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17 November 2009 @ 11:49 pm
I fear Teh Meta on my friend list right now, so I'm going to post first before reading it.

I also fear more 休演者 announcements :( I went to iri this morning and it was raining and dreary and Alice-chan was like "more people are going to be announced out today" and walking really quickly as if she could outrun the flu. T_______T Not happy times.

So. Rin-chan, Sattsun and Rio are absent now too. ;_______;

I caught the 11:00AM show to see all the changes for myself.


Dai-chan's Berger is very Dai-chan-esque, and Kai-chan's Berger is very Kai-chan-esque. (Say that three times fast.) They're both good. So Kai-chan took it over just fine ♥

Chii-chan took Dai-chan's spots in the finale numbers (including the parade), except the Arabian-y dance where it looked like BonBon had been moved forward instead. I'm not sure about the shifting in the Rick Clones otokoyaku dance, except for the fact that Ten-chan was suddenly in front of Monchi on the left side of the stage when she had been on the right before...

Anyway, I could be crazy, but it looked like Kanako was in Dai-chan's position for the gun dance. *_____*


Aka Alice-chan's husband aka now Riku.

Setting aside my half-joking and half-serious Riku Jealousy, when I saw the BaraAme shinko I was kind of unimpressed. Then today when she and Alice-chan came out and started singing I was like "okay, it seems she has gotten better". Her voice sounds a little more stable, anyway.

But on top of how ridiculous a ken-3 otokoyaku looks as Alice-chan's husband, I still find Riku... bland. *shrugs* She's first and foremost one of my Sorababies♥, but I don't particularly see what all the fuss is about (other than, obviously, the fact that she looks completely like the love child of Mizu and Tonami).

Note: I realized on Sunday that Alice-chan was wearing a ring. I couldn't confirm that she and Kacha had chosen to wear "wedding rings"...

...Because today she wasn't wearing it. Somehow I find this symbolic and sad.


Aka Bigot the waiter aka now Monchi.

MONCHI ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Is the cutest waiter EVER, ever ever ever. Not like it takes that much skill to be a waiter, but I've become accustomed to the fact that Monchi's default expression onstage tends to be Confused Face, so she looks like a very new and green waiter XDDD ♥ ♥ ♥ She actually just stood around at the back looking at the drink trolleys a lot XDD And probably asking Susshii-san and Mii-chan for help ;) ♥ But aahhhh when she sang ♥ ♬ ♥ ♬ ♥

Monchi moved up accordingly for the in-the-present Resistance numbers, but not the in-the-past gun dance.

(I couldn't really figure out what specifically had changed about the gun dance other than Kanako taking Dai-chan's place in lifting Yuuhi... Because I watched it with kind of a starry-eyed expression before... But Susshii-san may have been farther up than she was originally? I also thought perhaps Mitsuki and Mirei Jun were more noticeable? But also, that could've been because I was on the second floor.)

It wouldn't have made sense to change people's positions much for the stuff in the past anyway, so Monchi was still an Ecchan backup dancer and train station attendant as usual.

BUT. She wasn't in the bazaar scene anymore.




Actually Kai-chan

Because Kai-chan is not out sick, you know, she just needed someone to take her place because she was also taking someone's place.

Except for the beginning where she's Not Bigot but a lucky refugee who gets exit visas for herself and her lover Kuu-chan, which Koumai tries to steal. Kai-chan still did that part today.

She did Kacha's parts in the finale, except for the aforementioned Arabian number.

Kai-chan ♥ ♥ ♥ I find it sweet and appropriate, the classmates filling in for sick classmates ♥

Actually Not Monchi

Because Monchi had enough to do in the regular casting that someone else had to take her place too.

I was pretty unsurprised to see Sakuragi Minato singing Monchi's solo and being forced to lighten up by Miko-chan in the "Knock on Wood" number and in the bazaar right where Monchi would have been. Really, thoroughly unsurprised. ^_^;; Gambatte, Zun-chan ♥

Actually Riku & Actually Not Riku

In La Belle Aurore, for once my eyes strayed away from Ten-chan and I realized that sitting at the table a little behind and to the right of her was someone with very nerdy hair and glasses. It's Riku! She's the one who delivers the letter of bad news to Sumika! I never would have known. ^^;;; But whatever I said about Riku before... Flat, unfashionable hair and glasses ♥

Unfortunately, I forgot to check who took Riku's place in scorning Seiko for sleeping with the enemy, because at that point I was too busy searching for...


I was looking for Sattsun's replacement.

Only there is no replacement :( There's just one less French soldier running around :( I thought Sattsun had at least one line, but either Akkii or Kozue got it or it never existed and I just thought she had a speaking part when actually I was just enjoying Sattsun in uniform with a gun.

Get well soon, everyone ;_______;
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