended to go to irimachi and see Alice-chan (and Fukuda-san ♥) one more time before I left. Specifically I was thinking I could work up the nerve to ask Alice-chan if she'd like anything from America.

But late Saturday night we were told that due to お仕事の関係, "something related to work" there would be no irimachi. I took this to mean Alice-chan was probably going to the theater / somewhere else crazy early in the morning.

(The last time I saw her, she admitted that she hadn't been sleeping much T_____T)

So I couldn't go on Sunday, cutting down my options to Monday or Tuesday. Aiming for Tuesday, thinking that it would be nice to see Alice-chan on the very day I was flying out, I chose to get other things done today.

Only to hear that tomorrow is her day off. Of course.

And OF COURSE it's good that she has a day off -- not that I think she'll actually be resting -- but... ARGH. WHY DIDN'T I GO TO TODAY.

I had a minor tantrum when I got the news.

It's just disappointing and frustrating, even though I know it doesn't matter in the long run. Actually I had one of those moments last night where all the love and gratitude hit me at full force again... I know, I know that all things considered I'm really just terribly lucky.

But maybe it's because I was feeling that way last night that I really wanted to see Alice-chan tomorrow.

I had ticket-related things to sort out with Harada-san anyway, so when I mailed her I slipped in my question. And Harada-san replied that Alice-chan would probably be interested in anything from the States.

Which is most likely what Alice-chan would've said to me in person as well.

But still. But still, a little disappointment lingers.
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