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10 September 2009 @ 02:47 pm
Hakata IriDe, 8/16 - 8/17  
Sunday, August 16th

9:45AM standby. I was coming off a night bus again, but at least this time I felt cleaner. I showed up 10 minutes early; two other club ladies were already waiting and waved to me. Both I vaguely recognized, probably from ochakais, but not immediately in an "oh you're in MY club" kind of way ^^;; The younger of the two (I think they were mother and daughter, or at least related) said they lived in Kouchi Prefecture and had come the day before.

We shuffled around a bit and the younger one called Harada-san about entering the line (we were on "standby standby" ^^;;;) When Masako's club moved into place we kind of peeked around the corner and a Masako staff person told us where to stand. Chii-chan club entered the line a little after that. I talked with the younger woman a little more about how many times we were seeing the show, and how hard iride is with the same tiny wear and not as many recognizable Mura people around, etc.

Micchan came first of who I saw. One of the cards that a fan handed over lost a sticker; the lady picked it up and Micchan made sure to stick it back on. X3 18-ish people in total.

Masako and Dai-chan came at basically the same time. (Earlier I had told the Masako cultist next to me that her postcard was cute -- all through the run she had Photoshopped cards of Rirakkuma as a demon in various situations XD ♥) Masako had 6~8 people. Dai-chan just had one fan and her daihyou. She was wearing mostly black, but with a light pink belt and two power bead bracelets -- one black, one pink. ^^ The younger woman in my club was like "she has such good style~♥" after she went in. ;D Akkii had gone in with her staff person before we lined up; I don't know about anyone else.

At some point Yuuhi Company started practicing their conveyor belt. I thought Yuuhi had actually come -- but no, it seems they had just been rehearsing. ^^;; Still, they were standing as a lot of stars went in, which I found a bit ¬_¬

Alice-chan came a few minutes before 10AM, although actually I think she was lagging for a bit around the corner -- I saw Harada-san peek out briefly and then disappear again ^^;;; When Alice-chan finally came, she had this look on her face like, "er, is it okay for me to come now...? >.>;;;" with an eye on Yuuhi Company's 'rehearsals'. ^^;;; She was wearing a black straw hat, a black dress with white polka dots, the white short-sleeved jacket, and the butterfly shoes.

We handed over our postcards (although the older lady didn't have one) and said basically the same thing -- seeing the 4:30PM show today, "gambatte", etc.

Sumika came a little bit after and had 2 or 3 fans.

Then Yuuhi actually came. ^^;;; She seemed as amused by the number of fans and their scurrying about as the rest of us. Several underclassmen were also kind of like "sugoi" and giggling as they went in (Mitsuki and Fuuma together, Kanari and Arisa-chan, J-ko and Mappuu, etc).

We had to wait through several more people before we could break up. When we did and regrouped around the corner, "okaasan" (the older woman) gave Harada-san bandaids ♥ because her shoes were cutting her feet. ^^;;;

After otsukare-ing, I went to look for a cafe to park myself in... and saw a Magee club lady whom I've met lots of times through Manda. o_O;;; She had two friends with her, and we didn't get to do much more than exchange pleasantries before her friends steered her into a cafe.

I felt dumb following them in, even though I had kind of wanted to, so I continued down the shopping arcade. This turned out to be the start of some very magical encounters for me over the next few days... which I must relate in a separate post. ;)

This day was kumisouken, and a Sunday, which accounts for the higher turnout rates. Kumisouken will also be covered in another post (hopefully >.>;;;), but of note is the fact that another Alice Club member turned up for the show -- the man I had met at the Nagoya shimbokukai. He will hence be referred to as I-san, because I think his name begins with "I". ^^;;

The show got out around 7:45PM, but we were told that demachi was postponed until 9:30PM. I used up my time doing useful things but still got back pretty early. I-san was already there waiting, and we chatted a lot, albeit in the wrong place. >.>;;; I got a better feel for him than I had before. He said he's read the Ooeyama manga and really likes Kihara Toshie-sensei, which is just cute X3

Micchan had apparently already left, but the rest of us were on standby until after 10PM. That's when the daihyous went inside the theatre doors. Alice-chan came out in the first group o_O around 10:15PM. Obviously she had on the same outfit... except no hat ♥ ♥ and her hair was styled, and she had on pretty makeup ♥ ♥ ♥ She said there had been a party after the show (I was like, "you must be tired after two shows and a party...") The ladies from Kouchi said goodbye, but I-san and I said we'd be there again the next day (and I-san gave her sashi-ire or some gift).

