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04 September 2009 @ 11:00 pm
Julie's Monster Phoenix Wright 2 Summary / Review  
I guess before the proper review I have to say this. Even if my brain wouldn't admit it, I don't think my heart was ready to accept a new Phoenix show without Masami and Eriko. I didn't think things would hit me so hard, but they did.

I know you didn't make them retire... but that still doesn't mean I forgive you, Suzuki-sensei. :/

Onto the actual summary / review. (I'm choosing to use mostly character names in the hopes that it will make things easier to understand.)

Phoenix Wright 2: Truth Resurrected Once More

When we last left Our Hero, he had successfully proven his love Leona innocent on the charge of murder... But she was still guilty of aiding and abetting various crimes. Phoenix hugged her goodbye and promised to wait for her. Tomu started in on the love song and Masami (supposed to be in jail) appeared behind her and they sang "aishiteru" etc.

This time when the curtain comes up, the old music plays and there Phoenix is looking exactly the same... but alone. He sings a new song about waiting for his love to return. A montage from the first show plays in the background as Phoenix dances, but you never see Leona's face. As the music begins to fade, the set for Phoenix's office slides in and he lies down on the couch...

Only for an alarm to wake him up a second later. "That same dream again..." he muses. (Voiceover: I'm Phoenix Wright, a lawyer. I go by "Nick"...) Pretty soon Maya-chan enters banging on a Maya Fey frying pan to make sure he's awake and to provide exposition about the fact that "it's three years later and we're in California!" In almost no time she rushes off again to save the miso ramen she'd forgotten about. This is the point where Re-re is expected to stop in a "running" pose on one foot (while a voiceover plays) and couldn't do it either time I saw the show. XDD;; Not that I blame her; it looks hard!!

When she comes back in with the "ramen" it has burned to become "yakisoba", which she unceremoniously drops on Nick's foot when the doorbell rings.

It's a client! By the name of Luce Allaire (although they write it "Aleia". Thoughts?) She wants Phoenix to represent her mother in a murder case. Her mother, Rose, is a teacher -- as it turns out, the same teacher who presided over the "classroom trial" that Phoenix was subjected to back in elementary school.

(Julie's Heart Sinks Moment #1: they do the flashback with the illustrations and voices... only the voices are different. It's Tomochin and Rin-chan's voices, not Masami and Eriko's. Later I wondered if perhaps there's some kind of obligation of credit involved if they use voices of retired Takarasiennes -- or show their faces on a screen, for that matter. But still. The first time it hurt -- oh god, it hurt.)

They go to the prison to see Rose. The accused isn't exactly happy to see them, since she told her daughter she could go to any lawyer except Phoenix Wright. Rose feels that after what she put him through all those years ago, she doesn't have the right to ask him for help. Nick, on the other hand, asserts that it was that experience which inspired him to become a lawyer -- and caused him to become friends with Leona and Edgeworth. He insists on taking the case.

Tomu sings another solo or does some voiceover pondering for a minute or so before doing the dramatic "OBJECTION!!" with the finger that indicates the beginning of the opening sequence. It's like last time, Tomu dancing around while video credits introduce the main characters (Phoenix, Maya, Luce, Edgeworth). Maya-chan has a video camera, and when the curtain comes up they're all doing their poses in a courtroom. The aforementioned characters plus Franziska, Gumshoe, Lotta, Rose, Roland (Kai-chan) and the Judge dance and sing the theme song... in a courtroom.

I wish I'd watched Kai-chan the whole time. I think she was doing some cool and angsty dance moves near the beginning when Tomochin was singing. (/aside)

After the theme song the courtroom set disappears pretty quickly in favor of a church setting while Gumshoe leads the INVESTIGATION song. I feel like "INVESTIGATION" needs all-caps because of the way Mii-chan sings it. XD そうさ、捜査、大捜査!!! I didn't really pay attention to the other lyrics. ;P (That's a lie, I did -- at least a little. But I was also watching babies run around with flashlights and fingerprint-dusters and such!) Policemen Kozue and Tonica sing short solos too. :D

Eventually Nick and Maya-chan arrive on the scene. Something gummical was disappointed by, although I didn't really care, was the fact that there really isn't any clue-finding or rounding up witnesses by Nick this time around (to mimic the "gameplay"). The following bit mostly just exists to establish the basics of the case (dude poisoned in a church) and a vague motive (Rose's little elementary school needed money) and for Nick and Maya-chan to run around going "YOU again!?!?"

