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10 October 2008 @ 07:55 pm
Gin-chan no Koi 2: Character Intros  
[Originally recorded as an mp3 and transcribed by the lovely and talented bluerevue <3]

All right, Gin-chan no Koi #2!

I'm going to assume that not a lot of people actually know what this show's about, so I'll try to explain the plot a little bit and then talk about all the characters.

Gin-chan no Koi is based on a novel, which was made into a movie? I think. I know that there was a movie. Anyway, the location is Kyoto, Japan, the year is sometime in the 1980s, and it's about film stars.

Ginshirou, nicknamed Gin-chan, is... I never quite figured out if Gin-chan is a guy who used to be a big star and now he's not so much anymore, or if he's just a guy who *thinks* he's a big star when he's not really as big as he is in his own mind. But anyway. Yuuhi's character is this semi-ridiculous Gin-chan, who's always trying to get camera close-ups and kind of messing up the set with his antics.

They're filming a movie about the Shinsengumi, and Meo plays the guy who's playing Sakamoto Ryouma. Yuuhi's worried that Meo's getting more screen time than she is, so she kind of does her best to put herself right in front of the camera. It was really funny because they actually have a camera feed going where there's not just one but two small screens up at the top of the stage, and you can see Yuuhi looking straight at the camera being projected out on those two screens, so it's like a live feed. And it doesn't -- you know, in a way it works. It's funny when Yuuhi's looking straight at the camera and like making poses and making faces and doing that kind of thing, but it doesn't work as well when they're just pretending that they're actually filming something, because then the camera's not at the right angle. It's a stage performance, they're actually performing out to us in the audience on a stage and not to the camera, so you get a lot of profile shots and stuff if you're looking at the screens. If you're looking at the stage it doesn't seem as weird.

But anyway, movie about the Shinsengumi. Gin-chan plays Hijikata and Daimon plays Okita Souji and... You know, I only saw this once so I didn't quite get what happened, but I swear there was this moment where Meo-aka-Ryouma and Daimon-aka-Souji were, like, making out. And then I looked away for a second -- I was looking at Yuuhi or something -- and I looked back and Meo had kiss marks all over her face! And maybe Daimon did too? I don't remember. But I was like, "Uhh, what just happened there??"

Anyway, um... Gin-chan's best friend is Yasu, played by Mitsuru. And Mitsuru's awesome. Mitsuru plays just one of the other people -- the other Shinsengumi, the other soldier -- kind of a nameless character. But Mitsuru's Yuuhi's best friend. And I guess in the past Mitsuru really idolized Yuuhi and somehow became a little brother to Yuuhi in a way. I don't know how she got to be working on the set or became the lowest of the lowest cast member in some show that Yuuhi was starring in, but Yuuhi took Mitsuru under her wing and was like "This is what it's like to be a big movie star" and, you know, kind of showed her the ropes or whatever, and like... gave Mitsuru some of her godawful ridiculous clothes -- which are hysterical, by the way. They are so ugly it's funny. You can see the poster, you can see that coat that literally looks like it's made from a couch or something... and that tie, I believe that Yuuhi does wear that tie in the performance. She does. And just try to imagine Yuuhi wearing at least three or four different costumes that are all that gaudy, that awful, with fedoras with shiny bands on them, and she had a zebra-print coat at some point...

And yeah, basically, Yuuhi's character is a guy who's full of himself, totally thinks he's a big star, and is trying to stay a big star despite kind of losing the limelight, you know, being kind of washed up. Yuuhi is also kind of a player; it's like "Oh, I'm a big star, I can get all the girls" or whatever. So Sumika is in love with Yuuhi, and Yuuhi is in love with Sumika but Yuuhi also runs around with Kirari. Kirari-chan plays this total bimbo named Tomoko. And mostly I appreciated Kirari-chan's Tomoko because, um, she wore really short skirts and she was cute and dumb and bouncy and stuff, but I like Kirari, so it was good.

Sumika, you know, it's like... Sumika is amazing. She's a really good actress. And for some reason despite how young she is, she's really good at playing these mature, world-weary women. In this case, Sumika is a film star in her own right, and she is completely in love with Yuuhi but is dealing with the fact that Yuuhi runs around and is stupid and breaks her heart all the time. And, I dunno, Sumika's another one of those people who I can appreciate her art, I can appreciate how good she is... When she was crying sometimes it got a tiny bit annoying, but mostly she was amazing. It's just that for some reason... I don't love her the way I love some other people. Like Mitsuru. Mitsuru... I'm pretty sure Mitsuru was the star of this show and not Yuuhi? She was amazing, she had her funny hair and her mustache and her worn-down, baggy 80s clothes, but she was amazing.

This is going to be such an all-over-the-place kind of review, but I'm gonna stop this here and try to move my way back to talking about the plot.
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bluerevue: girls in mustachesbluerevue on October 12th, 2008 10:39 pm (UTC)
I had to keep going over the paragraph about Yuuhi's costumes, and every time I heard the phrase "the jacket that literally looks like it was made from a couch" I cracked up.

Also, "I mostly appreciated Kirari-chan's Tomoko because, um, she wore really short skirts..." XD

ETA: Also.... Meo/Daimon????

Edited at 2008-10-12 10:50 pm (UTC)
Julie: kazu thinkwao_wao on October 13th, 2008 01:03 pm (UTC)
Credit for the couch joke goes to Manda! I believe she made that observation first. X3

Kirari-chan <3 <3

I swear I don't know what to make of Daimon in this show; it's set in 80s Japan, yet she plays an arguably effeminate boy named Jimmy. Wtf??
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