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21 May 2010 @ 06:16 am
The day has come  
I had vivid dreams all night.

Mostly they seemed symbolic in a way I couldn't quite grasp... but there was the one where Kacha was my student. ^^;;;

I was apparently giving her private lessons (woo!), and she came into the classroom a little late because she'd just finished a performance. She was really tired from many nights of little sleep and actually spaced out a bit. I expressed my concern that she might collapse from exhaustion, but she said she'd put her mind to studying today and sleep in tomorrow. I think it was, like, the last day of a Bow lead or something? (Why would anyone go to English class after raku?!?)

Then there was the one with the 6-year-old boy who looked surprisingly similar to Otosaki Itsuki. What. ^^;;;

(Speaking of 96th dreams, yes, okay, I dreamed that Chiko-chan got into Soragumi the night before it was announced that she didn't.)

I, um, like my brain's distraction tactics? ^^;;;

It's the first day of the last show. I... have no idea how to feel. Well, I think inwardly I've been stressed but it's buried so far down that I just feel strained and have snapped at random things once or twice (sorry, Katharina T_____T;;;)

Irimachi's in an hour. Off I go.
Current Mood: awakeawake
gummical: Sleep nowgummical on May 21st, 2010 07:27 am (UTC)
You really do have some strange dreams haha!

I hope that the show was great. Even though it was the first performance of the last show, I bet your girl shone like the sun and sang like an angel, and I really hope that despite the rollercoaster of emotions that you're probably going through right now after shonichi, seeing her on stage again made you smile.

Remember, I'm always just a skype call away if you need to talk or need a distraction. *BIG GINORMOUS HUGS FROM AFAR*