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10 May 2009 @ 07:15 am
Yet more about that girl I fancy so much ♥  
Two things pertaining to my ochakai report which need to be discussed in further detail.

1. I failed to mention the other "personal gift from Alice-chan" -- probably because not winning it was traumatic enough for me to block it temporarily from my brain. ;) It was a phone strap made by Alice-chan. A little angel made out of blue beads.

An Alice angel phone strap. Yes. I covet it more than just about any raffle prize at any ochakai ever.

2. Alice-chan's next photo book. Forget being published "sometime this year" -- I got forms, they're asking for money by Friday the 15th and the photo books will be sent out in July.

3000 yen. Anyone in? ;)

Not ochakai-related, but I had a dream a few nights ago...

I dreamed that there was some kind of special Alice Club sleepover at my apartment.

Those of you who've slept over yourselves know that my tiny room is the last place you'd want to have a sleepover, but like a clown car my apartment seemed to stretch to accommodate everyone inside while still looking the same on the outside.

It was like only five of us, so to speak "special" club members who had particularly been a big help to the club. Or something like that.

Plus Alice-chan.

The only part I clearly remember is that we were all sitting around talking, and Alice-chan was explaining something (possibly about how much hard work it is to be a musumeyaku?), and her voice was getting a little choked up... So one of us proposed a toast to Alice-chan, to which we all raised our mugs of tea in her honor. (Julie doesn't dream about alcohol. ;P)

The whole event had a kind of "at home" feel, not like omg-Alice-chan-is-in-my-apartment, but rather... close and intimate (and not in a creepy way at all).

Sigh. My dreams.
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arlecchinic on May 10th, 2009 02:14 am (UTC)
Similarly, after the Salon Concert, I dreamt that MomoSari and I were bff and I was sleeping over at her place and playing with her big fluffy cat and then it turned out two of the exchange boys were bff with MomoSari's little brother and they were there too.

It took me about an hour after waking up to realise it was a dream. (T_T)
lliri_blanclliri_blanc on May 10th, 2009 04:47 am (UTC)
3000 yen. Anyone in? ;)
I would, but I've sworn off photo books no matter how cute. -_- I only ever look at them once.

Also, your dreams don't involve Teffy and Gen living in a village being attacked by wolves that disembowel people. Yeah.
Jess (Ducky)just_keep_on on May 11th, 2009 01:32 am (UTC)
So one of us proposed a toast to Alice-chan, to which we all raised our mugs of tea in her honor.
That part is ridiculously cute <3