The first reunion is obviously with Gumshoe. He claims to have been "transferred" to California; Maya-chan says it was probably a demotion or something. ;P Next is Lotta Hart -- she's hard up on money at the moment, so in addition to scoop photography she's also working "part time" as an official police photographer. She salutes them and before she leaves she insists that they do it back; when they finally do, she says "ahaha no objection". XP

Rose's elementary school is actually close by, and Nick comments that "it looks just the same as it always was".

"You're the same as you always were, too." Tomochin!Edgeworth appears, wearing the trademark Edgeworth costume, but with a long black coat over it. He carries a briefcase (with no clear purpose XD). Phoenix naturally wants to know what he's ALSO doing in California, but Edgeworth's reason actually makes the most sense -- it's his hometown too, and he came back to it just like Nick. He hasn't taken on a case since he lost to Phoenix three years ago; now, apparently, he's just brooding and trying to find himself. :P

He and Nick go to talk outside. Since Edgeworth is on his journey of self-discovery, he plants seeds of doubt in Phoenix's mind as well. Is he really still the same person he always was, now that he's lost Leona?

Julie's Heart Sinks Moment #2: They killed off Leona.

*insert long string of expletives here*

Cheap. It's so cheap. It's such a convenient, stupid plot device. Sometime between whenever Leona got out of jail and now, she died. Of something. We see a flashback of Phoenix at her side as she expires in a hospital bed (played out by Ai-ai and Rin-chan behind a screen). But they don't really explain anything. Why should they? Any illness or accident they chose, it wouldn't matter.

Cheap, cheap, stupid, stupid plot device. The rest of the first act played on before my eyes, but it may as well have been over already.

Nick angsts about what Edgeworth said. He isn't the same person he once was -- he lost a part of himself along with Leona. Perhaps, he considers, he'll quit lawyering after this trial.

Luce appears, this time with her ♥ boyfriend ♥ Roland ♥ (that many hearts are required for the person who saved this show for me. Kai-chan♥♥♥). Roland is a sweet-faced land developer with nappy mullety hair. X3 He tells Nick that he can give testimony in Rose's favor -- he saw her calling an ambulance after the alleged murder. She looked seriously concerned, not like a person who had just killed someone. Phoenix is happy to have Roland as a witness. Roland is happy that his girlfriend finally gets to meet the attorney she so admires -- for, he reveals, she wants to be a lawyer too. Soon, however, he has to leave and after hugging Luce goodbye he rushes off. In his haste he drops something which Nick picks up and passes on to Luce to give back to her boyfriend. It's a small, gold, oval-shaped locket on a chain.

The day of the trial arrives. The prosecuting lawyer this time is obviously not Edgeworth, but Franziska von Karma. Eri-chan is like the second best part of the show for me ♥ Tiny musumeyaku + whip = awesome. And she totally commands the courtroom. She's like, "start the trial already!" And Judge!Chiya-nee is all, "Um, actually, it's my job to say that..." but Eri-chan cracks her whip and pretty soon people stop arguing with her. ;)

(I was a little confused by the "became a lawyer at 13 years old" bit, thinking for a little while that she was supposed to be 13 *now*, but I'm hoping that's not the case. Nick is all, "you can become a lawyer at 13?!" and Edgeworth's reply is something like "remember, America is a free country". XP)

The order of the evidence goes something like this. First, Rose gives her statement. She entered the church, saw the victim apparently suffering from heavy chest pains (by the way, his name is Marcus Payne :P), she went outside to a pay phone to call an ambulance, but when she came back in was too late.

