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06 September 2009 @ 12:28 pm
More dreams ;)  
Heh. It's been a while since I had one of my "this dream brought to you by falling asleep again after watching Cafe Break" dreams.

Today's Cafe Break (for me) was a 総集編, where they show highlights from the past half a year (snippets from the interviews with Kiriyan, Sou, Sumika, Nene, Yumiko)... But my dream came from the part where they showed bits of Taiou II and a press interview with Chie and Nene.

The dream:

I was going to a Korean art museum (bahahaha what the heck), minding my own business, when I saw familiar pair ahead of me also entering the building.

Chie and Kaname. :D

Their outfits were a bizarre mix of ancient Korean and modern fashion. Like, tops similar to what they wear in the show only shorter, over jeans or something. And they must have been wearing wigs, because I distinctly remember Kaname's hair looking more like Yeon Hogae's than typical otokoyaku hair. Nene also appeared at some point, similarly dressed.

Honestly I have no idea what they were doing there other than messing around and having silly Hoshigumi funtimes. ^^;;; You'd think they'd be doing a Sky Stage special or something, but even in my dream I knew it was too late in the run for that.

I skulked behind them through a couple of rooms, but felt pretty self-conscious and stalkery and gave up after little bit.

The dream shifted to something about wearing face masks and running into other foreigners in Japan...

But at some point I was going into the museum again. I wanted to be able to give Hoshi fans a proper squee report if I could. I walked through the same rooms again, and in the corner of one there was an ornate door and that seemed to lead to a low rooftop (wtf). I instinctively knew that they had gone out that way but also had to come back in eventually...

Which they did.

This time, Kazu was with them.

Her outfit was full-on Ancient Korean Peasant Style, kind of like Renta's I guess. XDDD But I was too surprised by her presence to laugh. Not long ago, Cate told me that someday I would run into Kazu to make up for all the times she's run into retired Soragumisei. At least in my dreams, this prediction came true. ^^;;;

Anyway, my reaction in general was *blushes and bows furiously* "Sorry for intruding!!!" *keeps bowing and backing away* At this point there were other people around too, and maybe they WERE doing something for Sky Stage because it seems like another person there won the opportunity to have her picture taken with them. I cursed myself for not having brought my camera with me, but knew in my heart that I shouldn't be taking pictures anyway.

And then I dreamed about, I don't know, a weird parking lot in which I was showing off my Japanese skills to little girls or something. ^^;;;

The other night I dreamt I was sick in bed on my birthday (what >.>;;; it's like half a year away) and to cheer me up my awesome friends had somehow arranged for a retired Soragumisei to come visit me. She came in looking really cute, carrying flowers and wearing hakama and everything... Only my mind said, "wait, that girl isn't retired!" and I immediately started to wake up.

Superstition prevents me from naming her, but suffice it to say she's an adorable 90th-class musumeyaku whom I love. T______T;;;
Current Mood: amusedamused
happy_riceball on September 6th, 2009 05:00 pm (UTC)
I love dream posts~ ♥ The first one is really cute & amusing, but I hope the second doesn't happen-- well, the meeting an adorable Soragumisei part can, but not the you getting sick on your birthday part!