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01 January 2009 @ 02:36 pm
Dreams inspired by raku and bad sci-fi flicks  
Welcome to 2009, everybody! ^_______^

I keep dreaming about Ayu, who in my mind has become "Ayu-neesan" ever since the WakuWaku Cafe Time with Sora 86ths (all TWO of them) where Ume-chan expressed her surprise at hearing that Ayu had become an "oneesan" in Soragumi.

But now I can't remember WHAT I dreamt about, only that Ayu was involved. One of those "woke up in the middle of the night, went back to bed and forgot it all" dreams. Possibly Ayu was a mystic helping to prevent attacks from supernatural beings.

...Or a nurse. I dunno, that new movie with Dan-san might have gotten lodged into my subconscious.

Several days ago I dreamed about a mountain of fans at ParaPuri 'raku. Well, okay, not literally a "mountain"... we were just all gathered on a mountain. (Don't ask me why we weren't in, oh, TOKYO.) I was in a van with a few other fans, probably from other fanclubs. I was skipping Alice-chan demachi to participate in sending off the taidansha, but I was sure my angel wouldn't mind. We were driving up a dirt road and passing little pockets of fans. We must have stopped at some point and watched from this birds-eye view... But strangely I don't remember seeing any retiring 'siennes other than Tacchin. There was a glowing mini-staircase set into a part of the mountain, and Soragumi was doing a sort of encore parade: Tacchin's etoile, and then Chigi and Alice-chan... But then Micchan came down the stairs before Eriko and we were all amazed and gossiping about whether it was a mistake or not.

That's all I remember. T___T;;; I'm still annoyed that I can't recall more of my Ayu dream.
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