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04 June 2009 @ 01:25 pm
A dream, a letter, a meme  
I know all I do is post about dreams lately, but since I've stopped dreaming about my family and started dreaming about Zuka again...

This one isn't long. I just dreamed that I was doing irimachi as usual. The second to last time I went to iri, I had asked Alice-chan if there would be any changes to Amour since the hatsubutaisei will no longer be there. So in my dream I asked Alice-chan the same question. And she was like, "umm... well, actually..." And it seemed like she wanted to tell me but she wasn't supposed to.

I somehow kept following her into the building, through one rehearsal room and into a smaller space with a curtain where no one else was around. A place where nobody would hear us. "You don't have to tell me," I said to her. I didn't want her to get in trouble. But then when she looked like she might say something... I woke up. :(

The truth is Alice-chan said there were no changes.

In not-dream news, I got mail yesterday♪ From Karan-chan supporters♬ I thought it might be club forms (I would be ridiculously excited to see that Karan-chan had a club, even if I couldn't join) -- but no, it's an invite to the Tokyo tea party (sneaky Karan-chan supporters continue to not use the word "ochakai").

But it's not just any old tea party. It's a Birthday Tea Party ♥ Because Karan-chan's birthday is on July 25th♬

And since it's her birthday (the tea party actually is on Saturday the 25th), they want to collect messages from everyone to make into an album to give to her *dies of cute* And the note attached is like "even if you can't come to the tea party, please do write a message anyway. And send it in this envelope so Karan-chan won't know what it is." *cute cute cute*

... But the address to send it to is actually Chinami Karan, Tsukigumi, Takarazuka Grand Theater, etc. Same for the ochakai form. How quaint! And confusing. But mostly very, very ridiculously cute ♥ ♥ ♥

Well, I have until the 27th to figure it out ^______^

So anyway.

I went back to my poll to see what I should write about next (I thought Cordoba had gotten the next most votes, but actually it was Ume-chan ochakai) and it reminded me of that meme I never filled out.

Nothing like doing a meme three weeks after everyone else, hey? ;P

What's the official title again? Lucia and Katharina's "We Were Bored This Afternoon" Meme?

First, name your very favourite Takarasienne of all time: Hanakage Arisu.

And now you're not allowed to name her again. Yes. That's right. You actually have to exert yourself to think of the fine qualities of some other seito for a change.

By means of this handicap we are endeavouring to introduce a little variety into your answers. However, we are not inhumane. If you're a good girl and resist the urge to type the same name endlessly, we will allow you to post your very favourite picture of her at the end, as a reward. ... Or one of your very favourites, anyway.

Feel free to answer in as much detail as you have time to waste.

Seito who have lately shown talent and charm that surprised you: Nanami Hiroki. Kai-chan totally stole my heart with her winking in Chunichi D4U shinjin kouen speech. The shinko itself was also quite good. :D

I was also really impressed by Sou Kazhuo's singing in Oguri! Maybe it's just because Bow Hall is a smaller theater, but her voice really filled that space.

Seito who have made you laugh till you ached: Too many to name. You'd have to narrow it down by onstage or offstage or interviews or just their very existence or something. ;)

Seito who converted you after you thought you'd never fully understand their appeal: The bandwagon answer seems to be "Haruno Sumire", but it's true for me too. She finally got me toward the end of her Takarazuka career, and damned if she isn't looking mighty fine as an OG as well. :D

And actually I held onto bitterness for a long time in regards to Hokushou Kairi, but somewhere between Singin' in the Rain and Paradise Prince she truly won me over.

Seito who didn't interest you as seito, but stole your heart after they graduated: In general this scenario doesn't happen to me, but... At Eriko's farewell party I got to know Tenshou Yuuri in 5 minutes in a way I'd never gotten to know her onstage, and realized in retrospect that I wish she hadn't retired before I came back to Japan.

Seito whom you forgot about (you fail to understand how) and have been rediscovering: Hmm. Sou, like I said? But I'm not really having a Sou Boom, just sort of a feeling of "maybe I would like to see her as Matobun's nibante".

But I do seem to have forgotten about Yumiko, and watching her newest Cafe Break and other things makes me wish I hadn't. :\

Seito whom you fangirl as people rather than as performers: Hinata San. She always seems to disappear for me on stage (at least in Grand Theater shows; in Bow they tend to give her more to do), but her offstage... Countless times I've seen her standing around just talking with her fans for AGES, and she seems to be really funny in interviews and things.

I feel like there was someone else who I wanted to put in this category, but I can't remember right now. T______T;;

Seito whom you fangirl as people AND as performers: Too many to name. :)

Seito whose dancing could distract you from fire, flood, or earthquake: Oh, are you really going to make me do this? Yuzuki Reon, Ayami Haya, Hizuki Hana, Otozuki Kei, Nanaho Hikaru (what, her performance might not scream DANCER, but *I* could never stop watching her).

Seito whose singing you enjoy even though, for a person of taste, it ought to be impossible: Yamato Yuuga, Ryouga Haruhi, Hizuki Hana at least sometimes... >.>;;; With Mizu Natsuki I go through phases of like / dislike, but I think mostly it's her speaking voice that's so (affected but) smexy.

