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02 October 2008 @ 12:32 pm
8 minutes and 15 seconds on Mayu-chaaaaannnn ♥♥♥  
Transcribed by the magnificent bluerevue ♥♥♥♥♥

For some reason I felt in the mood to make a post about Mayu-chan. Mayu-chan... I've told a few people, there's a girl in my fan club -- er, Alice-chan's fan-club -- who is a junior high school student and wants to take the TMS entrance exams. She's really cute, and she's a little bit taller than Alice-chan, and she often wears, like, heels and heeled boots and stuff so she looks even taller. And she is so shy and adorable.

When we were all at irimachi last Sunday... Let's see... We have a kind of system in the club where one person gets to walk and talk with Alice-chan for a while and then kind of just, you know, offers somebody else the chance to go and talk with her. So last Sunday I talked with Alice-chan for a little bit, and then I kind of hung back, and then me and Fukura-san both kind of pushed Mayu-chan forward and were like "You talk to Alice-chan!" And we partly did it with the knowledge that she probably wouldn't say anything, because Mayu-chan is SO CUTE; she totally doesn't know what to say to Alice-chan. The other times that she’s been at iri, we've always been, like, prompting her on what to say. The last time I saw Mayu-chan, we were doing iri, but Yukigumi was playing at the time. And actually Harada-san and Mayu-chan were going to see the 11:00AM show and I was going to be seeing the 3:00PM show with Manda. That was the day when I had double iri and double de (and I don’t think I ever posted about that, but... ^^;;;) At second iri -- Alice-chan had gone to lessons in the morning, left after lessons, gone to run some errands and probably go home and get lunch, and then did iri again -- it was after the 11:00AM show had gotten out, so it was about... 2:15PM? So at that point, Mayu-chan actually had something to say to Alice-chan. We were prompting her, "Tell Alice-chan your thoughts about the Yukigumi show!" And it's just, Mayu-chan is so cute... We prompted her with a few things, like "oh, ask Alice-chan this," or "say this to Alice-chan." She got the first question out, but she forgot what the other ones were. Then me and Harada-san started teasing her, "Even though we practiced! Even though we told you what to say!"

I've kind of gotten to the point where most times I can actually speak with Alice-chan and have something to say. Even I still fail sometimes, but for some reason Mayu-chan just exudes this complete helplessness that's so adorable. <333

That same day we had double demachi. At second iri, Alice-chan was going in for rehearsals, and she wouldn't be coming out until (fortunately for me) after the 3:00PM show would be letting out. It ended up being about 9:00PM. It was close to nine, right Manda? Because Manda had to wait forever for me. I kept mailing her being like "alright, the club tells me she'll be out in another fifteen minutes!" and then that turned into like forty-five minutes. But we did rehearsal de... That was the day I gave Alice-chan -- I found a postcard with a picture from Enchanted on it, and when I gave it to her she was like "Oh, Enchanted!" except she didn't say "Enchanted", she said the Japanese title which is, I think, Mahou ni kakerarete or something, and so she was like "Mahou ni kakerarete!" and she smiled SO BIG, and I was like "Yay!" She was like "Ooh, I love this movie!" and I was like "I do too!" That was one of my happiest iri/de memories right there, because Alice-chan was so unexpectedly like "Ooh, I love this movie!" and I was like “I do too!” (/repetitiveness XDD;;)

But anyway, instead of walking back toward Alice-chan's apartment, we walked the other direction because she was going to be going out to eat with some batchmates. And when we got to around that corner where the flower shop and everything is, we stopped, and Alice-chan was like waiting for her batchmates to catch up with her, and... She didn't say goodbye to us or anything, so we kind of just stood there with her. We were all kind of blanking for conversation for a second, and then Alice-chan looked at Mayu-chan and was like "Mayu-chan, you've gotten really tall, haven't you!” So I guess Mayu-chan's been in the club for a while. And I'm pretty sure I saw her last year, but last year's memories are kind of fuzzy. But yeah, she was like "Mayu-chan, you've gotten taller! What year are you in school again?" I don't remember if Mayu-chan is... I want to say a second-year in junior high because Alice-chan said "Oh, then you have two more years.” So if she’s a second year, then she’s got to finish her second and third year of junior high and then she can take the test. So she was like “Oh, so you've got two more years until you can take the test." And then she said something along the lines of, "Wouldn't it be cool if you got placed in Soragumi!" And then she was like "Well, but even if it's two more years, and then you take the test, even if you pass the test, you'll still have to wait two more years through the music school until you actually get in. So, you know, that's four years away, and who knows what will happen in four years..." And I was like "Ahh, don't say that, Alice-chan!" That whole "what could happen in four years, I don't know" sort of mentality made me kind of sad.

This has kind of become "rambling about iri/de in a completely unorganized manner" instead of stories of Mayu-chan, but... Mayu-chan!! She's so cute!! I just love having a TMS hopeful in my club. It's so, so sweet. It was just really fun on Sunday for some reason, kind of teasing her for not being able to speak to Alice-chan. Because she had such a cute look on her face, like "I don’t know what to say, you guys!" And she kept looking back at us, and it was so cute...

I'm, like, fangirling Mayu-chan instead of Alice-chan. But of course I love them both. <33333

I realize after re-reading this that I may have given a slightly false impression of Mayu-chan. When I say "she sometimes wears heeled boots" I mean "girly cowboy boots with stiletto heels". X3 She also seems to wear her hair in a high bun all the time.

I wonder if she wants to be a musumeyaku or otokoyaku? I mean, on the one hand, she appears to be still growing. On the other hand, she is in a musumeyaku's fanclub... :D
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Becca: Ume by pam_hikarumuffin_song on October 2nd, 2008 07:26 am (UTC)
Mayu-chan sounds very, very cute. She must have been dying (in a good way) to have Alice-chan encouraging her about TMS...no wonder she couldn't speak!

I still don't understand how small clubs members survive talking to their stars so much. After all, I have days when I have trouble getting out an "ohayou gozaimasu" ;)
bluerevue: scribbling Yuuhibluerevue on October 3rd, 2008 11:54 pm (UTC)