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12 December 2009 @ 12:47 am
It did end up feeling like raku, after all  
I could say more, but this is all I'm going to report on for now.

Anri Mau

In the morning Anri-chan went in at about 9:45AM. She was wearing a fuzzy white fedora with a little feather in it -- she's always loved hats with feathers, and it's part of the reason I love her -- a stylish white coat, cream-colored slacks, and silvery heels or boots. She was followed by almost 20 people. The only parts of their message at the door that I caught were "aishiteimasu" and "itterasshai". She smiled really sweetly and bowed to them.

Her support wear was a white zip-up sweatshirt (not a hoodie). On the back in pink was a ringed planet like the Cosmos symbol, except there was a vertical line coming out of it to make it look like a music note. Above this logo was "Mau Anri" and underneath "Takarazuka". Pink and white stars also decorated the back.

She had about 40 people at demachi. She was driven away in a boxy silver van with music note decals all down the sides. (Thanks to Tegan for some of this information.)

In the show she's a soldier under Micchan's command, and I watched her as much as I could, but that wasn't what got to me. In the Paris flashback when Yuuhi and Sumika are falling in love in the foreground, there are lots of people chatting in the background of the club. Basically all of the otokoyaku are in tuxes, Anri-chan included. I was always aware that she was there talking with Sattsun and then with Mappuu, but today as I watched her more closely... Well, Anri-chan usually had a friendly conversation with Mappuu that involved a handshake, and in my mind I tended to imagine that her character was some kind of entrepreneur / young man saying goodbye to people and going off to a new place to start a new business or something. I probably created this story because it seemed fitting for a taidansha.

Today there were lots of encouraging thumbs-up and pats on the arm from Sattsun... More from Ten-chan and Tamami-chan... And then Mappuu got everyone at all the back tables to applaud Anri-chan quietly and cheer her on, and oh boy did that make me cry. She ducked her head and thanked people a lot in that scene.

In the finale she was in the Arabian dance and had a white flower with red and black feathery things coming off of it pinned to her dark red costume. She smiled really brightly in that number. When she came down the stairs in her tux she had a boutonniere of maybe three pale yellow roses, and after taking her bows I wondered why she disappeared into the wings... Until I remembered that she was going off to change into hakama ;___________;

She got her troupe flowers from Tomu and classmate flowers from J-ko, pale pink and / or yellow and white flowers (roses?), and joined together the two parts made A TREBLE CLEF. I died of cute.

For her favorite roles she listed all of these characters without proper names like "Ryoma's shadow" from the Ryoma-den shinko, "Man at Festival" from the Valencia shinko, things from the Reimei honkouen and shinko, then Hachibei from Junjou which was her first named role ever, Young Stuart / Stuart's son from the ParaPuri shinko, all of the dancing in Dancing for You, and getting to be in Phoenix Wright 2 as a juror.

Then she talked so much in her speech about how her most precious treasure was everyone's smiles -- the smiles of her family, the smiles of her troupe-mates, the smiles of the audience... And I cried again.

Ban Akira

Ban-san went in at about 9:55AM. She was wearing a long, white coat, but her slacks and fuzzy hat were black (what is it with the fuzzy hats, don't ask me). Approximately 30 people were trailing behind her, plus 6 or 7 more who were staff from other clubs -- my daihyou, Dai-chan's, probably Mii-chan's, Eriko's, etc. Someone was videotaping Ban-san's entrance.

The support wear, which Harada-san had shown me beforehand, was a simple white scarf with "Ban Akira" (or "Akira Ban"?) in silver romaji, plus an image of Ban-san's signature "Kei" also in silver.

Tegan estimated about 75~80 people there to see her off at demachi. She was driven away in a plain white car with her flowers in the back.

In the show Ban-san was even more lively than usual, and everyone loved on her and chatted with her a lot and hung around the piano, etc. The part that was really touching was when she's talking with Ecchan in Paris and mildly flirting, and Ban-san had her hands on the top of the piano and Ecchan put hers over them, and then when the news came that the Nazis were coming, Ecchan was holding Ban-san's hand as they rushed over to hear the announcement.

I was really, really worried about Ban-san possibly having to give her speech in blackface, but thankfully she didn't. Presumably after the last scene she has in the play she got to go change / wash up -- and considering how few people are in the ending scenes, and then with the finale, she would've had 30 or 40 minutes. When it got to the parade instead of her coming down as "Sam" in the sparkly Paris costume, she had on more standard makeup and a simple tuxedo. I was overjoyed.

And instead of just Susshii-san calling her name for speeches, there was a "se-no" and everyone in Soragumi shouted "Kei-saaaannnnnnn!"

She got flowers from Soragumi (Yuuhi), Senka (Isono-san), and her classmate Azuma Chiaki. Chiaki-san said something in her ear and also stayed an extra few seconds to make sure that her friend had a good hold on her three bouquets of long-stemmed Casablanca lilies.

Among her favorite roles / performances I recall hearing about her hatsubutai, something in reference to the Shinjuku Koma, the international performance in Germany and Russia, Hoshikage no Hito / Non, Non, Non, Love Express, Chuushingura, War and Peace, Grand Hotel / Broadway Boys, Singin' in the Rain, Rakuyou no Palermo, Yume no Ukihashi / Apasionado!!, Oguri!, My Life (her dinner show) and Casablanca.

"Discovering a dream, living the dream, and then leaving that dream..." I can't even remember everything that Ban-san said in her speech, only the end when she talked about what a wonderful place Takarazuka is and she wants to keep supporting it, so "please everyone continue to love Takarazuka."

Especially in the state I am right now where I keep going up and down about fandom things, it hit really hard. Alice-chan was sniffling too, and she definitely wasn't the only one on the stage trying to control her emotions.

Kei-san, Anri-chan, otsukaresama deshita.
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