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23 January 2009 @ 08:50 pm
This time it is about the news  
I started dictating this post this morning before I went to irimachi, so I had to finish it before recording iri stories.

Record my thoughts here instead of commenting on everyone's journals.

Chie and Nene as the next Hoshigumi tops. Unsurprisingly I'm joining in with everyone else who's been saying "well, I guess that was to be expected." It wasn't my prediction, but if (as someone else said) this means that future top replacements will follow a natural order instead of there being too many transfers then I'm all for it.

Kaname in Hoshigumi. Okay, I was predicting Kimu to be moved out of Yukigumi and not Kaname, but pretty much I figured someone was going to leave Aqua5. Anyway, I really hope it will be Chie-Toyoko-Kaname, because they need a calm figure in between the storm of hotness that is Chie and Kaname. :P

As for Nene... She's not really my style of musumeyaku, but it seemed pretty obvious that she was being lined up for the next top spot. Either her combination with Chie will make me like her, or I'll just ignore her and focus on the other Hoshigumisei I like.

Chigi to Yukigumi. I simply can't be sad about her moving up. :) I feel that her personality is very quintessential Soragumi, but I guess the company liked what she did in the Ryoma-den shinko and Junjou? (apparently my only image of Yukigumi is "Nihonmono" ^^;;;) Plus, I eventually came to this thought -- most of the other popular otokoyaku in Soragumi are like, really tall, and Chigi is like, short. XD And they're putting her in a troupe with other shorties such as Koma and Seshi... Oh god, the three of them together... XDDDD;;;

Zono. Zono is the only one I really don't get, at all. Hanagumi already has Sumika. They already have Remi. They already have Himeka. They already have Ichika even though she never gets enough love!!! Why do they need Zono?! Why do they need to send her to Hanagumi just to have one more musumeyaku to lose out to Sumika?!? I don't understand. I don't want to predict what this will mean for Hanagumi.

But also, speaking of Himeka! Himeka is from the 92nd class. Zono is from the 92nd class. Himeka is a Sky Fairy. Zono is a Sky Fairy.


*sighs* Anyway, we've all noticed that none of these transfers are affecting Tsukigumi. I think we're still expecting more announcements to come. Mostly I just can't imagine them doing Elisabeth with their current lineup without some people seriously getting slighted, which is why I expect things to change before May.

I'm really curious to see how it all plays out.
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arlecchinic on January 23rd, 2009 12:50 pm (UTC)
Ah. You reminded me I want to post about Zono. And I was just about to go to bed, too.
Juliewao_wao on January 23rd, 2009 12:53 pm (UTC)

And post about Zono ♥
arlecchinic on January 23rd, 2009 01:03 pm (UTC)
I have baito tomorrow~~

*stays obediently awake*
Juliewao_wao on January 23rd, 2009 01:14 pm (UTC)
POSTED I'll go back and tag it and then read your post~
Es ist Zeit zu Leben.: Asako & Ai-chan // Can I have this?violet_tango on January 23rd, 2009 02:01 pm (UTC)
Somehow it makes me feel better that everyone thinks it's a good thing for Kaname to become a hoshigumisei.
It's not that I think she won't fit into hoshigumi, it's just to deal with everything right now blah. :(

Still, it makes it a little easier.
I was worried the hoshigumi fans would disapprove of this transfer and everything... I want her to be happy in her new place, and I hope she will convince everyone that she deserves this place.

And YES, I think as well that Toyoko deserves the nibante position right now. She might jump quite a lot like that (from san-han-bante to nibante after all), but I think it's a good place for her.
Most likely this will mean that she will be more the chie-buddy-type in the shows, and Kaname the villan (ehehe :D).
Toyoko deserves that place, and just looking at Yukigumi, I know how important the calm point is among the highest ranked otokoyaku.

If you want to know more about Yukigumi because of Chigi, here I am :D
John: Zunko/Hana Squee Passiontokugawa on January 23rd, 2009 07:14 pm (UTC)
I really hope it will be Chie-Toyoko-Kaname

I love your style of thought, ;)!

I can't wait for the new Chie era, :D!!