Gumshoe is called in to establish what he knows. He arrived within three minutes of the police being alerted -- Rose was found at the scene of the crime, there was a bottle of "Heart Stop" medicine (totally bogus what) by the body with her fingerprints all over it. Rose is naturally suspected of poisoning the guy. Phoenix doesn't really prove anything Gumshoe says to be incorrect -- they just dismiss him once they decide they won't get any more important information out of him. (Gumshoe is naturally disappointed at not being given more time to talk. ;P)

Franziska promises Nick (actually she insists on always calling him "Phoenix Wright") that the next witness will decisively prove Rose's guilt. She calls to the stand... Lotta Hart. This time she's in a nun outfit. She has lots of part time jobs, she explains -- some days a nun, some days a police photographer, some days a Takarasienne! (Cue picture with staircase and feathers.)

Lotta's first picture looks pretty incriminating -- a figure in a black dress like Rose's holding the bottle, with Marcus suffering on the floor. Nick points out, however, that 1) since the person's back is turned it isn't necessarily Rose, and 2) the person is wearing gloves, so why would Rose's prints be on the bottle? Franziska has an answer to the first point, at least, and commands Lotta to reveal the other photo. This one is clearly of Rose leaving the church.

But since Rose obviously did leave the church to call an ambulance, the evidence still doesn't add up. Also, Nick draws attention to the black cloth next to the person in the first picture -- since it wasn't found at the scene of the crime, and Rose was in custody before she could have picked it up, it must belong to the real killer. It looks like a veil dropped by a nun. While Rose's outfit does look similar to a nun's robe from behind, upon close examination it's clear that they're different.

He calls his witness, Roland, who gives testimony... which Franziska tears apart. If he was just passing through the area by coincidence, how could he hear Rose on the phone so well? Why didn't he approach her, since she was an acquaintance? Roland, flustered, insists he saw Rose making a call on her cell phone...

...And even I knew what would come next. Rose had made the call from a pay phone -- Roland's testimony is clearly unreliable. Not to be deterred, Phoenix asks him what he was actually doing that day. Roland says he was at home... but alone, so he has no alibi. He apologizes for lying on the stand -- he was just trying to protect his girlfriend's mother, blamed for the death of a man who died of a heart condition...

Roland has incriminated himself. No one had mentioned the specifics of what the victim died from. Nick declares that Roland was at the church that day -- disguised as a nun, the real murderer of Marcus Payne. (His hair is long and girly enough to look like Rose's from behind. XD) The bailiffs (Kozue and Tonica ♥) take Roland into custody, the judge rules Rose "not guilty", Phoenix sighs "it's over~" and everyone sings a song about how much they love their hometown.

End Act I.

I think it should be obvious why at intermission I had little hope for the second act. What could possibly come next?

Act II

Once again we see Phoenix relaxing at home / the office (does he sleep at the office, or does he see clients at his home which looks like an office? XD) The doorbell rings but Maya-chan isn't there to answer it, so Nick lets in Rose and Luce. Rose is obviously grateful to Nick for proving her innocence... but Luce is bitter. He saved her mother but incriminated her boyfriend -- will lawyers do anything to get the right verdict? She declares that she never wants to be an attorney and runs out the door. Rose apologizes and follows her.

Now that he's won this case, Nick is planning to quit lawyering. He needs to stop chasing Leona's memory and start something new...

He wonders what he'll tell Maya-chan when he gets a call from a shady-sounding man who won't identify himself (Koumai♥♥). Very Bad Men (TM) are holding Maya-chan hostage, and the condition for her release is... a "not guilty" verdict in the upcoming trial of Roland Smith. Phoenix, cursing, runs to visit Roland in jail.

Kai-chan ♥ ♥ ♥ Kai-chan is amazing. ^________^ She does incredibly well as the guy with the trustworthy face whose words come out all creepy and sinister. >:D Aaahhh when I think how proud I am of her, I could cry ♥ ♥ ♥

Roland repeats the conditions that the goons gave Nick. He's sure that such a famous and successful lawyer will be able to win his case -- plus he has prepared a special "present" for Phoenix that will be revealed in the courtroom tomorrow. Nick is very confused and conflicted.

Tomochin comes down the right aisle singing something about Edgeworth's "wandering road". Phoenix runs up, desperate for the aid of an old friend. Edgeworth listens to the situation and then tells Nick enigmatically, "you do what you can do and I'll do what I can do".

