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13 May 2009 @ 01:09 pm
And time marches on...  
A bunch of little things have been piling up in my head that I wanted to post... And I probably won't remember them all, but I should post *something* less gloomy.

1) Alice-chan is going to be in the sayonara show. Everyone is. Maybe I misinterpreted what Harada-san said before, but Fukuda-san seemed to have gotten the same impression.

2) A couple of details I forgot to mention in my shinko report.

In her very first scene Tara-chan was having mic trouble. >.>;; I don't know if it was the mic itself being static-y, or if she didn't have it on properly so it was being jostled around... But I think it was the latter. ^^;;; It was only the first scene, though, no problems after that. :)

As I said about Tani changing onstage -- obviously Kai-chan had to do it too. And I noticed that when the two babies were helping Kai-chan get back into her suit jacket and tie, one of them was covering costume stuff and the other was WIPING HER BROW. DABBING OFF HER SWEAT. WHY SO CUTE, TINY BABIES!?!?! I've paid a little more attention since then and confirmed that Riku and Haruse Ouki do NOT wipe off Tani's sweat when they're helping her change. Considering three out of five waiters in that scene were 95ths, I wonder if they were just being a little over-eager. X3

3) Another mishap story that O'young pointed out to me from this blog, that happened on May 4th. Apparently in the early performance Tomu totally forgot her lines when she's practicing her report for Tani in front of Asu-chan. So she made up a few lines instead that got the basic gist across, but she looked kind of flustered, which the writer said was cute for someone who's usually so put together. X3

Then in the late performance Tani and Tomu MAJORLY screwed up their ending scene. XDD There's a part where Tani and Tomu both start to say something at the same time, and Tomu's like "you go first", and Tani says "are you good at driving" (she's going off to America to make her dream car, remember) and Tomu's response is "eh, reasonably well"... I can't seem to translate Tani's next line, but it doesn't matter because this is where she messed up anyway. She said something slightly different, which completely threw Tomu off-guard, and there was enough of a pause that the audience laughed (sorry Tomu, the writer says X3). Everyone laughing only made the two of them more desperate to get back to their lines, which only made it more impossible to REMEMBER their lines. And even though it was Tani's fault in the first place, she got it into her head to use the moment to make fun of Tomu and said something like "you're acting strange...?" And Tomu replied with chagrin, "I can't find the words..." Which made the audience burst into laughter and applause. (They're supposed to have a conversation which in itself is kind of funny, where Tomu teases Tani about "what will people think if they see the two of us men standing around the harbor being all sentimental".) The dialogue ends with Tani saying "take care of the company for me", so Tomu got back on her feet by saying "the company..." And Tani just said "yoroshiku♪" instead of the full proper line which made the audience laugh AGAIN, and Tomu said something I can't translate, and THEN they got back to their lines. ^^;;; Just as the writer says she can't explain it well, I'm sad I can't translate this better, but there you go.

4) Silly little things. I've been mostly watching exclusively Eriko during the Ricky Martin song, but last Sunday I checked on Monchi briefly, and then when I went back to look at Eriko I strayed too far to the right and caught Koumai dancing up against Tomu instead. Like, you know, grooving together with their shoulders / backs touching. This happens fairly often enough in dance sequences, but the cute part was Koumai's facial expressions. She was going back and forth between trying to look sexy and grinning a huge "omg I just got hot points from Tomu by osmosis" kind of grin. Again, not good at explaining, but so much love. ♥ ♥ ♥ I checked again yesterday and she was dancing at Tomu again, but this time she was just going for I Has Hotness.

Speaking of "I Has Hotness", Monchi's new "sexy face" technique is to suck in her cheeks but not stick her lips out so much. XDDD;;; *loves with incredible amounts of love*

Also, Tani and Tomu's "let's do business together" song is fun enough one or two times, but watching the company workers in the background is way more fun in general. On Sunday I saw Tomoe and Risa-chan bullying J-ko, taking away her papers and scolding her and such. Also, Sattsun grabbing Tomoe by the shoulders and shaking her. Considering five of the workers are taidansha, I wonder what it will be like on raku...

...And yeah. I did do something crazy and see the early show before work yesterday, because I wanted to see it from S-seki one more time, and yes it was just as emotionally draining (and there were really effing noisy obaachans next to me urgh), and I realized that that was enough and I shouldn't go for toujitsuken on maeraku.

Maeraku for me will just be honkasei sumire-uri and (hopefully) taking pictures in Petit Museum, and then raku will be raku...

...And Eriko's farewell party. Which I am suddenly going to.
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Becca: Ranju Tomu (peronsal book)muffin_song on May 13th, 2009 05:34 am (UTC)
1) Alice-chan is going to be in the sayonara show. Everyone is. Maybe I misinterpreted what Harada-san said before, but Fukuda-san seemed to have gotten the same impression.

Doesn't the last number of every sayonara show have the complete cast on stage?

I'm personally betting that they're going to use either the reprise of "New Life" from ParaPuri or the number where Tani is reborn in Sora Fantasista.

Poor Tomu. And yet this story just makes me love her more.

4) Silly little things. I've been mostly watching exclusively Eriko during the Ricky Martin song

The announcement of the cuts to Zorro make me terrified about numbers like this one, as well as "She."

...maybe it's best not to think about this one. It's entirely WAAAAAAY too depressing.

...And Eriko's farewell party. Which I am suddenly going to.