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22 June 2010 @ 01:59 pm
...And yeah, stuff.  
I was doing fine all morning. I've been making voice recordings of everything that happened yesterday, not to post but for my own personal reference because for me it's the quickest way to get down my thoughts before I forget anything. (At the same time I can't believe how many gaps there are in my memories of things already.)

But as I was making a recording about demachi and the start of the farewell party my program crashed. There's supposed to be a way to recover temporary files from Audacity, but when I restarted it just asked me "would you like to delete those temporary files" and I clicked "no" and then it didn't tell me how to recover them.

That put me in a bad mood and now I'm getting frustrated and close to tears over stupid things.

Trying to not give in to that feeling.

In the news, Kijou Mitsuru-chan who played shinko!Pipeau took over for Seri in Pimpernel for one day, but now it's Karan-chan. So she was the actual understudy, it seems. Gambatte, Karan-chan...

In my dreams, instead of Alice-chan, Kacha showed up. Wow, my subconscious. Wow. Anyway, I was at a medium-sized cafe and Kacha just walked in and I was like "*waves* Um, hey, you..." And she was like "hey *smile and wave of recognition*" but also busy making some kind of reservation. It was like the time me and Manda were at Angel Love with the babies -- Kacha seemed to be on intimate terms with the staff and ordered drinks but also some kind of "89th special" fried rice dish. It was like "a bunch of my classmates are coming a little later, can you make something with this and this...?" etc.

I also dreamed that the opening part of Trafalgar was changed so that instead of standing and having a conversation on the ginkyou, Riku and someone else (it should've been Tomu but I feel like it was a baby) were like, just talking quickly as they ran across the ginkyou. So they were shortening the scene for some reason. Random.

In my mailbox, an angel package from shirabyoshi ♥ I came home to that and Chii-chan ochakai photos after raku ♥

I feel a little better now. We'll see what happens with those recordings.
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