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06 July 2017 @ 07:09 am
Not that anyone is still checking this journal, but just in case someone is.

I've decided that I'm not going to bother moving everything over. I kept up my LJ subscription for years so that all of the images would still work, but it's too much effort to move it all to Dreamwidth. So pretty soon this journal is going to disappear, or at the very least the images will stop working.

If anyone is interested, find me on Dreamwidth "nooneofconsequence", and/or @sora_power on Twitter. This journal will be backed up on DW as "waowaobackup", but most of the images will not be there. Thank you and goodnight.
28 April 2014 @ 07:03 pm
A little bird told me that y'all are making fun of Maiki Tsubasa because of her (admittedly very unfortunate) Otome photo.

I've decided that she looks a little bit like the guy who plays Joffrey in Game of Thrones, and hope that means she'll get to play some wonderfully nasty, smirky villains in her career ;D
24 August 2013 @ 01:14 pm

Adding My Own Emotions to the Role of the Pirate Who Aids the Protagonist

When I heard that Takarazuka would be doing a stage performance of The Count of Monte Cristo, I remember thinking "that will be an interesting production..." Personally, I like revenge plays and other stories that give you a sense of humanity. The first image that came to mind for my character, Bertuccio, was "a rough character but with a feeling of humanity; a pirate with a heart of gold". However, as I went about creating the role, I tried to think outside the box. When the performance run started, my fellow pirates and I changed our give-and-take from day to day, and I think we were able to deepen the performance over time.

Also, Bertuccio's role is to support the main character, Edmond Dantès, played by Ouki Kaname. Ouki is my classmate, so there were many ways in which it was easy to get into character emotionally, and Bertuccio has become one of my favorite roles.

Amour de 99!! ~99 years of Love~ was the first revue I'd been in in a while. There were many different scenes with various styles of dance, and I could feel the audience's excitement in my bones. The applause of the audience members reminded me once again how fun revues are. Furthermore, I was given a female role in a dance with Ouki, and that had a huge impact on me personally (laughs). It was a new experience.

If I Can Support Cosmos Troupe and My Beloved Takarazuka, Even in Some Small Way...

I was transferred to Cosmos Troupe after becoming an upperclassman, and I haven't wasted time trying to change my ways. I'm allowed to be my natural self in this troupe. My classmate Ouki, who was with me as an underclassman in Snow Troupe, is now in the position of leading Cosmos Troupe. I noticed a change has come over her thinking and speech as a top, which I really admire. I myself am not especially skilled, but I'd like to be someone who can support and enliven Cosmos Troupe and the Takarazuka Revue company. I've learned many things from upperclassmen, but now that I've achieved a high rank I'd like to watch over the underclassmen, show concern for them and give them words of encouragement -- just as I have been brought up by the upperclassmen before me.

Adding a Flavor That Only We Can Produce to a Traditional Production

Starting in July I will take part in the national tour of that famous production, Ephemeral Love. The opening scene, with Rudoph and Marie standing on the staircase covered in a red carpet, is very striking. That scene will certainly stay with the people who come to see the national tour. The play itself is a tragic love story, but it also depicts many different patterns of human emotion that can be felt in the performance. It's a traditional production that has been revived many times, but we Cosmos Troupe members will perform it with great care, adding a flavor that only we can produce. I'm not sure on the details of Amour de 99!! ~99 years of Love~ yet, but we may be able to perform some numbers that we couldn't put in the Grand Theater production... (laughs) I'm really looking forward to it.

(Cross-posted to Tumblr.)
21 August 2013 @ 11:11 pm

Feeling Joy at Creating a Bridge to the 100th Anniversary

Having come to love the character of Miles Edgeworth in the previous production, I was happy to play him again and it was extremely enjoyable to follow his newly-written life story in Phoenix Wright 3: Public Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth. It was also very emotional for me to be able to perform a lead role at Theater Drama City for the fans who have supported me for so long.

I've been given the opportunity to play many different villain roles, perhaps because I've said that I wanted to since I was an underclassman. In The Count of Monte Cristo as well, it was very fun to play a markedly evil role such as Danglars. The director Ishida-sensei said to me, "I want you to exude a presence of evil from the moment you appear", so I thought of portraying him with a blazing life energy -- as if he had actually lived in that era -- and played him that way.

In Amour de 99!! ~99 Years of Love~, at first there was a feeling of pressure since we were bringing back famous scenes as a bridge to the 100th anniversary, but then I felt great joy that we, here, now, are bringing together the history of Takarazuka. In it I was given the chance to sing a song that I'm sure my fans know well, "Ai no Sonata" -- I thought of enveloping the Grand Theater with that song as I stood on the stage.

