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18 September 2009 @ 12:33 am
Just an icon meme x 3  
People are being all meta.

It's a quiet night, and I could ponder life, the universe, and fandom.

Or I could do an icon meme three times. ;P

1) Comment to this entry saying 'ICONS!' and I will pick 6 of your icons.
2) Make an entry in your own journal and talk about the icons I picked.

shirabyoshi's picks:

One of my earliest icons. It's Touko in Singin' in the Rain... being, obviously, molested by rabid fangirls ;) It just seemed such a fitting image to liken to us in our more overenthusiastic moments. X3 Unfortunately it doesn't see much use these days. ^^;;;

Chika-chaaannnn ;______; ♥ I don't remember exactly what spawned this icon other than me talking to Teffy about random people we like, and how Ayahana Chika (Soragumi 86th, retired in 2005) caught my eye in making this face in Neo Voyage. Even though I never saw her live onstage, I like her so much that I dreamed about her once.

I think Teffy also made an "obscure baby love" icon for herself, but I don't think she still has it up, and this is another one I rarely use T_____T;;

One that I still use fairly often ♥ Alice-chan in Understudy, singing about how much she loves the stage. ^_____^ But the text says "I can do it!" (A more literal translation would be, "if it's me I can do it!", aka stress on the *I* can do it as opposed to other people ;) Appropriate for both my own "gambaru" moments and when I'm talking about all the things Alice-chan can do ♥ ♥ ♥

I think I'll turn you all to my archives to explain the context of this icon, so I don't have to copy and paste the entire dialogue. ;) And, what, does this really need an explanation? We all have naughty thoughts sometimes X3

Apparently I coined this phrase ^^;; And just_keep_on made an icon out of it. I just think that Chie is one of those otokoyaku who has such sheer magnetism that I can't comprehend anyone being able to resist it.

Ume-chan ♥ ♥ ♥ I needed a new, sexier Ume-chan icon. Scanned from the Le Cinq, it's an image from early into Bara ni Furu Ame. Yvette is drunk but still so incredibly hot and totally doesn't need to be corrected by old ladies about her poise. Looking back, I realize I watched Ume-chan almost 100% of the time in this scene -- she's just liquid amazing ♥ ♥ ♥

Lucia accidentally picked seven, but I couldn't resist the opportunity to explain one more ;) Not that this really needs an explanation... Other than "why the red dress, and not...?" Honestly I can't say. This isn't even a stage photo, it's from a collectible card -- but I saw that expression and absolutely had to have it, no question. Kacha here has a lost air, so it can be used as an "indecisive" icon, but also general Kacha!Elisabeth support ♥

Next, muffin_song's picks (fortunately one of them overlapped with Lucia's, so the count comes out all right in the end):

Another one of my earliest icons. My first show, my first love, Wao!Fersen ♥... looking ridiculous XDDDD In this scene Fersen hits upon a brilliant idea on how to get out of the country again; I screencapped that moment. This is obviously my "idea!" icon, but it can also be used for "oh *I* see" or news.

And yet again an early icon... My first of Alice-chan, actually, because I didn't have anything else where she was prominent enough that a screencap would yield a decent icon. As Meg in Phantom, she's smirking at all the girls arguing over who Philippe loves the best. Even though this is 5-years-ago Alice-chan, the image is so cute and multi-purpose (so many things to smirk about) that I can't stop using it.

4-years-ago Alice-chan in Neo Voyage. Can't quite bring myself to replace this one either. It's a good "look at me, I am cute" icon, and sometimes a "dancing" icon, although this one may end up serving more of the latter purpose.

(No, it has nothing to do with a Madonna song.)

Teffy made this icon... The image is probably from somewhere online. Soon-ish after Wao retired and was transitioning into more girly photo shoots in magazines and things... I needed an "OG Wao" icon, and this became the first. It's still useful for talking about OGs, showing off semi-mysterious and semi-feminine Wao, etc.

Eriko as Macbeth in the beginning of Understudy. She quite literally lurks, and I asked Teffy to make me a "lurking" icon out of it. Because sometimes I do feel like I'm crawling out of the shadows to post / comment.

Lastly, arlecchinic's picks (one of hers also overlapped with Lucia's ^^;;):

From Wao's 2000 photo book Be Natural. There's actually a whole set of the apple photos here. Aahh, I still love how she's like *contemplates apple* ... *looks around* ... *omnomnom* XD ♥ Obviously this is my "eating / food" icon.

Kacha and Shibi-san are sooooooooo busted. X3 ♥ From Boxman, where O-Hana shows up to find her supposedly-invalid mother standing up and singing instead of sitting in her wheelchair. Kacha is just fortunate to be the flavor-of-the-week attendant assigned to her ♥ And at first says she likes her singing but later is like oh god no ;)

I was going through the Never Say Goodbye honkouen and made this, then mined the shinko and somehow this followed ;) Ahh, Mappuu. It's too cute and funny to get rid of, but I basically only use it occasionally when commenting with Cate.

Obviously also from the NSG shinko. I could never have enough Alice-chan!Katherine icons. This is a general purpose cute / smiling Alice-chan one.

I... wow, I actually don't remember where this is from. The first WakuWaku Cafe Time? Some Sky Stage thing, at any rate. Kazu's thinking face is cute, and a "thinking / pondering" icon is terribly useful. I should probably also have a Hawt Kazu icon... but making space for Other Troupe People Icons is so much less fun. :P (Yes, Kazu basically counts as an Other Troupe Person.)
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kirakira_sora: kissukirakira_sora on September 17th, 2009 07:58 pm (UTC)
I forgot how fricking many icon's i've made for you *laughs*