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10 October 2008 @ 08:56 pm
Gin-chan no Koi 4: Funny Bits, Etc.  
[Originally recorded as an mp3 and transcribed by the lovely and talented bluerevue <3]

Okay. One last post about Gin-chan in which I try to talk about all the funny stuff.

As I already mentioned, Yuuhi wears some pretty hideous costumes. They're quite funny. The one on the poster with her sparkly jacket and everything.. the fly swatter, right? There's this scene where Yuuhi's kicking around in Mitsuru's house and Sumika's there and Yuuhi grabs a bunch of Mitsuru's stuff and is like "Ahh, this smells, you should wash it" and throws it out the window and just like throws stuff out the window and is messing with stuff in Mitsuru's room. And at one point she picks up a fly swatter and is messing around with it. And that's kind of the only reason that I can imagine that there's a fly swatter on the poster. But um, yeah, that stuff is definitely funny.... And all the speaking in crazy accents all the time is funny...

Let's see... there was a lot of tongue-in-cheek, self-referential humor, actually. The sorts of jokes like -- Yuuhi's like "Oh, look at me, I'm a big star, I've got all this stuff lined up, I'm gonna be in a musical with somebody-something-or-other who graduated from Takarazuka", and everyone laughs. And Sumika's like "But Yuuhi, you can't dance!" And it's like "Who cares, I'm gonna be in a musical!" What was another one... Oh, then later it turns out the Yuuhi's not going to be in the musical because her role was stolen by Matsudaira Ken. Hahaha, good stuff.

There was a really good one... In the second act, I mentioned that there's a scene in the past, remembering how Mitsuru first met Yuuhi, and Yuuhi gives her ugly sparkly jacket to Mitsuru and Mitsuru's like "Really, can I have this??" and Yuuhi's like, "Sure, when you're a big star like me, your fans will just give you clothes and stuff" and she says something to the effect of like, you have to wear them because it makes the fans happy and the fans will keep supporting you if you wear the things that they gave you. And Mitsuru's like "Wow, isn't that kind of annoying? Like, what if you don't like the clothes?" And Yuuhi rambles on for a second about how that's too bad, you have to wear them, but then she says something like "It would be better if they just gave us money," and the lights come up on the audience and they LOOK at the audience and they're like "It would be better if they just gave us cash." And it was really funny. I mean, that's a pretty pointed joke right there. And it was funny, but kind of put-your-hand-over-your-mouth shocking at the same time, kind of. But it was funny.

What else? The stuff with the cameras and the screens, with Yuuhi always putting herself in front of the camera and making all these eyes and poses at the camera and... Seriously, she stares at the camera for a long time, like really really too much... too many close-ups for Yuuhi, she really overdoes it...

I'm totally blanking. There was Yuuhi on rollerblades at one point. When she's going on a date with Kirari-chan she's like "Kirari, you said that you wanted to try out in-line skates, so I got rollerblades for both of us and we're gonna go skating." So that was kind of amusing, Yuuhi on rollerblades...

What else. There was Yuuhi's little band of friends, including Mitsuru, but also Mame-kun and Daimon, and somebody else who wore glasses.... OH. There was this scene (second act) where Yuuhi's like "I'm not talking to you anymore, Mitsuru". Yuuhi and Mame-kun and Daimon and the other one whose name I don't know are all going to have yakiniku (grilled meat). And all the younger ones are talking about, "Ohh, it's been so long since I've had meat,” you know, it's like 'we're all starving-artist-types who can't afford to have yakiniku'. And Yuuhi starts lecturing them, like "You can't just eat meat, you have to eat vegetables and noodles too." And they actually ATE NOODLES ONSTAGE -- or maybe it wasn't noodles, it was like those mushroom things, kinako or whatever -- but they were eating! They were eating noodles onstage! And I was kind of fascinated watching Mame-kun and Daimon eating. And then the other baby with the glasses was like reaaaallly slowwwwly slurping her noodles... And like, they were all kind of disappointed because Yuuhi was making them eat noodles before eating meat, and so, like, especially the youngest baby was like *sniffle* *slurrrrrp slurp slurp* and after a minute they just turn and look at her and are like "What. Eat your frickin' noodles." *laughs* It was really really funny.

I'm trying to look in my program and figure out who that other person with the glasses was... Oh! It was Yuugiri Rai... Yuugiri Rai. I know the name but don't really know much about her. Anyway, it was really funny, eating the noodles.

Um... what else is funny in Gin-chan. Yuuhi's ending outfit which, as Manda said, literally does light up. It's got like... It's got batteries or something, because the lights are flashing like Christmas lights. They're white lights and they're all in, like, coin-shaped circles going down in a line down the sleeves and down the trouser legs and I think down the coat lapels too? Coin-sized circles that flash on and off with white lights. I think it was a pink suit? Very, very bizarre.

But anyway. Let me see if I can just give some ending thoughts about Gin-chan. It was really funny for the most part, but when you got about to the end of the first act / beginning of the second act, you started to feel that, like, things weren't going to end well, and it was funny but at the same time you didn't want to laugh because you know something tragical might happen. And you're already hurting because you're feeling bad for Mitsuru's character and everything... I really felt Mitsuru left a huge impression on me. I was just so blown away; so impressed with her. And Yuuhi was fun to watch, but Mitsuru completely owned this show.

I mean, I'd watch it again. I would consider buying the DVD, probably. But yeah, still can't figure out why it's Gin-chan no Koi, because it seems to be more about Yasu to me.

Um, I could talk about demachi, but there weren't really any happenings other than watching all the Tsukigumisei come out... Let's see, Daimon had a fanclub member... And... maybe it was Yuugiri Rai! There was some other baby who I didn't recognize but they had, like, one or two fanclub people. They did their demachi a little differently than the way we all did demachi for AmeUta at Umegei, which was interesting to watch... But yeah, I think I'm just gonna cut it here instead of rambling about de. That's all you get on Gin-chan no Koi...
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shetan83: Asa Kiriyan OMGshetan83 on October 12th, 2008 09:02 pm (UTC)
LOL @ the "give us money thing". Wow. WOW.

I wish I could see the noodle thing.
bluerevue: beautiful schemerbluerevue on October 12th, 2008 10:46 pm (UTC)
The MONEY JOKE. I can hardly believe they did that. Woah. ... Points for honesty, I guess? XD

I cracked up every single time I went back over the noodle anecdote while I was transcribing this. Every time. Especially at your sniffling noise. XD Poor little Yuugiri Rai. <3
Julie: alice buyoukaiwao_wao on October 13th, 2008 01:11 pm (UTC)
Glad to have entertained. m(__)m <3

(The interesting thing is being on the other side of that joke -- any time you order tickets through a fanclub and they ask for "sashi-ire-dai", that is essentially giving money to your star.)
(Deleted comment)