This turns into a big song & dance number. Phoenix battles his inner demons (shadow dancers) while Edgeworth relays information to Gumshoe. From there Gumshoe commands two policemen (Kozue and Tonica again ♥) while Bad Guy #1 (Koumai -- the character name is actually "Ludo" ;P) skulks in the background with two goons (Anri-chan and Keito ♥) and Maya-chan. Franziska also sings and dances in part of the number.

Near the end the figures of Young Phoenix and Leona appear in the distance -- Nick reaches longingly toward them while the shadows hold him back, and the music slows down and becomes the angst song from the first show ("Shinjiteiru").

It's like a punch in the stomach. And it gave me chills the second time I saw it.

Everyone disappears and Luce comes out to sing the first part of "Shinjiteiru". Leona's song. I was so not ready for (or okay with) this.

Nick (in street clothes for the first time in the show) finds her and comes up to talk to her. He tells her that he's taking on Roland's case, which makes her happy, but she's still not sure how to feel about him. Nick tells her that it's true, being a lawyer isn't always easy; sometimes you have to make hard decisions. But he urges her not to give up hope yet and sings her a song about how a shining future is awaiting her. It looks suspiciously like the beginning of a romance which is not, not, NOT OKAY WITH ME.

In order for Tomu to have time to change, Tomochin!Edgeworth sings another solo. ;) This time it's a slowed-down version of the first song from the first show (which is just called "Phoenix Wright", actually ^^;;;). Tomu finishes the song in the audience.

The trial. Nick is at the defense table without Maya-chan. No one is at the prosecution table. The bailiffs run in to inform the court that Franziska von Karma was attacked that morning and can't appear in the trial. Roland smirks, and Nick realizes that this is the "present" he mentioned -- no opposition seems to equal a default win. But never fear! Edgeworth shows up to stand in and prosecute.

This time Phoenix is less focused and together than usual. He sometimes asks irrelevant questions. Naturally, his heart isn't really into the defense.

Marcus Payne's secretary Mary Webber (Rin-chan) is called in for a short testimony. She establishes that her boss had a pre-existing heart condition. He took medicine for it every day around noon; within half an hour he would become drowsy and take a nap. Phoenix points out that it was 12:10PM in the photo from the last trial and posits that the victim may have simply died from his own heart problems. Things are looking good for Roland, the case looks pretty open-and-shut, and Nick is feeling rather bewildered...

The setting shifts to Random Warehouse (TM) where Bad Guy #1 & co. are still holding Maya-chan. They joke around and Maya-chan fears that she will die of hunger. But then! Gumshoe, Lotta and Franziska (with one arm in a sling) arrive to save the day! Cue dance fight -- Lotta (armed with a camera), Franziska (armed with a whip), Maya-chan (armed with a shoe XD) and Gumshoe (armed with... his wits?! XDD;;;) duke it out with the baddies.

Back to the courtroom. Roland, smiling, is walking up to the stand to receive his verdict... when Luce appears and calls out, "wait!" She says she has vital evidence that is needed to clear up this case. She testifies that Marcus Payne visited her house once to propose a loan to her mother. Roland was also there. While they were having lunch, Marcus suddenly suffered chest pains -- but recovered upon taking his medicine. Roland was thus aware of the man's condition and knew where he kept his medicine. Nick, flagrantly disregarding his duty to defend Roland, accuses him of taking the medicine and leaving Marcus to die a painful death. He claims that the proof is the locket Roland ripped from Marcus' neck and demands that it be produced.

"I don't have it," says Roland. "Why would I? What kind of idiot do you think I..."

"Not you," explains Phoenix. "Luce is the one who will show us the locket." Shocked, Luce reaches into her pocket and slowly produces the item. She had never been able to give it back to Roland, because he was taken into custody the day after she picked it up. But obviously both Phoenix and Luce had seen him drop the locket. "The true culprit... is YOU!"