Alice-chan smiled really big and sweetly for us, and remembered to wave at the corner ♥ ♥ ♥ (sometimes she forgets XDD)

I guess we couldn't leave because I have notes on people who kept coming out...

Ten-chan came out 5 minutes after Alice-chan, together with some others. I was grinning unabashedly (like usual ;D) at her and this time she definitely looked down long enough to see me #*__*# I smiled wide and she smiled back and then I was like oops, I wonder if anyone in my club noticed that >.>;;;

Akkii had two fans, plus her daihyou ♥

Masako = 6 people? She said something sweet like "it's the third day of two-performance days, but I've been able to get through it thanks to you all ♥"

Chii-chan had three fans? They asked if she had seen them -- she said, "you were on the second floor, right? I kind of guessed where to look; the second floor is really dark >__<;;"

The other highlight was Kyanon getting clipped by the door as someone (TamaTama??) walked out before her and maybe didn't hold it open -- she yelped and then clapped her hand over her mouth like "oops that was loud XDD;;;"

After otsukare-ing everyone, as I was heading for the subway I saw Monchi meeting two people at the corner with the stoplight and may have been a tiny bit jealous.

Monday, August 17th

10:45AM standby; I took so long with my letter that I didn't get there until 10:40, where I-san was waiting. The other clubs had already entered the line, and it seems Micchan and Chii-chan (and Akkii?) had already gone in. (Then again, it's possible Chii-chan's club and wasn't there because their standby was later -- Chii-chan has a reputation for being on the late side. ;P)

Sumika went in with just her daihyou and nodded to almost all the other clubs.

Dai-chan had one fan + daihyou, and was wearing the ripped jeans again. X3 ♥

Alice-chan came while Dai-chan was still talking ^^;; She was wearing a billowy black top crisscrossed with white lines that had a loose bow / tie at the front. White lace hat, white capris that were lacy at the bottom, and the butterfly shoes. I asked how the party was yesterday and she said it was fun; they just ate and talked ^_^ And we said "gambatte" and "itterasshai".

The Dai-chan club lady tried to sneak us out of the line -- but then Juma-chu came, and Masako, and Yuuhi. Yuuhi collected all of her letters herself instead of her club doing the conveyor belt. The Dai-chan fan said they'd been all the way to / around the corner the day before.

Starting this day we had to go to the other side of the small street post-iri -- no idea why, because after otsukare-ing I-san, I just went right back across with Dai-chan club. ^^;;;

Skipping show thoughts for now, but there were a lot of mistakes that day. Also, in the audience Kimi-kun (;_______; ♥ ♥) Suzukake Miyuki, Ayao June and a couple of other presumed Tsukigumi babies.

Some OG star must have also seen the show -- at demachi, people gasped when they saw her and a few reached out to shake her hand, which she allowed. Unfortunately I only saw her back, which was no help. :(

Ten-chan came out like half an hour after the show finished o_O;;; She's so fast~

Kimi-kun left with Ecchan ♥ ♥ ♥

Akkii came out first of those with clubs? She spent a long time talking with her one fan ♥

Riku tripped on her own feet when she came out with Akkii and Mappuu XP Later, I saw her talking with four ladies down by the stoplight.

Alice-chan left around the same time as Dai-chan. She had on nice makeup and said she was going out with her classmates. Chii-chan came out soon after; I had hoped to hear where they were going / what they were doing, but I got nothing. :\

At some point I realized that Micchan's club wasn't absent; they were on the other side of the stage door with Yuuhi Company. I wonder who decided which side they would be on each day...

Other than that, the other unusual occurrence was two taxis parking in front of the stage door. It seemed as though someone had called them to come, but they were told by an Official Theater Dude that they had to park down around the corner. :P

...This got so long already that I decided to break Trip #2 into two parts. ^^;;;
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Beccamuffin_song on September 10th, 2009 05:59 am (UTC)
Micchan came first of who I saw. One of the cards that a fan handed over lost a sticker; the lady picked it up and Micchan made sure to stick it back on. X3

LOVE XD Thank you Julie, these sorts of stories make my day.

And for all of it, really (not just the Micchan parts). Reading your reports makes me feel a little bit like being there <3
Ms. Britt: [daixalice]ladybretagne on September 10th, 2009 06:10 am (UTC)
Love for your reports as always, darling. I really need to make more jewelry for Dai-chan since she seems to actually be wearing it all the time now. <3 Alice stories always make me grin and extra special love for Kimi-kun! <33333
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