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22 December 2009 @ 12:15 pm
The Zuka dreams continue  
I guess this is what I get for finally going through Eriko's memorial book with Teffy yesterday.

I dreamed that Eriko hadn't retired yet, but was leaving in some Bow Hall performance (not sure if it was her lead or not) and afterward there was a small sayonara show for her. Well, partly a really short show and partly a farewell interview.

Whatever the musical numbers were, they featured Eriko only. In the interview section, she talked about all of her shinjin kouen roles and which ones were particularly difficult; she mentioned "the Senka ones" and upperclassmen giving her a hard time about some costume thing.

In my dream I took for granted the idea that sometime in her career Eriko had played an old-man-ish Senka role... When in reality she's done nothing of the sort and the only "Senka ones" were New Senka-type roles that were actually nibante / sanbante fare (Iori Naoka's in Pierre and Gaichi's in Kiss to the Flames) ^^;;;

My stupid alarm woke me up from this dream, but then I was too occupied lying in bed thinking about it and fell back asleep.

In my second dream I went with a friend to a completely non-Zuka-related performance. It was a very small and cozy theater, the kind that doesn't even have stadium seating; the chairs probably weren't attached to the floor. ^^;;; I think I was rather proud of myself for doing something non-Zuka... Only to realize afterward that in the audience were Monchi, Takachi Ao and a ton of other really young babies. ^^;;;; They hadn't all been sitting together, but were being rounded up in the lobby by some kind of "chaperon" informing them of what they were going to be doing next.

Which was apparently some really amateurish parody performance done outdoors on a grassy slope...? It was like a little valley; the performers on one side and then the audience watching from the opposite slope.

I don't remember anything about this performance either; only that Ginka Sui appeared in her thug outfit from Fifty-Fifty. What I remember more is that the audience "seating" wasn't regulated in any way and I found myself standing next to a man who was a Takarazuka composer. Not only that, but apparently I knew him -- and was surprised to see him there but introduced him to the other person with me. (What. ^^;;;;)

And then the play got rained on and everything fell into chaos and there was something about Alice-chan showing up late in a semi-crazy dress and blonde wig a la Touko. >.>;;;;
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