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13 August 2009 @ 04:22 pm
I saw Yukigumi again today♪

...Time for a breakdown of Apasionado!!II XP

I never noticed in the Tsukigumi version, but the "Apasionado!!" sign that hangs in front of the curtain is weirdly colored. The "Apa-" and "-ado!!" are a slightly darker shade of orangey red, and the letters in the middle are more yellow orange. Or something.

Actually as sumire_no_hana quickly learned, I'm not the most reliable at comparing the Tsuki and Sora versions, having only seen the original twice -- and it being 7+ months in the past at that.

The lights dim and fog starts pouring onto the stage; Sumika comes out in a sparkly white dress and dances with several other musumeyaku behind her. Ban-san, Susshii-san and Ayumi-san are the three gods who herald the coming of "Apasionado". Ban-san's outfit basically looks the same as the original version? I think Susshii-san has green highlights in her wig and Ayumi-san has blue.

After chanting "Apasionado" three or so times, everyone runs off and the curtain opens up to reveal Yuuhi on the staircase with the big silly cape and humongous collar. She sings "ah-ah-ah" etc. The cape tears off to reveal her in a big ruffly Spanish costume. Otokoyaku start coming down the stairs behind her singing "Apasionado" and clapping rhythmically.

Yuuhi sings the theme song or something. I don't know, I was watching Dai-chan Monchi Monchi Ten-chan Ten-chan Ten-chan Ten-chan Ten-chaaaannnnnnnn

Until ALICE-CHAN and the other musumeyaku come down the stairs in their Spanish dresses and hats clapping and singing too, and sometimes Alice-chan was a little too enthusiastic when she picked up her skirt and it was dangerous to my health etc. Eventually Alice-chan takes off her hat and gives it to Kyanon. Sumika comes out and sings while Alice-chan dances with Micchan -- and presumably other otokoyaku dance with other musumeyaku, but you know, I couldn't look away. Seriously, the eyes Alice-chan and Micchan made at each other...

I guess now is as good a time to say it as any. This is the Alice-chan I've been waiting to see for SO long. Hardly a drop of cutesyness in her; both halves of this performance is all grown-up and smoldering and drop-dead gorgeous Alice-chan. It's such a switch that it's almost too much to handle all at once. In all of my letters so far I've found myself struggling for the words; I can't even SQUEE properly because I'm so mesmerized. And proud, so proud, because she's had quite enough of "cute" and has deserved to do "HOT" for SUCH a long time.

*sighs* Alice-chan ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Yuuhi had gone off to change but makes her re-entrance from the left hanamichi. (Ten-chan and Monchi also stand NEXT TO EACH OTHER at one point on the left hanamichi, and the story of my Ten-chan love affair will come later but I never got anything from Yuuhi despite being quite close. ;P) Anyway, Yuuhi is in the center and everyone dances and claps at her. End opening number.

The curtain comes down; only Yuuhi and four musumeyaku (Ecchan, Kuu-chan, Tara-chan and Kuracchi) remain. Ebi-chan appears from the right. Yuuhi has a rose (not sure who she gets it from, since it can't be handed up to her from the orchestra pit X3) which she eventually passes on to the three gods, and finally Ban-san gives it to Ebi-chan, who pricks herself on it.

Everyone but Ebi-chan has disappeared; the stage opens up to the vampire scene. Babies lay "sleeping" on the floor. Micchan is lowered down from above. Her vampire look is... basically the same as the "Seal of Roses" shinko, complete with a very similar if not exactly the same wig. Not to say this is a bad thing; I think it suits her quite well, and I like the outfit on her better than Kiriyan.

But that's about as much as I can say about Micchan or Ebi-chan, sadly, because Monchi Monchi Ten-chan Ten-chan Ten-chan Ten-chan Ten-chaaaannnnnnnn. ;) Ten-chan's solo is... decent, not as good as Magee's, but I like to see her trying so hard and singing high and being "evil" and "cool" (quotation marks because I'm pretty sure she will never actually be either evil or much in the way of cool XDD). But Monchi at least does a slightly better job of the Smirky Evil Vampire Henchman thing, from what I could tell when she was in a position where I could see her.

If I could watch this show more than 10 times I would actually focus on BonBon too, because she's a good little dancer and since the BaraAme shinko I've been having a bit of a "boom" (more on this later).

Next is VALENTINO ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Masako, Dai-chan and Chii-chan come out first, of course. They push each other around trying to get the first line -- Chii-chan wins, but I don't remember the order of who sings what after that. What I DO remember is that DAI-CHAN SUCCESSFULLY PERFORMED A WINK. XDDD The second time I saw the show, when they were about at the center of the stage she winked at someone. Ehehehe. Good work, Dai-chan X3 ♥ ♥ ♥

Then Alice-chan comes out and I hardly remember anything except Alice-chan. Her black dress and feather boa and long cigarette are obviously the same as Ai-chan's, but her wig is different. It's dark brown, not straight but with curls pinned down, and in the back is a mass of braids and curls all pinned close. I'm terribly bad at describing these things, but it gives off the impression of that era.

