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14 May 2009 @ 10:48 pm
As I wait for tomorrow's standby time...  
I mailed out four letters today. Three happy, fangirly letters... and one pretty sad letter.

And the maeraku saga continues. My club mailed me AGAIN to say that oh, hey, actually we might still have some tickets for those of you who we said couldn't go to maeraku... But I'll probably miss my chance if I don't reply quickly.

So I'm going to waste time by making a poll for you all. ;D

Poll #1399791 Maeraku & Other Posts

What should Julie-pyon do?

Save yourself the money and emotional heartache and don't go to maeraku.
Go to maeraku, because it will be different from actual raku.
Stop whining and post that meme everyone's been doing.
Post in full about Tomu's ochakai.
Post in full about Ume-chan's ochakai.
Post about Cordoba / Red Hot Sea (*cough* yes I went last Saturday).
Post about Oguri! (I'm seeing it tomorrow.)
There - are - FOUR - TICKY BOXES!!!!
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