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23 April 2010 @ 09:32 pm
Je Chante: The Production (Part II)  
Mwahaha. Perhaps you all thought you'd escaped the Je Chante blather... Admittedly I let myself get distracted for a while because it was hard to talk about this show, but now I'm in the right mood again.

I left off where Kacha and Alice-chan did their first pair dance of love. Actually at the end of the dance they go back to singing "La Mer", and they hold hands and walk through the fog to the front of the stage, and... Just the way Alice-chan shyly looks down before taking Kacha's hand... It's so sweet and beautiful ♥

Kacha repeats her sentiment that they should go to see the ocean, and then Keiko-san breaks up the fun.

I guess here is as good a place as any to point out that this show often uses the conceit "someone says something dramatic and then everyone stares at each other as the lights fade". Here Keiko-san says something dramatic but I could never understand the line.

Back at the film studio we're singing the re-lyricked "Fleur bleue" again and looking forward to wrapping up the filming. I watched Kacha or Koumai (or sometimes Akkii?) again. Monchi only has a kind of walk-on line ("Charles, the director is calling for you!") and then goes off again.

Anyway, Koumai would talk over her camera with Zun-chan, who is a cutie ♥ Zun-chan is the other props guy, and one day Koumai seemed to be telling her that she'd have to take over Kacha's responsibilities since Kacha was being "let go". Zun-chan didn't look very confident or happy about this. On another day, Koumai explained to her the workings of the camera. And either here or before she used the camera lens as a mirror in which to fix her tie XP

I watched Mayu-chan, Yumi-chan, etc. at times too, but their gossip was less gesture-heavy so I couldn't guess what they were talking about. Except the part where Keiko-san and her posse come in, and Kacha is like "this is your doing! Why do you want to keep me and Gigi apart?!" and Kuu-chan whispers "Gigi!?" and looks all scandalized at Tamami-chan.

When we move into the next scene it's BonBon and Re-re consoling Kacha, and my god I don't think I can properly describe how good BonBon is with Kacha. Alice-chan thought so too, and referred to them as a ナイスコンビ ("nice combi") once in the stage report and twice at the ochakai X3 So BonBon sighs when Kacha sighs, and pats her on the back and tells her to buck up, and then... After the first couple of times paying attention to the actual dialogue where Susshii-san comes in looking for the duo and Re-re talks to her, I found it was much more fun to watch the continuation of BonBon and Kacha's un-miked conversation. BonBon would pour her a drink and say something encouraging, Kacha would down it quickly and still look frustrated and I often saw her mouth あのばば~ ("that old hag--!") But one day (the 26th) whatever BonBon said to cheer Kacha up must've been really funny. Kacha's eyes were laughing; she was supposed to be down so she had to keep her face under control but she really wanted to just grin like the dickens X) Ah, to know what that scamp BonBon said to her...

Susshii-san x Kacha x BonBon conversation was pretty fun too, mostly for BonBon again, because Kacha is all starry-eyed and overwhelmed and BonBon is like "sweet! This is our big break! >:D" Well, I mean, first she spits up her wine when Susshii-san says young people all over Paris are singing their song (Re-re cleaning BonBon up with her apron front was always a highlight). But then when it's BonBon's time to convince Kacha "we have to take this chance!" her delivery was SO great. Eventually she got to the point where she could spout out the whole spiel in one breath and then would pant overdramatically when she was finished. Brilliant stuff XD ♥ ♥ ♥

Thus Kacha is persuaded to officially form a duo, and the two of them sing a peppy number about how their dreams are coming true. Standardly cute melody and choreography. I especially liked the bit where BonBon mimed catching a star ^__^ From there we move into "some time later" (I figure it's not more than a couple of weeks) when Kacha and BonBon are working on writing music. BonBon is amused / bemused by the lyrics Kacha writes. I don't know what song they're quoting, but it goes something like this:

Humming a tune, the Eiffel Tower
starts off on a journey
(BonBon: "A journey?!")
It puts its feet together and
jumps over the Seine!

At the beginning of the run both BonBon and Kacha would put their feet together as the former read the lines, and Kacha would pretend to jump over an imaginary river. Depending on the day sometimes only BonBon or sometimes neither of them did this, and I began to miss Kacha's jump. Then on the 28th she jumped straight up instead of to the left. X3

This bit of silliness leads to a slightly more serious conversation in which Kacha expresses her desire to write the way she feels, and it doesn't matter if her songs are widely popular or remembered, as long as they touch people's hearts. Awww. (I act like I wasn't affected by the sappiness, but Kacha was always so genuine... ;___;) Anyway, they're interrupted by Susshii-san rushing in all panicked because "I've got a date for your debut performance! It's at the Palace Theater!" And the aspiring duo are like "really?! Really really?!?" And when Susshii-san says yes, they jump up and down and Kacha musses up Susshii-san's hair and kisses her on the cheek while BonBon shakes her hand or something. Super cute times ♥

"So when is it? When do rehearsals start?"
"There's no time for that! We have to go now!"

They go from excited to bewildered when told that they have to perform that night, and BonBon protests that it's all too sudden and they need time to prepare "in our hearts" (to say nothing of actually rehearsing music :P). She sometimes stuttered through the line "心の準備" for effect, which I loved X3 But Susshii-san insists that they have to go, because they're filling in -- for the diva Mistinguett.

"Mistinguett?!?!" they cry, and we get another "dramatic staring at each other" moment to end the scene.

I think that's as much as I can do with my speech recognition program for one night. Maybe now that I've done another one of these posts I can get back into the swing and finish them...
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Becca: Kachamuffin_song on April 24th, 2010 03:59 pm (UTC)
The first half really does sound cute, thanks for your report ♥ This goes without being said, but I'm really looking forward to eventually seeing the Sky Stage broadcast :D