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02 June 2009 @ 11:27 am
The things my subconscious puts me through  
(Speaking of being a recurring guest in my journal entries, Manda...)

I dreamed last night that me and Manda were backstage at a dress rehearsal for some show. I'm pretty sure it was Takarazuka, but it may not have been the Grand Theater (maybe it was Hakataza?!). And it was hard to work out whether we were techies or extras, because we were kind of just wandering around backstage... but we were wearing costumes of some kind.

And when I say "wandering around backstage" I mean we were being shameless fangirls backstage --pointing and squeeing at things and taking pictures every once in awhile. I think we were given jobs to do at some point, but all I really remember is worrying about how to get to the other side of the stage. Like in the junior high and high school productions I know best, the passageway from stage right to stage left was pretty narrow.

Anyway, as with my other "backstage dreams", it was less crowded and crazy and brighter than it probably is in real life. And I don't know why the heck there was a big whiteboard propped up in the left wing. But I know it was a dress rehearsal and not an actual performance because there were only a few people lounging about in the audience.

(This is probably connected to the fact that Alice-chan told me she watched the dress rehearsal for Elisabeth.)

There may have been an interlude where I was outside at an amphitheater-type place and singing... But at some point the dream changed to Alice-chan singing. (One of those dream transitions where I think I *was* Alice-chan for a little while.) She and Eriko were doing dress rehearsals for... something different? It was a very lovey-dovey duet, and they were holding and touching each other a lot. But it was also sad, and the music was difficult, and after a while Eriko left so Alice-chan could practice her part on her own. And she was feeling really down on herself, and the music coach told her not to get frustrated and give up.

It was heartbreaking enough to watch that in my dream, but now I just cried a little recalling it.
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