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31 January 2010 @ 01:30 am
There's really no point in taking comments on this one  
I just watched Chinami Karan sing "道化師のソネット" and my heart completely crumbled.

(I thought it would cheer me up, honestly, but I forgot that this program is called "Songs That Make You Cry".)

Oh my god, why have I still not written about her ochanomikai.

Oh, oh, oh ;;________________________;;

No one so small and cute and round-faced should have that much 真面目さ.

No one on a little Sky Stage program should have that much belief and commitment in her eyes when she sings.

Right at the end of the song I thought to myself "Karan-chan, your Twilight-watching buddy is going off to another troupe to become a top star" and then it really was a 涙の出る歌.

...Last Play was their "last play" together. Karan-chan is off to Chunichi while Ran-chan is in Bow.

These are real people whose lives you're messing with, Hankyuu. They have friends and outside interests and things, you know.

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