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24 August 2009 @ 12:40 pm
Cate's Awesome Meme  
Okay. If I don't start somewhere, I'm never going to get caught up on all my Hakata stories or a Phoenix 2 review or all of the ochakais I've been to since, like, May. T________T;;

But I don't have tons of time now, so I'll just post the silly thing I didn't post last night.

Cate explained in this entry the idea of placing a value on each of your favorite parts of a show to make it equal the full price of a ticket.

But I found I couldn't put any less of a value on certain things, and ended up totaling 8500 yen worth of goodness for "Ooeyama" and 8500 yen more for "Apasionado!!II" So actually in Julie's reckoning, it's worth the ticket price even for one half of the performance. ;)

Ooeyama Kaden

This Has to Be Said First
All of the demon drinking party = 1500円

Everyone calling her Kochou-neesan = 100円
The fact that she has lackeys, and everything they do = 300円
Two words, BOW and ARROWS = 500円
The face she makes when she looks up at the rain = 200円
The noise she makes when Yuuhi tells her to go away = 200円
Her dance with Yuuhi / Micchan = 500円
Her final scene = 300円

Other People
Yuuhi stealing her arm back = 300円
Tomoe's makeup = 100円
Micchan eating dodgy meat = 100円
Micchan singing the best rendition of the theme song = 300円
Masako's Mwahaha I Stoled Your Princesses bit = 500円
Masako's Let Me Teach You a Lesson song = 300円
Dai-chan and Tara-chan's ♥♥love romance♥♥ = 500円
BonBon embarrassing herself, twice = 200円
Ten-chan's kage-solos = 200円
Monchi in drag = 200円
Monchi's Smirky Demon Faces = 100円
Monchi's Concerned Faces = 100円
The Young Ibaragi & Fujiko sequence = 300円
People picking on demon!Ouka = 200円


This Has to Be Said First
All of Valentino = 1500円
Most of the chuuzume = 1000円

Her dangerous skirt-raising = 300円
Her dances with Micchan and Yuuhi = 500円
The looks and she gives them in those dances = 500円
Her singing, her dancing, her smiles in the white number = 500円
Her etoile = 500円

Other People (going in order this time)
Dai-chan in the prologue costume = 200円
Monchi's low-cut shirt in the prologue = 100円
Ebi-chan getting the Dracula number = 200円
Ten-chan's solo in said number = 400円
Monchi's Smirky Vampire Faces = 200円
The "Latin Lover" bit leading up to Valentino (aka Dai-chan winking) = 200円
Ban-san and Susshii-san coming down the aisles = 200円
Chii-chan in uniform, with a gun even = 300円
Monchi in a W-trio = 100円
Dai-chan in the "matador" costume = 200円
BonBon in the rockette = 100円
Monchi's Flirty Girl Faces, also in rockette (and chuuzume) = 300円
Chii-chan in a tuxedo = 300円
Dai-chan in a tuxedo = 200円
Monchi's Smoldering Tuxedo Dance Faces = 300円
Tuxedo dance on general principle (wow that turned out to be a lot) = 100円
Micchan's pair dance solo = 200円
Ecchan on principles of general sexiness = 100円

I hope I did my math right. ;) This is just a bit of silliness anyway, of course, because basically all of Kochou-neesan, Natacha (Valentino), the demon dance and the revue chuuzume make up the entire ticket price on their own. ^_______^
Current Mood: sillysilly
Tellychan: omg yessailortelevator on August 24th, 2009 05:56 am (UTC)
Cuuuute! And so true, the ticket price seems steep but man you get your value out of it. Unless you're really unlucky I guess, but that didn't happen to me so I'm happy. Is it crazy that I'm willing to pay 25000 yen to see Kei-san? :P
Sskyinhim on August 24th, 2009 08:46 pm (UTC)
Oh my goodness, this is way to cute :)