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02 April 2010 @ 04:56 pm
Gubijin in Tokyo  
I meant to have my Grand Return to LiveJournal be nothing but a flood of Je Chante posts for days, but I should know myself well enough by now that I can't stick to resolutions like that. ^^;;;

Tokyo Gubijin roles are up. To the surprise of no one Ran-chan got Remi's two parts.

But thank goodness I'm back to fill in the few remaining shinko roles which had still been left blank on the Wiki. :P

In doing so I realized... My prediction that Ran-chan would get the shinko lead for Tokyo apparently failed to hit the mark. Everything looks the same, and Ran-chan doesn't have any roles listed at all.

Not sure what I think about that. :\ It's nice for Amachaki, certainly, although it's now confoundedly difficult to support her and Ran-chan at the same time. But while we're on the subject, I have very mixed feelings on Sabrina as well. I suppose I'll save those thoughts for later.

Oh but for a lighter "while we're on the subject", Ran-chan went to see her sister in Je Chante on raku -- the early show that I also saw. :) She was in the back with another musumeyaku. <3
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