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10 September 2009 @ 01:04 am
Hakata IriDe, 8/6 - 8/8  
These reports are like a month late, but then again for ochakai reports I'd have to go all the way back to Ume-chan's four months ago. T_____T;;;

Right now I'm opting for this instead.

Thursday, August 6th

After riding a night bus with Tegan, arrived early (and cranky) in Fukuoka City. Had breakfast at KFC and wrote a one-page, mostly-English letter. Got to the theater around 10:35AM for 10:45AM standby.

During the first Hakata trip, a Chii-chan staff lady helped me a lot ♥ I now have very fond feelings for Chii-chan staff lady. :) I had to accost her because no one else was going to be there for Alice-chan and I wasn't sure where to stand. But I quickly got used to the practice of waiting around the corner on "standby standby" until five or so minutes beforehand when the staff moved us into position for actual standby. ^^;;;

Thursday and Friday were the fourth and fifth days of the run, and the only times I remember Yuuhi Company having so few numbers (=less than 25 people) that they actually waited on the same side of the stage door as the rest of us instead of sprawling out along the other side. After that, they were always on the far side and I didn't bother counting them. ;P

Yuuhi's car was a black hatchback kind of deal; I don't know if she had a different car before. That day (Thursday) I wrote that her wardrobe involved red plaid and boots. ;)

Alice-chan arrived right around 11AM. Long, pink sundress under a short-sleeved white jacket. The white lace hat and butterfly shoes. I just told her I was seeing the show for the first time and "gambatte".

After our star had gone in, if there was no one else approaching immediately we were allowed to pull out of the line. As I walked back to meet up with Tegan I saw Micchan across the street with her daihyou.

Tegan asked me if I had seen which baby had the torn-up pants and gold shoes. I had unfortunately turned to go up the stairs right before I might have seen her... But I made sure to check who it was at de. ;) BONBON. Light blue jeans that looked as if they'd been ripped into squares and then sewn back together. XDDD Plus they must've been rolled up a little to show off her gold hightop sneakers... Tegan said they looked like they were only half tied-up at iri. X3

At the show that day: Yuuma Rin, Sou Kazuho, Yuuzumi Shun, Shirahana Remi, Nozomi Fuuto, Ootori Mayu, and like at least 15 other Hanagumi babies I couldn't identify. Yuuhi thanked them at the curtain call. :)

Demachi standby was right after the show let out, so starting around 4:15PM. It wasn't long before (Ootori) Mayu-chan and a bunch of the other Hana babies walked out. They nodded to Sumika's daihyou, which was really sweet and cute ♥ Much later but before Soragumi started coming out, the Hanagumi upperclassmen left and walked off the opposite way to where the clubs line up. Then once Sora babies started coming out (4:55-ish), I saw Mappuu, Amachaki ♥, Ginka Sui, Tenma Michiru and maybe six other Hana 92nds all come out together ♥ ♥

Rabi-chan had also been in the audience. Front row. ;______; ♥ ♥ ♥ At de she came out with Kuracchi ♥ but they'd only walked as far as the corner when Rabi-chan turned around and jogged back in. When she came out again she was alone, and we didn't kneel for her because she's not a Takarasienne anymore T________T

When Masako came out and was going down the line picking up letters, I was staring up at her adoringly like all the other cultists X3 and her eyes briefly flicked to mine as she checked to make sure she'd taken a letter from the last person in her club ^__^;; Masako ♥ ♥

Micchan was super smiley with her club because there was a boy in the line -- she was like, *gringringrin* "did you enjoy the show?" *gringringrin* And I didn't hear his response but I'm sure it was cute. ;)

Alice-chan and Chii-chan were two of the last to come out -- together with Rena and Chiari-chan!!!

I told Alice-chan that the show was great and she was amazing, a compliment she deflected. I noted that her classmate had come to see the show, and she said "yes, from here we're all going to a baseball game."

I thought I'd misunderstood her, but then Chii-chan told her cultists the same thing, saying it was her first time going to such an event.

Still having misunderstood, I spent the whole night thinking Soragumi was holding a baseball competition. XDDD;;; This misperception may or may not have been obvious in my next letter. >.>;;;

The other thing from de was that everyone (I remember Kuu-chan, at least) kept commenting on how it was still light outside -- I suppose it was a change after the first three days of shows had all ended in the evening. ^^;;;

Friday, August 7th

10:45AM standby again -- I made it with only a few minutes to spare.

Iri highlights... Yuuhi's wardrobe? Dark overalls worn only to the waist with the rest hanging down (I think I've seen this style before :P), a pink shirt, and a purple cap with stars on it.

Dai-chan went into the nearby Family Mart, then Sumika a minute or two later, and they came out together.

Dai-chan's knees X3 She was wearing light blue jeans ripped at both knees and once in the back, mid-thigh. Not like I was looking or anything >:D Plus sunglasses, a D&G belt, and white sneakers I think.

Micchan only had three people that morning; Masako had more. o_O;;; But that was the only time that happened.

Alice-chan came last of anyone with a club; I was left standing alone. ^^;;; She came at 11:05AM-ish? Black trilby, dark red plaid dress over dark jeans, and the butterfly shoes.

I asked about the baseball game and she said it was fun. I asked (badly) about the teams and she implied that they had been rooting for Fukuoka, but the Softbank Hawks had lost. After that, I just said "I'm seeing the second show" and "gambatte kudasai".

From there, it was sightseeing with Tegan for most of the day. This, and tales from the show itself, I will skip for now.

