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28 February 2009 @ 01:06 am
I took a two-hour nap to sleep off the pain...  
...And now I've been lying awake in bed for hours, unable to make my brain shut off.

At the beginning of this year Sakurano Ayane was the youngest top musumeyaku, compared to the oldest being five school years above her.

Come the summer, Ayane will be the oldest.

And this is really starting to get to me.

Chie (1999) - Nene (2003) = 4 years

Yuu (1995) - Ayane (2002) = 7 years

Mizu (1993) - Mika (2004) = 11 years

Yuuhi (1992) - Sumika (2005) = 13 years

Considering Shizuku (2003) seems pretty clearly lined up to be Asako (1992) or Kiriyan's (1994) next partner (11~13 years)...

It's enough to make one somewhat ill.

After AmeUta, people asked me why I was so obsessed with seeing Alice-chan make top. What's your hurry, they said. She's got time, they said.


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