With Passion In My Heart, Being a Supporting Presence in Cosmos Troupe Since Its Establishment

As a person who has known Cosmos Troupe since its establishment, I haven't forgotten the passion and power of that time; I'd like to express that and pass it on to everyone in the troupe. At first we had many different colors and it wasn't easy to say which color we were, but from blue to red, we've changed to different colors of the rainbow. What I feel right now is a fresh, new power that's been built upon our foundation. I'm looking forward to which color we'll transform into next, as I support the troupe as a single Cosmos member.

A Performance With Even More Depth

The national tour of Ephemeral Love from July to August will be the second time I've appeared in this production. I got to perform in it as an underclassman, but at that time I was consumed with just being onstage. It seems in some ways that the whole of the world has come under a damper, and I feel it too, but that's exactly why I want to give a passionate and energetic performance.

The 100th anniversary is close at hand... Having accumulated so much experience over the years, I'll do my best to show everyone a Yuumi Hiro with even more depth.

(Cross-posted to Tumblr.)
21 August 2013 @ 11:02 pm
*shy wave*

I'm trying to re-work my Japanese muscle by translating things.

So anthy1306 graciously provided me with some scans from this year's Revue mook, and I am translating them, and will post them here...

...with a cross-post to Tumblr. I know, it has a bad rep. But hey, reaching out to fans who are perhaps not all crazy, just don't know any better? ♥

Also, ひさしぶり everybody >.> I see that LJ has not died, which is good because I may creep back here a little bit. Yay ♪
28 April 2012 @ 08:28 pm
My plans, such as they areCollapse )
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16 April 2012 @ 03:39 am
...I just don't understand why. I'll never understand why this has to happen every. single. time.
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29 March 2012 @ 01:02 am

I know it's silly whenever I come back and post here, since I've effectively ceased to exist on LiveJournal. I confess, I live on Planet Twitter now.

But if anyone not on Twitter is interested, I'm going to be in Japan in a month.

Some of the time I should be in Tokyo with the Yuki crew -- kirakira_sora, galynthia and happy_riceball. But obviously my main objective is to see Soragumi and Hidamari no Ki.

My other main objective is to meet up with as many people as possible. sumire_no_hana, ohtori_tsuki, utena1409? Anyone have a little time to spare for me? Of course palais and ekusudei, if the stars align in Tokyo I'd love to see you two also. Will anyone else be there at the same time that I don't know about, because I don't read LJ at all anymore? T_______T

~completely insufficient apology below~

I'm sorry, everyone. It's not that I don't care. It's that I do care, but it's so hard to deal with thinking about Takarazuka and fandom and Japan when I'm not there. So I shut down and ran away. I've been a bad friend to a lot of people and I wouldn't be surprised if nobody felt like hanging out with me.

I'm also afraid my Japanese has deteriorated miserably, so I'll probably just be a hot mess while I'm there.

Honestly I've repressed my feelings for Japan and not believed that this trip would happen for so long that I'm really in turmoil already. So if anyone wants to hold my hand, give advice and help in any way the girl who's never actually "vacationed" in Osaka, it would be very much appreciated.

...Nope, still can't actually believe it. Is this real life?
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09 March 2012 @ 01:23 am
When I really sit back and think about it, I know how absurd it is for girls who are barely ken-4 to become top musumeyaku.

I know, but I also know that that's the track the company has been on for a few years now.

So with Urara-chan's second shinko lead announced, by god Hankyu if you don't make her our top musumeyaku... Then I will know that the Powers That Be have well and truly gone crazy.

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01 March 2012 @ 12:21 am
...shot at the 98th class' stage names? 8D

(The graduation announcement)

It's pretty silly of me to be doing this, considering the name readings will likely be posted tomorrow or the day after, but... I guess I just like to challenge myself?Collapse )

Notes: muffin_song pointed out that there are zero katakana stage names this year o_O;;; Maybe they all heard that stupid rumor that "no one with a katakana name becomes top". (It sounds ludicrous, but as far as I know Anju Mira is the only exception to this "rule".)

Personally I found it interesting that no less than five girls chose to have three-kanji names. I thought this was unusual, and looking back over the last several years I got 2011 = 3, 2010 = 1, 2009 = 0, 2008 = 3, 2007 = 0, 2006 = 1. So yeah, definitely higher than average ^^;;

...Goodness gracious, it's almost 12:30AM ^^;;; *crawls back into hidey-hole*
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