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26 April 2010 @ 01:23 am
Solferino raku has passed.  
Tomu talked about Yumiko at her Shanrgri-La ochakai. Since they both left Hanagumi they don't get much time to talk, but apparently during rehearsals for the Special 2009 Yumiko told Tomu that she was retiring.

Tomu didn't believe her at first. She laughed and was like "good joke, Yumiko".

When it finally sank in that her friend was being serious, Tomu said her whole mind went blank. She was in shock for a while before she actually cried about it.

This story was prompted by the question "how was the '09 Takarazuka Special?" Tomu said for her it was all about making memories out of her last time onstage with Yumiko. She was close to losing it during the tuxedo dance but she just managed to hold it together.

Everyone tends to say the same things during retirement, about how the people they've met are their most precious treasures, etc. Stories like this just bring it home a little bit more.

Yumiko, Hamako, Nacchan and Jin, otsukaresama deshita.
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Becca: Ranju Tomu (peronsal book)muffin_song on April 25th, 2010 05:21 pm (UTC)
Tomu is very sweet <3 Thank you for sharing this.
可愛い女隊長さん: H'okay Sou.... RanTommidoriseppen on April 25th, 2010 05:28 pm (UTC)
T____T Aahh, so sweet <3
Ms. Brittladybretagne on April 25th, 2010 05:39 pm (UTC)
*sniffles* Oh Tomu. Oh Yumiko. *clings to them both*
Mori Shimonu: hold that pose don't lose faithflower_ballet on April 25th, 2010 07:19 pm (UTC)
... Aw. Now I'm all sad, again. Yumiko retiring. I wish her all the best.
3peanuts: Seal3peanuts on April 25th, 2010 10:08 pm (UTC)

konata_01konata_01 on April 26th, 2010 02:27 am (UTC)
That is sad...;_;
I was checking TakaWIki and found that Nacchan had retired and I was like, "oh, I guess it was that day..."

I don't know how Tomu held it together though...
YelisabethT: ADIOS YUMIKOyelisabetht on April 26th, 2010 02:29 am (UTC)
That was so sweet Tomu ♥
Mr. 288: [the face you wear]prim on April 28th, 2010 10:52 pm (UTC)
I'm so full of love. ♥
Many, many thanks for sharing little tidbits like this.
happy_riceball on May 16th, 2010 10:53 pm (UTC)
I wasn't sure how I missed this entry, and then looking at the date, I know why. Oh, Tomu. ♥ I really must watch their bow hall in my boxset now.