Roland is re-proved to be the actual killer. At the stand, he delivers a long monologue admitting his motive. It's all well and good for lawyers to defend people with enough money to hire them -- but what about the poor? Poor people like his father, a fisherman whose son was happy just to ride out in the boat every day and live a simple life. But after a bad storm left his father too injured to work, he had to start borrowing money. Marcus Payne, a merciless loan shark, drove his father to such poverty that he decided the only way out was to kill himself. Roland was placed in an orphanage, and grew up striving to make his hometown a beautiful, smiling city... but never forgot the face of that man. The man who came to his girlfriend's house with the same line for Rose as Roland had seen him give to his father. He couldn't let that happen; he had to take matters into his own hands... And then provide a bogus testimony so Luce's mother wouldn't go to jail. At his heart he'd had good intentions, but it had all gone horribly wrong.

"Give me back my father!!" Roland demands. "You rich lawyers who don't know the suffering of the poor -- give him back to me!!"

Kai-chan was so into it she cried. Actually, I'm about to cry too ;______; ♥ ♥ ♥

Phoenix tells Roland that he understands his feelings, but he still killed someone. Not only that, he also killed the dream of the one he loves -- Luce has said that she doesn't want to be a lawyer anymore. Devastated, Roland apologizes to her and tells her to please keep up hope even if he's going to jail. Nick asks one more question -- why did Roland keep the locket, such a vital yet incriminating piece of evidence? Roland explains that the locket Marcus selfishly stole and used was the only memento Roland had of his father.

It looks like things are all cleared up as the accused is sentenced "guilty" and taken away...

"Wait! Maya-chan!?"

On cue, Maya-chan runs in followed by Lotta (genki as ever) and Gumshoe (looking a little worse for the wear with a bandage around his head). Yaaaayyyy, everything is happy happy. Nick thanks Edgeworth for his help. As people file off, Edgeworth lingers to talk to Franziska. She's disappointed in herself for having lost to Phoenix -- maybe she isn't a genius prosecutor like her father. Edgeworth gives her a pep talk and she eventually decides that it's not over between her and Nick.

Outside the courtroom. Luce is still sad about Roland but decides she will try to become a lawyer after all. Phoenix, having renewed his convictions, is going to keep being a lawyer too.

Luce: "Mr. Wright... Can I become Leona?" (GROAN.)

Phoenix: "Of course, I'm sure if you work hard you can become a great lawyer just like Leona was."

Luce: "No, I mean... I want to become Leona for you. (ARGH.) I want to be important to you the way she was. Because I l--"

Phoenix: "Don't. Don't finish that sentence."


Nick tells her she just admires him, she doesn't really feel that way, and she's got to believe and wait for Roland. (Mmm, ex-convicts are sexy. 8D) He sings her the song again about having good things ahead... turns her around and points her in the direction of her shining future. She leaves.

Alone, Phoenix promises Leona to always keep her in his heart and continue searching for the truth and doing his best as a lawyer. Tomu (who sometimes cried after this bit) exits purposefully up the left aisle.

Finale! But before that, let's do a short rundown of Julie's Problems with This Show:

1) Edgeworth and Gumshoe, both agents of the law, taking matters into their own hands what?

2) Phoenix becoming a prosecution lawyer in the middle of the trial what? Stealing lines that could've been Edgeworth's what? (Tomochin mostly just sits back and listens / reacts after Tomu switches sides.)

3) Um, wouldn't an AUTOPSY prove whether the victim had been poisoned or died of heart problems? Rendering half of the cases / evidence moot?

4) The craptastically bad ploy of killing off Leona, and the subsequent almost-romance.

*breathes* Okay. On to the finale.

Tomochin, in one of the Red Suits That Will Not Die, leads an otokoyaku dance number. She is flanked by Mii-chan on the right and Kai-chan on the left. Guess who I was watching. ;)

Tomu, having performed an incredibly quick quick-change (not enough time to un-Phoenix her hair XD) appears in a long, sparkly white coat and gray pants. Seiko comes in in a white dress -- behind them are Tomochin x Eri-chan and Mii-chan x Re-re (musumeyaku unfortunately in the Red Shoulder Ruffle Dresses That Will Not Die). They don't really "pair dance" so much as they all dance around each other. At the end, Seiko sings part of the new "love song", maybe twirls around Tomu one more time and then exits.