When not narrating or singing, Alice-chan mostly mimes smoking her cigarette and smiles like Mona Lisa, all knowing and mysterious and subtle. Her voice is... heaven. It's perfect. She's so good at singing low, and her expressions... Somehow the movie theme brings back memories of Singin' in the Rain, the way she moves and speaks. Except not cutesy at all, but *sexy*.

In the back of my mind / vision I'm aware that Tara-chan is Yuuhi's love interest for Camille, Ecchan for Blood and Sand (the audience tittered at the name) and Kuracchi for Son of the Sheik or whichever it is. Also, among the ladies in black and white who are Alice-chan's background chorus, there's one suspiciously tall blonde by the name of Miyabi Ouka. X3 (It took me until the second viewing to realize this.)

At the end, Alice-chan walks by in a mourning veil, Yuuhi angsts on a couch, and Mappuu sings a pretty good background solo :)

Then it's the chuuzume! With Ban-san! And since of the two other gods, our dear kumichou is otherwise occupied, Ban-san's accompanying singers are TamaTama and TEN-CHAN.

It only gets better from there. ;D

I can't remember the names of all the flowers -- and I can't back-translate from katakana to Spanish to English, so it's easier to just say "so-and-so wore so-and-so's costume". Masako is first, wearing Ahi's (violet) costume. Her wig is dark brown curls, not quite as tight as Ahi's and also not nearly as long. They spill out from the top of her headband but not even down to her shoulders.

As a side note, it's very difficult to focus when not only Masako comes out, but also a line of babies in drag (or not in "drag" if they're musumeyaku) including MONCHI, right at the beginning. The line in kind of moves offstage as Masako moves offstage and more musumeyaku babies follow, so I really didn't get a good view of Monchi at all. :( Plus TEN-CHAN was being distracting.

Second flower, Tomoe -- in Masaki's dark pink costume. (Apparently I can't count to seven, because there ARE the same number of otokoyaku in drag in our version.) I whined when Tomoe lightened her hair for Berubara, and I'll whine again about her wig this time. Tomoe, you look so good with dark hair ;_____; Why would you EVER go blonde ;________; Her wig is big and blonde and flippy. Big bangs flip out at the sides, it goes a little past her shoulders and flips out at the bottom too. But hair color choice aside, Tomoe in drag ♥ ♥ ♥

Next, my unexpected favorite (or at least tied for favorite) -- BONBON. In Mirio's orange costume. Hair = PIGTAILS. High, bouncy ringlets, brown with a few blonde streaks... IN PIGTAILS. And she's bouncy and cutesy and flirty and just oh my GOD. GIRL!BONBON. The second time I saw the show, she spotted me in the audience and cocked her head at me before skipping offstage. *deaded of the cute*

Neck and neck in the running for my favorite flower (this is probably not surprising) = DAI-CHAN ♥ ♥ ♥ In Morie's pink costume. Her wig is a long, blonde ponytail. Straight bangs (I think?) and a straight ponytail starting high and going down to her waist. And she... Dai-chan loooooooooves being a girl, so, so much. X3 Her voice is girly (I figured she must sing better high since she has trouble in the otokoyaku range), her movements are girly, and she enjoys it all way too much. XDD

Up to this point I'm pretty sure they all sing, but for the next flower Ban-san, TamaTama and Ten-chan go "dadadadada..." And Susshii-san comes out.

In the most ENORMOUS black frizzy wig ever.

It's like it sticks out a foot in every direction. Goes maybe midway down her back. Some red highlights in it, I think. But it's just... HUGE. @_____@ As for Susshii-san's approach to Negro Rosa... I believe it's pretty well agreed upon that Ryuu-san put the fatal in femme fatale with that "one wink will kill you" kind of look. Susshii-san is more normally sexy, looking mighty pleased with herself and flirting with the audience.

After her is Chii-chan in the teal "Jasmine" costume. In a Sky Stage report, Chii-chan pointed out the fact that Hasumi Yuuya was given the hasumin flower. I totally did not pick up on that before she said so. XDD;; Her wig is dark brown and curly, spilling over only down to her ear on the right side (her right) but farther down to or past her shoulder on the left.

Last is Micchan, in Sonoka's blue costume. I note that she has quite a nice pair of hips. ;) Her wig is... a blonde afro. XDDD And she didn't stop there, oh no. It's a blonde afro with two braided pigtails coming out the back. Micchan XDDD You dorky thing, you XDDDDD

Then of course it's time for The Big Bee. Yuuhi shakes her tail feathers and the "flowers" dance around / at her. They run off and Sumika comes out in the white orchid costume...

