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22 October 2009 @ 11:04 pm
Thanks, all...  
Seriously, everyone, it's just gotten to be too much.

PSYCH-OUT for people who didn't already know about this meme. ;P

Make an LJ-cut that says "I'm leaving fandom!" or something to that effect. If you see it, you MUST do this meme!

~ "Sienne you support" meme ~

Note: You must not reveal the name of the 'sienne you support.

What sort of show and what sort of role did she most recently appear in?

Tragic love story based on a Japanese legend. She played a bow-and-arrow-wielding half-demon hopelessly in love with the half-demon main character.

What made you her fan?

Initially? Meg from Phantom. The fact that she resembles O-Hana and did her roles in shinkos twice.

Have you written her a letter?

So many letters, so many embarrassing things...

What is about her that makes you like her enough to support her?

The fact that she works so hard, and how she is to me the embodiment of the ideal Takarazuka musumeyaku. She's all the femininity and grace and loveliness and talent I only wish I could possess.

What was something that made you happy?

Getting to watch her from the third row 3 times in Hakataza.

On the other hand, what's something you don't like about her?

In the Soragumi kumibon, she was voted second place in the category of "biggest gap between onstage and offstage personality".

As selfish as it is, I wish I could bridge that gap just a little bit more.

What was your favourite show?

Ooeyama Kaden / Apasionado!!II, and Singin' in the Rain.

What's something from a revue that sticks out in your mind?

Natasha. But also the "Lagrima" dance, because she smiled so beautifully. And her etoiles.

"I wish she hadn't been in this play (revue)"... Or "I hope she's never in this!"

I wish she hadn't been given "weak and picked-on girl in the bar" in Berubara. Really, "no more Berubara ever" would be fine by me.

Your favourite costume?

Everything worn by Kochou. Natasha. The pink dance party dress from BaraAme. The purple daruma, blue Arabian costume and black New York dress from Chunichi Dancing for You. The white pair dance dress from AmeUta. I could keep going back farther, but I'll stop there.

Your least favourite costume?

Not hugely fond of neon orange dress (Amour), or blonde ringlets (Berubara).

"Out of all the the Takarasiennes, she's No. 1 in / at..."

Can I say "shining"? Gambaru-ing? Always doing her best and never slowing down even if her workload is unreasonable and makes her fall over from exhaustion?

What kind of play / revue do you want her to appear in?

One where she plays the lead, let's be honest.

I want to see her do something like Never Say Goodbye; a mature woman who has real-life struggles, hardships and complex emotions.

That, or a fairy-tale-like costume piece with a tragic love story and big, gorgeous dresses.

Revue: a story dance. A pair dance. A Grand Theater etoile.

What's something that made you think, "I'm glad I'm her fan"?

After Ooeyama I reflected on the two years that I've been in her fanclub, and how much she's grown in that time. How mature and polished she's become, and since she's graduated from shinkos she's now a role model whom the underclassmen look up to and go to for advice.

It makes me so proud I want to cry, having watched her progression and to see how amazing she's become.

A message to the 'sienne you support.

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kirakira_sora: Lady Erikokirakira_sora on October 22nd, 2009 05:36 pm (UTC)
You are soo sweet ♥♥♥♥♥
Khappy_riceball on October 23rd, 2009 12:26 am (UTC)
So cute~♥
John: Sebby Awesometokugawa on October 23rd, 2009 08:03 pm (UTC)
Aww, <333!