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02 January 2010 @ 02:31 am
My Year in Revue  
AKA the meme where one shows off by listing all the shows and ochakai one attended in the past year.

Note: I feel that there's little point in me specifying what theater I saw things at, since I basically see all my shows in Kansai, but... I did it anyway. *shrugs*


Taiou Shijinki (Grand Theater) [2]
Wasureyuki (Bow Hall) [1]
Phoenix Wright (Bow Hall) [2]
Gaiden Rose of Versailles: Andre / Dancing for You (Chunichi) [6]

My Dear New Orleans / A Bientot (Grand Theater) [2]
Marguerite (Umeda) [1]
Kaze no Nishiki-e / Zorro (Grand Theater) [1] †
The Two Noble Kinsmen (Bow Hall) [2]
Bara ni Furu Ame / Amour Sore wa... (Grand Theater) [9 + shinko]
Kanashimi no Cordoba / Red Hot Sea II (Umeda) [1]
Oguri! (Bow Hall) [1]

Hizuki Hana Music Salon "Stay Gold" (DS, Takarazuka Hotel) [1]
Elisabeth (Grand Theater) [3]
Erabarenakatta 12-nin (Loxodonta Black) [1] ††
Taiou Shijinki Ver. II (Grand Theater) [2]
Me and My Girl (Umeda) [1]
Fifty-Fifty (Bow Hall) [1]

Russian Blue / Rio de Bravo!! (Grand Theater) [2]
Ooeyama Kaden / Apasionado!! II (Hakataza) [6]
Phoenix Wright 2 (Bow Hall) [2]

Gaiden Rose of Versailles: Andre / Exciter! (Grand Theater) [1 + shinko]
Aida (Umeda) [1]
Last Play / Heat on Beat! (Grand Theater) [3]
The Tale of Coimbra (Drama City) [1]
Casablanca (Grand Theater) [9 + shinko + shinko stage talk]
50th Takarazuka Buyoukai (Grand Theater) [1]
Yukigeshiki (Bow Hall) [1]
Takarazuka Special 2009 ~Way to Glory~ (Umeda) [1]
Aibou (Drama City) [1]

† I would have sworn up and down that I saw Zorro twice, but my ticket folder says I only went once... And that would explain why my viewpoint on the plot / stage happenings was so skewed. ^^;;;

†† "The Unchosen 12", a very human drama set in a very small theater. No, it didn't have any OGs in it. I include it simply to make my list complete and prove that, every once in a blue moon, I do watch something non-Takarazuka-related.

Ochakai: (again, always in Mura)

1/31 Sakurano Ayane
2/7 Hanakage Arisu
2/22 Tsurumi Mayuu
3/20 Ryuu Masaki
4/25 Hanakage Arisu
5/3 Ranju Tomu
5/4 Hizuki Hana
5/18 Nanaho Hikaru Farewell Party

5/30 Ryouga Haruhi
6/7 Ryuu Masaki

7/19 Tsurumi Mayuu
8/30 Ranju Tomu
10/18 Seijou Kaito
11/1 Chinami Karan

11/22 Hanakage Arisu
11/29 Hokushou Kairi
12/5 Nagina Ruumi


I'm sleepy. And seeing Habsburgs tomorrow.

Or rather, in 12.5 hours. *goes to bed*
Current Mood: sleepysleepy