Demachi: I was pleased to see that Akkii had a person! Just staff, I think, but no one was there for her on Thursday, so ♥

Masako told her club that in the first show, one of the straps holding Sumika's parade feathers had broken o_O;;; !!! And Sumika really looked like she was going to cry, so at the curtain call Masako held them up for her ♥ ♥ ♥

Ayumi-san came out carrying the Berubara kouen bag X3

Tamami-chan otsukare'd, like, all the clubs ♥

Kurumin-chan came out with someone but only got halfway down the street before turning around and scooting back inside XDD;;

BonBon, Sakurako and Mayu-chan came out together. BonBon was like "eh? Did it rain?" and Mayu-chan was like "it looks like it did" and god her voice is so cute ♥ ♥ Then BonBon went complaining down the street about how it was still hot even at night :P (Masako had said the same thing).

When it got down to the end it was just 88th clubs waiting (and Sumika hadn't left yet either). Chii-chan finally came out with a mini-keyboard in her bag; I think she said she was going to play with it the next day?? XDDD

Alice-chan came out pretty soon afterward. I had meant to ask her about her costumes and which one was the most difficult to dance in, but what came out and was more like "it looked like you had trouble dancing in your costumes, and I heard some things happened..." (referring to Masako's story, plus that was one of the days Alice-chan had had trouble helping out Yuuhi of her kimono). Anyway, Alice-chan was like "yes, it was terrible, I haven't had enough practice T__T" and I was like ">__< but you were beautiful" and she was like "nooooo :( :(" so we just ended with "otsukaresama deshita".

That night I had a terrible dream about Alice-chan having lots of costume mishaps and/or forgetting her lines or something. >______<;;;

Saturday, August 8th

9:45AM standby; I was 5 minutes early and moved into my spot ahead of a male Sumika fan and an Akkii fan. Matsushima-san (a staff lady from Tokyo) and one more Alice Club member came 5 minutes late ♥

Mitsuki went into the Family Mart that morning (why do I care, seriously XDD;;)

Sumika and Akkii both had their daihyous present (actually Sumika's daihyou was always present) plus one more fan each ♥ ♥

Micchan's club wasn't there -- either she had gone in earlier, or her club was on the other side in the "too many people" section and I hadn't noticed. As mentioned before, this was the first day I had seen Yuuhi's club line up on the other side, which they did every day thereafter (that I saw).

When Chii-chan came, my eyes were immediately drawn to her shoes -- silver, strappy, girly shoes that revealed her toenails... which had been painted sparkly opal. I tried not to stare too much or grin too wide. XDDDDD

Masako came and her club left the line before us. As I was dutifully moving up, my suitcase tipped over and my apologizing allowed me to start conversation with the other club girl :) Although not very much more than "I'm going home after this" and her asking how yesterday's de was... I got out of having to explain the Sumika's feathers story because Alice-chan came ^^;;

She was wearing the blue Bohemian-y sundress, a short-sleeved jean jacket, and the butterfly shoes -- her hat was made of straw and had a blue (denim?) band.

The girl next to me give her a postcard which she said the staff lady had helped her make? And I gave her mine too, and Alice-chan stepped back and looked at us as if waiting for someone to say something, so I said that I was going home after iri but I'd be back on the 16th so 毎日頑張って下さい or something.

When we moved out of the line I talked a little more with the Tokyo girl -- she said she'd seen the early show yesterday and but obviously hadn't been to de, hence her asking me about it. She said she was seeing the show again that day but then going home; I told her my plans, which impressed her. ^^;;;

From there it was basically "until we meet again..." and "otsukare" then I got back to Hakata station basically just in time for my shinkansen back.

Trip #2 stories hopefully coming soon!!
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michiru42: Maa-chan and Kashimichiru42 on September 9th, 2009 05:22 pm (UTC)
This is so cool. I'm glad you were there to wait for her, since Alice deserves to know how loved she is. You have to do it for those of us stuck in America, unable to express our love in person!

(Did Susshi-san or Ayumi-san have staff waiting for them? The kumicho, I noticed in my few times at de, usually just have staff waiting for them to take them home, which I always thought was very sweet.)
Julie: hacchan ganimardwao_wao on September 10th, 2009 02:09 am (UTC)
At the Daigekijou, I've often seen Susshii-san meet a few (or several, depending on the day) people around the corner. But I don't think she's ever had official "staff", and Ayumi-san never has anyone. :\
michiru42: Sailor Neptunemichiru42 on September 10th, 2009 02:29 am (UTC)
Really? I know that shouldn't surprise me, since I know very few musumeyaku have fan clubs, but it does a little given how much Ayumi-san winds up on stage. She almost always has a decent backup role, and always gets to sing at least a song or two.

Ah, well. With luck when I get back to Japan she'll still be around and have one of those meetings that seito without an official club have...I forget what they're called, but I still want to go to one. :O)

And I'm glad for Susshi-san. She's so talented, and heck knows she deserves the support. too.
happy_riceball on September 9th, 2009 08:03 pm (UTC)
These reports are so adorable! ♥ Thank you for sharing~! X3
(Deleted comment)
Julie: alice kathy starwao_wao on September 10th, 2009 02:11 am (UTC)
I don't think I've ever seen the butterfly shoes in photo shoots! But they're white backless heels, and on the front of each shoe is a butterfly big enough to cover most of her toes. X3
(Deleted comment)
可愛い女隊長さん: Bonbon smileymidoriseppen on September 10th, 2009 03:34 am (UTC)
Oh, my darling *facepalms a little* I love her so. And her sneakers.
utena1409: Wao/Mariutena1409 on September 10th, 2009 07:16 pm (UTC)
Masako told her club that in the first show, one of the straps holding Sumika's parade feathers had broken o_O;;; !!! And Sumika really looked like she was going to cry, so at the curtain call Masako held them up for her ♥ ♥ ♥

Awww, Masako is such a gentleman! ^__^

And now I'm also curious about the butterfly shoes (AND Chii-chan's toenails XDDDD )!!