Tomu finishes the number alone... then shouts an otokoyaku "aahhrr!" and everybody runs back in wearing elegant black. Tomu rips off her coat and Aoi-san ♥ gives her a new silvery gray coat. They all do an awesome rocked-out dance, which ends with Tomu standing alone singing "ah~ ah~" in a hardcore angsty rockish way. XD

And then the parade, which is mostly notable because Kozue gets to come out in her really loud tiger print shirt to signify her screen-only role as Marcus Payne. ;) ♥

For the curtain call, Tomu had pre-selected different people each day to model the "objection!" stance for us. On the 21st it was four tiny babies (two otokoyaku and two musumeyaku) -- sadly I only remember Keito, and then it was maybe Chisa-chan and Ririko and Hoshizuki Rio or Haruse Ouki or maybe not. T_____T;;; I was too caught up in doing いぎあり! to remember. 

At the early show on the 27th and was Akemi-san and Aoi-san. :D On raku it was Yuna-chan. ;___________; ♥ ♥ ♥


Is that it? I think that's it. And I think it's obvious that in my opinion Phoenix Wright 2 will never be as good as the first play... And I really hope they don't try to milk this any more, because I'm a little afraid of what kind of ridiculous things would happen in Phoenix 3.

Gaaaaahhhhhh I think in total it took me like 6 or 7 hours to dictate that out. BAH what a monster. Pictures are from this Asahi article, by the way.
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lliri_blanclliri_blanc on September 4th, 2009 03:57 pm (UTC)
Alone, Phoenix promises Leona to always keep her in his heart and continue searching for the truth and doing his best as a lawyer. Tomu (who sometimes cried after this bit) exits purposefully up the left aisle.
Okay. Even *I* would have burst into tears at this point. ^_^;;;

Gaaaaahhhhhh I think in total it took me like 6 or 7 hours to dictate that out.
Eep. Thank you! <3<3<3
Ms. Britt: [tomu]ladybretagne on September 4th, 2009 05:09 pm (UTC)
*hugs* Thank you for the report as always, darling. I was afraid the whole thing would just be too soon after Machami and Eriko's taidan for it to be okay and it looks like that was the case. Although I doubt any of us would EVER be okay with the cheap ploy of killing Leona off no matter how much time had passed.

I'm thrilled that Eri-chan got such an awesome role though, and that Kai-chan got a chance to prove what a good actress she is. I still can't believe how grown up my little Eri-chan has gotten. *sniffle*

I really hope this finally marks the end of Phoenix Wright. Tomu is so talented that she deserves a lot more than cheap plot devices.
Our Heroine aka Jenn: [facepalms]kyttenfae on September 4th, 2009 05:18 pm (UTC)
Wow, thank you for all of this! <3333333333 Despite hearing it on the phone, it was really cool to get to read it w/ the photos. *hugs*
Becca: Ranju Tomu - heartsmuffin_song on September 4th, 2009 06:05 pm (UTC)
I know you didn't make them retire... but that still doesn't mean I forgive you, Suzuki-sensei. :/

For the sake of argument, let's remember that this is only the fourth project he's directed on his own. The bar may have been set high by the first Phoenix Wright and The Second Life, but he's still relatively new to this. Also, as I mentioned to you over the phone, it's pretty much impossible to write a good sequel to a musical.

Maya-chan enters banging on a Maya Fey frying pan to make sure he's awake and to provide exposition about the fact that "it's three years later and we're in California!"

Did they say what part of California? XD

After the theme song the courtroom set disappears pretty quickly in favor of a church setting while Gumshoe leads the INVESTIGATION song.

Even if making a sequel was perhaps a bad idea, things like this improve its worthiness greatly ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

He hasn't taken on a case since he lost to Phoenix three years ago; now, apparently, he's just brooding and trying to find himself. :P

(The briefcase comment make me think of this) If Edgeworth isn't working as a prosecutor, just think of all of the amusing occupations he could be doing instead. Maybe he's an accountant! XD

Kai-chan ♥ ♥ ♥ Kai-chan is amazing. ^________^ She does incredibly well as the guy with the trustworthy face whose words come out all creepy and sinister. >:D Aaahhh when I think how proud I am of her, I could cry ♥ ♥ ♥

Seconded completely ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ I'm crossing my fingers that she gets a stage photo! (All of this being said, the fact that she was the killer breaks my brain).