Seito who should have a(nother) dinner show or an Isolabella concert or SOMETHING, right NOW, for the LOVE OF GOD: Suzuna Saya. 10 Isolabella concerts and there's only been ONE Soragumisei (okay, three Senka members does throw the numbers a bit). Or Mikaze Maira. With Ayumi-san I'd just be really happy; Aoi-san and I might actually consider GOING (because she's so awesome offstage too ♥).

Seito whose low neckline has most riveted your attention: I think the order goes Anju Mira, Shibuki Jun, Hokushou Kairi for Lowest Necklines I Have Ever Seen? But there are tons of others plus a few musumeyaku busting out of their tops and I just can't name them all. X3

Seito whose shoulders you most admire: ...Miwa Asahi? I think she may have been the first one who gave me the distinct feeling of "omg she has beautiful arms". But again, there are lots more, and I can't deny the appeal of otokoyaku who bare their shoulders during rehearsals either. ;)

Seito who made/make an amazing combi, without it being official: Interpreting "official" to mean "they never got to be top stars together", Kiriya Hiromu & Shirosaki Ai (I've given up hope), Ranju Tomu & Miwa Asahi, Nanaho Hikaru and that person I can't name.

Hoshibuki Ayato and Seoto Risa I'm starting to form a great love for as the New Baby Douki Combi in Soragumi ♥ ♥

Seito who should do more comedy: Misa Noeru should (and basically does?) always do comedy. Nanami Hiroki I would like to see in another comedic role.

Seito who should do more nihonmono: Hasumi Yuuya, because she is so smexy in Japanese makeup, and Junya Chitose, because she looks funny out of Japanese makeup ^^;;;

Seito whom you first saw on stage, i.e. the first person visible after the curtain went up in the first stage you saw in the theatre; or, if that was your favourite, the second; or, if you don't know, the first you could name: Hanafusa Mari and Nagina Ruumi in Never Say Goodbye.

Seito whom you care about whom you've seen most often on stage: I did the math and unfortunately since Eriko was in Bow while My Favorite Girl was in Chunichi, and Ume-chan couldn't be in Singin' in the Rain, and Kacha wasn't there either because she was doing the Bow show last summer... By process of elimination I reach Yamato Yuuga -- or a random upperclassmen like Suzuna Saya / Amou Tamaki / Suzu Haruki, etc. Actually, Kai-chan and Ten-chan have also been in all the same performances as My Favorite Girl in the year since I've been back in Japan. :) Wait... do underclassmen actually reach a higher total count because of shinjin kouen? I think they do... *wanders off counting on fingers*

Senka members whom you most like to see in cast lists for your troupe: All of them. I love all Senka members ♥ But I would like to see Misa Noeru and Itsumine Aki come visit my troupe again.

Transfers into your troupe of which you wholeheartedly approve: Ranju Tomuuuuuuu. Farther in the past, Ryouga Haruhi, Ayano Kanami, Misato Maya... Juri Sakiho was ours for at least a little while...

Transfers out of your troupe for which you will never forgive Hankyu: I'm pretty sad the way things have worked out for Ahi and Kazu. :( Soragumi moved on without them, but I wish their respective careers had gone a little better.

Casting decisions which STILL have you scratching your head: Oh, god. Don't EVEN get me started.

Seito whom you haven't mentioned anywhere above but really would like to: Argh everyone Sakurano Ayane, Misuzu Aki, Sakura Ichika, Hanagata Hikaru, Otozuki Kei, Daigo Seshiru, Seijou Kaito, Ryuu Masaki, Kizuki Yuuma, Kiraha Reo, Chinami Karan (well I did mention her earlier in the entry), etc, etc.

And now that picture we were talking about: There's no way I could choose a favorite picture, and I've posted plenty, so I'll abstain this time and leave this entry public. :)
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Becca: Micchan blamemuffin_song on June 4th, 2009 04:31 am (UTC)
And actually I held onto bitterness for a long time in regards to Hokushou Kairi, but somewhere between Singin' in the Rain and Paradise Prince she truly won me over.

*looks pleased with herself*
Juliewao_wao on June 4th, 2009 04:50 am (UTC)
That's all you have to comment on, huh ;P

I can't deny that my giving in to Micchan was partly your doing, but there's also the charm of the woman herself. ^__^ (And Second Life. ♥)
Becca: Finch muffin_song on June 4th, 2009 05:00 am (UTC)
That's all you have to comment on, huh ;P

Karan-chan's not-club sounds very cute? XD

I can't deny that my giving in to Micchan was partly your doing, but there's also the charm of the woman herself. ^__^ (And Second Life. ♥)

I think there's something about fangirling with friends. You usually can't COMPLETELY change someone's mind, but it's a lot of fun to egg people on <3333333
Stephanie: Riseskye_fall on June 4th, 2009 05:02 am (UTC)
Oops, I never did answer that poll. ^^; It's probably obvoius what I would pick though. XD

send it in this envelope so Karan-chan won't know what it is.
So.Adorable. ♥ :D

I was also really impressed by Sou Kazhuo's singing in Oguri!
Lots and lots of ♥ for that. *g* And if she's not the next nibante, I will march over there myself and smack Hankyu over the head. ^^; She and Yuu-kun work so well together~ Why yes, I do have a one-track mind. XD;

but *I* could never stop watching her
*laugh* I can think of a couple of 'siennes that have that effect on me. XD
(Deleted comment)