All I'll say is, that dance is too sexy to be performed by a musumeyaku, at least a musumeyaku like Sumika dancing with an otokoyaku as senior to her as Yuuhi is. I note, at least, that Yuuhi opts for touching her partner in "safe" places as opposed to Asako's unabashed grabby hands. :P

THEN Alice-chan finally comes out!! In red, and those bellbottoms look humongous on her, and I realize that in addition to feathers she has a big rose on her back. Her wig is dark brown and curly. At some point Sumika sings a solo and Alice-chan follows with "ah-ah-ah" in tandem. And, you know. It's a chuuzume. They dance and circle around the imaginary ginkyou and everyone smiles really wide and I love Alice-chan's smile. ^_______^

After that, Susshii-san comes down the left aisle and Ban-san comes down the right in the ruffly sleeves and pants and such. Ayumi-san joins them on the stage. And there's something to be said for Senka / upper-upperclassmen and the fact that they are still hot.

Next number is the new one! Although as Manda confirmed, the music (and set?) are the same. (I had a feeling that was the case.) Two lines of otokoyaku spread out diagonally from Yuuhi at the center. They all wear some combination of army green and camouflage. (For example, Dai-chan is all camo and Chii-chan is all solid green, but I think BonBon has a camo top and green pants. Maybe.) Like I said, it's Yuuhi in the middle -- Masako on her left and Dai-chan on her right, and then there's also BonBon, Chii-chan, Mappuu and Riku. They all carry rifles. Yuuhi, like Dai-chan, is in all camouflage... but with long, ruffly strands of fabric coming from the back of her coat. IN CAMO. >______< Bad Takarazuka. Leave army uniforms alone, for god's sake.

Yuuhi angsts about how much blood her hands have spilt and everyone else dances in angst too. Eventually the set opens up to reveal Sumika on a platform, in a very simple blue dress with spaghetti straps. The mood changes, and she dances around Yuuhi, but Yuuhi knows that she's just an illusion. The dream doesn't last long. The otokoyaku go back to fighting, trying to stay alive, but one by one they fall. Only Yuuhi and her gun are left.

Yuuhi... cradles her gun and and curls up to die on the floor. ^^;;; That's the end of the number.

But yaaaaayyyyy, then it's time for the "everyone comes back to life" dance!! Led by an Alice-chan and Micchan. They come out first and dance joyously around each other for what feels like forever to me. I love how happy they look, I love Alice-chan's wig (it's kind of like the princess wig from Amour)... I love the choreography of this dance in general.

And Monchi is in one of the W-trios. ♥ Only on the far side of the stage from where I was. :( She and Juma and their accompanying musumeyaku switch sides somewhere in the second half of the number, but not long after that they go offstage. :\

And Yuuhi and Sumika eventually show up in "all spangle" costumes. Yuuhi has this... thing in the middle of her hair, kind of like a white curly mohawk.

After this is when the gods close out the main section and we get to the "finale" part of the revue? Also featuring Masako, Dai-chan and Chii-chan in red Spanish jackets and black hats. Masako has sparkles on both sides of her sleeves, but the two 88ths only have sparkles on the left arm. ;P

Then rockeeeettttte, which features BonBon, Riku and Monchi ("feature" meaning there's a section of the dance where it's like "hey, look at these three otokoyaku we're promoting -- we put them in the rockette!") For the kickline, Ten-chan and Monchi are next to each other, as in HOLDING HANDS NEXT TO EACH OTHER. Why do you do this to me Hankyuu / Fujii-sensei / rockette choreographer. (Actually I suppose it's a good thing, being able to watch them both at once and all ^^;;; ♥) Monchi's rockette faces are amazing, because she totally believes she is sexy, and, well... as long as you believe it, Monchi XD XD XD

Next, the curtain opens to reveal the staircase with Yuuhi in a black sparkly tux and five musumeyaku in lavender. (Alice-chan does not get a different-colored dress than everyone else like Ai-chan did, booooo.) They each do a turn with the top otokoyaku, and I'm never going to object to Alice-chan dancing with Yuuhi. ^_________^ Plus she goes last, because she's NIBANTE MUSUMEYAKU. (The others are Ecchan, Tara-chan, Kuracchi and Sakurako.)

After this is, predictably, an otokoyaku tuxedo dance. Mmmmm, Chii-chan in a tuxedo ♥ And Dai-chan ♥ And of course Monchi doing her Sexy Lips face is not to be missed X3

Then pair dance, Sumika is in pink, Micchan sings, etc.

The etoile ☆ ♬ ☆ Alice-chan is perfect, perfect, perfect. ^______________^ This is not just me; Tegan also said "her voice just keeps getting better and better!" ♥ ♥ ♥

The rest of the parade order is Dai-chan & Chii-chan, then Masako, Micchan, Sumika, Yuuhi. No surprises.

That's about it I guess? Except I feel like I left out everything, where "everything" mostly means Ten-chan Ten-chan Ten-chaaaannnnnnnn, and a couple of mess-up stories which I'm still saving. ;)
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可愛い女隊長さん: Bonbon smileymidoriseppen on August 13th, 2009 04:40 pm (UTC)
Ms. Brittladybretagne on August 13th, 2009 04:51 pm (UTC)
*sniffles* Julie, when did our babies get so big?? I can't even handle it. I have to giggle hard at Dai-chan in her bright pink outfit being all girly. Every time I boggle at how girly she can be I remember that this is the creature who wanted desperately to play Rosalie her entire childhood. <3
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