In regards to Leona's death...

I agree this is inexcusable, and especially the way it happened. However...

1) "Happy people in love" unfortunately has no conflict and doesn't make an interesting story. Even if Leona had been kidnapped instead of Maya-chan, it doesn't change the fact that Phoenix and Leona were happily in love, meaning Phoenix would have nothing to angst about (getting kidnapped is a pretty short-term problem). And that's the problem with making a sequel to a Zuka show...they're usually designed to be wrapped up neatly, so opening them up again is problematic.

Of course killing Leona off without explanation is still really cheap, even if it did give Phoenix something to angst about.

2) If theoretically they were going to make a Phoenix Wright 3, then finding out that Leona was actually murdered (Poisoned? Hit and run?) would make an interesting start. Not sure how I feel about the idea of another one, though.
Julie: tomu samuel smokewao_wao on September 5th, 2009 12:01 am (UTC)
For the sake of argument, then...

Phoenix 2 was announced on senshuuraku for Phoenix 1. That means at some point (after tickets went on sale and immediately sold out?) while Suzuki-sensei was still working on the first show, he had to start thinking about the second one.

Then consider that Masami and Eriko should have informed the company that they were retiring during Paradise Prince (at least Eriko said so in her Graph taidan interview). So Suzuki-sensei would have already known that they were leaving and had to think of a way to deal without them in a sequel.

"Leona goes to jail" already serves as a temporary solution to what to do about the love interest. It may have all been planned from the beginning. "Angsting over a lost love" is also a really easy plot element and right up Zuka's alley, I think. It's possibly the best way to give Phoenix something to brood over... but still keep him faithful in the end.

On the other hand, if Masami hadn't retired, they could've pulled "your rich grandfather wants you to marry someone you've never met before" for all we know. Cheap plot devices are everywhere and easy to come by. :P

Kai-chan didn't get a single-shot stage photo, by the way. :\
michiru42: Sailor Neptunemichiru42 on September 4th, 2009 10:15 pm (UTC)
I agree the Leona thing sounds stupid. If Zuka had been willing to adjust its style a little, we could have had, say, Phoenix angsting over Leona in jail and calling her on the phone when he needed advice for his case. Then at the end, maybe he'd get a phone call of, "AH! Leona's out of jail!" thus giving us our happy ending and a romance. I think the idea of a man waiting that long for his girl is extremely romantic.

And maybe Junya could have had a more on-stage romance with her boyfriend, who wasn't the murderer, thus giving us a romance we could watch. That really wasn't necessary.

Oh well. Tomu is awesome and I'm glad for her, getting such a popular leading role; plus Mikaze Maira got a really different role than usual, good for her too. It sounds like a lot of deserving 'ziennes got to have some fun, so I'm happy for them.
Mr. 288: [the face you wear]prim on September 7th, 2009 08:06 pm (UTC)
Wow, thank you so much for taking the time to get all this down. ♥ I really appreciate it.
Jen: Noircaithion on September 20th, 2009 12:53 pm (UTC)
It took me a while, but I've read it! Sounds amusing, but I really don't know anything about the game or the first show, so.... ;)

But, dude, autopsy, yes. *snort* Ah, where would Takarazuka be without the enormous loopholes?
Julie: tomu samuel smokewao_wao on September 20th, 2009 01:27 pm (UTC)
Ahaha, I was expecting to see a comment on my latest lot of drivel, but instead you picked THIS monstrosity. XDDD;;; Still, belated comment ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Admittedly my review of Phoenix 1 is a bit more spastic... I've been thinking about editing both of them to be appropriate for the Wiki... And my Ooeyama summary too... The work is never finished. ^^;;;

But yes, I only have surface-level knowledge of the game myself, but the "original" totally pwns the sequel. ;P
Jen: stylecaithion on September 21st, 2009 04:25 am (UTC)
Monsters deserve to be read, because they're a lot of work. <3<3

I'm, er, a little behind on lj. ^^;;;