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01 June 2010 @ 02:45 pm
More on Trafalgar  
I keep finding these little pockets of time on my hands where I want to post things, but then feel a bit lost on where to begin...

Let's try this one, though :-)

Things I like about Trafalgar:

#1 This absolutely has to come first, JOSIAH. I love Josiah. He is the only person in the story who moves me in a significant way. Fanny simply doesn't get enough stage time / the right kinds of scenes, but her son...

There's this part where it's just Horatio and Josiah standing in front the curtain, and Josiah is pouring his heart out about his fears that his father hates him. Even though Horatio isn't related to him by blood, it's clear that Josiah looks to him for the acceptance and love one wants from a father. He says that at first he judged Horatio harshly and was cold to him, and then in battle when Horatio reached out to help him his arm was irreparably wounded, making Josiah to blame... He throws himself, weeping, on his father's shoulder and says "I'm the one who took away your arm -- I've done a terrible thing that cannot be undone!"

And Horatio assures him that he never felt Josiah was being cold, and there's no damage that cannot be mended between a father and son, and that he's proud of him.

I love Josiah ;________; That scene gets to me every time ;________; (Then they ruin it by making it about Horatio again, but anyway.)

* I love the wave dancers. That's probably just because Alice-chan is one in the beginning, and it's incredibly cute in the end when Re-re plays in the "waves"... But in any case, props to Saitou-sensei for giving the musumeyaku a little more to do on a stage full of "men". Alice-chan always has such a proud and confident expression when she sings about having "Victory".

* I understand that Fanny is supposed to be an unlikable character, and some days I get that more than others, but... I love Fanny's unshakable will, and her pride. I love her love for her son and father-in-law. I love her determination to keep the honor of the Nelson family name, and how she shows forgiveness by offering to take care of her husband's illegitimate child.

Plus I love her dresses, especially the lavender one with the puffy sleeves. The "empress waistline" style looks so good on Alice-chan ♥

* I love Horatia -- I don't feel for her as strongly as I do for Josiah, but it's still moving and sad to think of the children left behind, and how Horatia will never know her father. Also, I can only guess at what she's talking about with her nursemaids, but at least by her gestures and expressions it seems she has a lot of fanciful ideas... And sometimes she sings songs with them (which you can't hear of course), which is extremely cute ♥

* I love Tomochin being a tall, slightly awkward and socially inept naval officer X3 Even if it's a little overdone, it makes me smile a lot ♥

* I love how Kacha flicks her hand whenever she picks up teacups, to show that they're hot. It's the little things that make Kacha's acting so impressive and real. Just in general I really like Tom Allen; I like Kacha getting a "stupidly cheerful young man" role like that at least one more time before they start letting her grow up. (Because she is going to grow into something big, I think, despite her looks.)

* I love how Aoi-san and Eri-chan hold the "Horatia" doll like it weighs as much as a real baby. Maybe it does, for all I know? But especially Eri-chan taking the baby from "grandmother" is so, so sweet :)

* I love the babies doing their "shocked and worried whispering" choreography while Nelson is trying to convince the King of Naples to stand up to Napoleon. It's pretty silly-looking choreography and reminds me of the bizarre wedding dance in Elisabeth, but everyone's faces are so entertaining X3 (Although I feel bad for Chii-chan being in there when she's kind of too old to be one of those "gossiping in the background" people.)

* Speaking of babies, I LOVE MAMIYA RYOUKO. She is one of the most fiery and spirited townspeople I ever did see. She has so much LIFE for a little just-turned-ken-2. I'll be watching you, Kaji-chan ♥ (Riho-chan also makes a pretty good "angry townsperson", actually...)

* I also love babies playing cards, especially when they're Ten-chan and Monchi, just as a matter of course X3

* I love Monchi and J-ko gossiping about the scandalous, shameless lovers :P

* I love Ouka standing around in the background JUST BEING HOT in that white uniform with the REALLY distracting eye-catching gold decorations -- I wonder who she's supposed to be? X3

* I love Seiko singing Italian opera... What? I actually like something Seiko does? ;P Hey, I could never deny that she has a great voice, and her singing provides lovely background music for Kuracchi's ballet ♥

* I said this before, but I LOVE Ecchan and Tara-chan as the mean-spirited sisters. Love them. They're so... unapologetically nasty ;D

* I love the total randomness of Akkii the Faceless Aristocrat trying to sneak in and assassinate Napoleon, as a plot device for Chii-chan!Aurelie to immediately be able to show off her shootin' skillz ;D Seriously it's so random XDDD

* Speaking of Napoleon, I love Tomu in the big ermine fur X3 It looks so ridiculous X3

* Oh, and I love how Chii-chan gets a dramatic jet of steam/smoke when Tomochin shoots her and she falls to her death ;D On the convenient squishy mat, which she says is rather comfortable ;D

* I love Sattsun's laugh. It's one of the best stage laughs I've ever heard... Maybe because Talleyrand is supposed to sound fake anyway? Sattsun's always (always = in the 2~3 scenes she has) doing this *pompous laugh* *settles back to a glare* *delivers pompous line* thing. I can't describe it, but I likes it :D

* I love Tomoe and her chin stripe, oh yes I do *________* It really should not work, but with Tomoe and her perpetually-semi-gay self for some reason it does. I love how her default position in general is "standing with one arm across my waist, propping up my elbow and sometimes messing with my hair". Tomoe ♥ ♥ ♥

...I could go on, but it would just be more of "Julie loves X baby doing Y silly thing in the background", of course ;)

Mostly I like making fun of this show, and there's very little in it that I take seriously :P
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cosmos14: snuggle lovecosmos14 on June 1st, 2010 06:34 am (UTC)
one of the reasons why i want to watch this show is on how they look so dashing in those military uniform.... mmmmmmmm

Julie: alice dorothy naughtywao_wao on June 1st, 2010 02:41 pm (UTC)
Admittedly that is one of the perks ;)
Proactively Untwist Octagonal Hippopotamus Pants: takarazuka - mii-chan oledramaturgca on June 1st, 2010 06:39 am (UTC)
*eagerly awaits the DVD*

Any pearls of delight about Mii-chan? I know she's on team bad guy, but...

Also, shall be sending you money for the Mii-chan ochakai this week.
Julie: kazu thinkwao_wao on June 1st, 2010 02:44 pm (UTC)
Unfortunately there isn't much to go on! She stands around smirking evilly and giving/taking a few orders. She briefly sings in a backup trio when Tomu reprises the "Victory" song. Oh and she becomes a nameless French soldier in the end, after being an English townsperson earlier lol.