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16 January 2009 @ 09:57 am
I'll try to keep it brief.  
I think everyone's going to get Elisabethed-out pretty quickly, so I'll just say a few more things now.

* Presumably Hankyuu has had a lot of time to think about this. So I don't think Kacha's going to be transferred to Tsukigumi at this time, because if they were transferring her they would have just *said* so. But instead the announcement is like "by the way, Kacha won't be in Sora's next Grand Theater / Tokyo show because of this." I see the possibility that Kacha will be transferred eventually, to Tsuki or somewhere else, but I don't think this situation is quite the same as Asako's was.

* I don't think Kacha will switch to musumeyaku either. Everyone's already pointing out that she's 2cm taller than Asako. If Kacha switches she really will be the tallest musumeyaku in Takarazuka; all the otokoyaku I can think of who switched were around 167cm... and then suddenly "shrank" to 165 when they became musumeyaku. Anyway, she doesn't have ANY experience as a musumeyaku in an acting role, just a few dances in dresses. It doesn't make sense for her to switch.

* I don't know if Kacha can sing the part of Elisabeth. There, I said it. I simply haven't heard her sing in a high range, ever... I just know that she tends to have trouble with her low notes. I hope this means she secretly has a GOOD high range.

* I dreamt about this last night (naturally) -- well, I dreamed about the new Elisabeth poster, which basically just looked like Mizu and Tonami's, except my mind was trying to imagine Kacha there. And I think on the dream-poster, Asako!Tod was holding Kacha!Elisabeth closer to her face.

After all the stress and worry and heartache and letter-drafting to Kacha that I went through last night... Now I get to go have a cavity filled. The latter is much preferable to the jumbled mess of feelings that is the former.

But after that I get to see Wasureyuki. <3

(P.S., I've considered doing a sort of "Nagina Ruumi Information Overload Attack!" that would mostly be clips, but can't decide if I really want to. Would you all like a "Let's Learn Kacha" session, or is no one interested?)
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Jess (Ducky): Ouran - cake!just_keep_on on January 16th, 2009 01:04 am (UTC)
On Elisabeth: It's going to be interesting. I wish everyone lots of luck and happy thoughts!

On Wasureyuki: <333! Yay!

On Let's Learn Kacha: I vote yes! I'll be a good student, I promise!
cosmos14cosmos14 on January 16th, 2009 01:20 am (UTC)
on Elisabeth... she did mention that it's her dream role.

maybe not a transfer, she will be like Touko having experiences in different troupes. According to my friend, maybe Hankyu is trying to mold her to be the next Touko or next Mizu.
bluerevue: sonoka heartbluerevue on January 16th, 2009 01:23 am (UTC)
I'm very fond of what I've seen of Kacha, so I'd love clips. <3
(Deleted comment)
Baracilla: Drop-Dead-Gorgeous Komusabethbaracilla on January 16th, 2009 02:22 am (UTC)
A "Let's Learn Kacha" lesson would be wonderful!
Stephanie: Osa 1989skye_fall on January 16th, 2009 02:29 am (UTC)
I agree with the general idea that yes, a "Let's Learn Kacha" session would be great. It would be nice to get to know her, after all. ^^
Our Heroine aka Jenn: [*heart!*]kyttenfae on January 16th, 2009 04:09 am (UTC)
I don't think you have /too/ much with Kacha that I don't have already (well, ParaPuri and Reimei) but I think the world needs more love for our Kachabanagi right now, so educate away! <333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333
Ms. Britt: [soragumi]ladybretagne on January 16th, 2009 05:29 am (UTC)
More Kacha is good, the world needs to appreciate her before everyone freaks out too much about Elisabeth.

And yay Wasureyuki! Have fun! <33333
dinhu_4everdinhu_4ever on January 16th, 2009 05:39 am (UTC)
I support the Let's Learn Kacha Movement! =]
Proactively Untwist Octagonal Hippopotamus Pants: chessy - oohdramaturgca on January 16th, 2009 07:08 am (UTC)
YES. More Kacha. Lots of Kacha.
utena1409utena1409 on January 16th, 2009 08:26 am (UTC)
I'm also voting for Kacha education for the uneducated! ;)
Es ist Zeit zu Leben.: Ai-chan & Mippo // glasses!violet_tango on January 16th, 2009 10:35 am (UTC)
1) I request Kacha lesson <333

and 2) you won't believe how eager I am to hear your thoughts on Wasure Yuki...
Amandasumire_no_hana on January 16th, 2009 11:44 am (UTC)
You already know I know and like Kacha <3 But a Kacha info-session might be helpful to people (and I can then steal the clips mwahahahahaha ... no, seriously, I love and appreciate you Julie <3)

Re: The rest... I'm pretty much right there with you on all counts <3 <3 <3 <3
csh_121476: Wha-?!csh_121476 on January 16th, 2009 02:11 pm (UTC)
*raises hand*
Any information is highly appreciated.