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27 June 2010 @ 09:35 pm
Roget, Summary & Review  
Ah, Masatsuka-sensei. You finally got one right! Such a solid show <--- this equates to "pretty decently good" after I've been disappointed time and again...

I've always wanted to do a review this way, where I take the official summary and break it down to "what this actually means onstage". It seems Roget is the show where I finally try it out. So here we go.

The Second World War has entered its final stage. A family in war-torn Europe is suddenly and brutally attacked, with only a small boy left alive to tell the tale.

Ominous music. Historical footage of WWII (tanks entering cities, a-bomb explosions, etc.) This soon fades to be replaced by a backlight and the silhouette of a young boy (Hoshino Anri) faced by a man (Ozuki Tooma) whose shadow seems to grow taller and more menacing as he takes down the other members of Roget's family (Asuka Yuu, Miho Keiko, Hanashiro Mai).

Seriously a cool effect and well-executed. Then when the man disappears, the boy (now HANAE CHIHO!!!) runs onstage followed by Bachelet. I was confused as to whether he was telling him to forget everything or not (argh, Japanese) but from later context it was probably "forget the horrors you've seen, but never that man's face".

Roget Jardin swears an oath that he will not rest until he has his revenge on the man that murdered his parents and sister in front of his eyes.

BACHELET vows that they will BOTH commit their lives to tracking down the murderer... and then sings Boy!Roget a sad lullaby.

The screen rises and yep, there's Mizu in her red suit and her hard-boiled expression ready to lead us through This Is Your Smexy Masatsuka Show Opening.

Um. There were lots of dark colored suits. Kimu was featured in some way, in a blue suit I think? I was distracted by Kari-chan and her blond hair.

Then there are musumeyaku, again in muted, dark tones but also carrying long scarves of thin, gauzy material. Sometimes these are wrapped around their shoulders like shawls, and sometimes they're wrapped around their necks and held upright like a creepy hangman's noose.

Mika is obviously the musumeyaku dancing front and center, but she has little interaction with Mizu.

More than 20 years have passed since the end of the war. War criminals fleeing from justice have fled to the four corners of the globe. An organization of some sort is helping these war criminals stay on the run and successfully avoid detection. Roget is sure that if he can uncover the workings of this shadowy organization he will finally be able to track down Schmidt, the man that murdered his whole family. After joining the Foreign Legion and military intelligence, Roget becomes a detective with the International Criminal Police Organization, or Interpol as it comes to be known. Roget teams up with Bachelet, a hunter and former member of the Jardin clan who raised Roget as a boy. Together they delve deeper and deeper into the investigation.

Roget awakes from sleeping on the couch in his office, which Bachelet comes in and chastises him for. Also for not eating. They exchange expository words which are basically explained above. Dominique the Overenthusiastic Maid (Manaka Ayu) is also concerned about Roget not eating and goes to prepare some breakfast. Maxim (Saou Kurama) and Vincent (Ayakaze Sakina) appear as well, as Roget's colleague and Bachelet's lackies respectively.

Koma = apparently is stuck as "incompetent sidekick" in Masatsuka-sensei's mind. (See also: Mariposa.) I can't exactly complain, because it's funny, but at the same time... Hrm.

Ayucchi = wasn't there an "annoyingly perky bar wench" character like this in Magician's Misfortunes? It's a stupidly bright-eyed, "I live to serve" kind of role.

Sakina = has just leapfrogged over Kingu, Gaori, RinKira etc. I see, I see. Her character is the "young tough taken off the street" type who wears a leather jacket instead of a suit. Because he's Tough. :P And, um, is I guess at least reasonably worried about Bachelet.

The scene ends with Roget going out to follow some lead and being all "sorry I didn't eat that food you made, Dominique, but since Maxim is half-long drooling over it already you should let him have it." X3 Koma is like "hey -- wait -- where are you go-- I mean, can I really have this??" And Ayucchi is like X( "yeah I guess" and Koma drools and prepares to dig in and the set sinks down as we switch to "outside".

Outside there are the requisite suspicious-looking characters in suits and random passers-by, as well as random monks, and Mika and Hiromi. These two are kind of unsubtly approached and forcibly led somewhere by Men in Dark Suits (Oonagi Mao, Saika Ryou, Shiyuu Mirei) without much talking. Kingu and Gaori get their only lines in the show as bystanders being all "um wasn't that a little suspicious?" And the other one is like "don't get involved in dangerous things."

Roget and his colleagues get wind of a gun-running operation and the word is that the wealthy investor Gerhard is behind the deal. Roget becomes convinced that Gerhard is involved in some way with the organization helping war criminals escape justice. Roget knows that he needs to get close to Gerhard so he is determined to find a way into the warehouse used for the gun-running and to this end he meets up with Leon, an old friend now working as a detective with the Paris City Police Department. Roget needs the help of the police but without any solid evidence the police are unable to launch an investigation. More determined than ever to uncover the organization behind these fugitive war criminals and thus wreak his revenge, Roget enters the warehouse without any warrant from the local police in order to find some evidence to prove his theory right.

Roget has a heated argument with Camilla (Kaho Anna), his superior at Interpol. As the summary says, she thinks he doesn't have enough evidence to make a move yet. There is some shouting and slamming of desks. Leon listens in in the background. The conversation ends with Roget trying to get the last word and then make his exit, for which Camilla demands he apologize before leaving.

Leon wonders why Roget is so fired up about this, he thought he was more of a cool-headed guy, etc. Roget doesn't give a reason why, or properly answer when Leon asks why he joined Interpol (and was possibly a soldier before that). "It's just the way I've lived my life up until now." When Roget turns the questioning back to his friend, Leon reveals that when he was younger his sister was kidnapped but successfully recovered by the police. "I couldn't forget the image of that detective who came in carrying my sister" -- that's why he joined the police force.

Leon's character is pretty much "the other brain" that Roget bounces his ideas off of, as well as "I stand for justice and will not allow you to bend the rules." More on this later.

Mizu and Kimu head toward the ginkyou. "Wait a minute," I think to myself, "I've seen this one before..." Sure enough, they precede to sing a semi-bantering buddy number. This time it's in the vein of "we can't break into a warehouse illegally, Roget..." "Then don't come with me."

So in the end Roget and Vincent sneak into the warehouse while their other friends stand watch.

(Oh, and my program says Leon's lackeys Claude (Manami Sora) and Laura (Suzuhana Risa) made a brief appearance, but not enough to leave an impression :\)

Inside the warehouse Roget finds countless weapons that have been smuggled into the country. Whilst he is gathering evidence he notices two people being led into the warehouse by another man and Roget just manages to conceal himself in time. Roget continues to observe their conversation silently until the gentleman known as Kaufmann, holding the pair at gunpoint, utters the name 'Schmidt'. Roget instantly appears and confronts Kaufmann who, rather than betray any information to Interpol, chooses to take his own life.

Roget learns that the couple are Leah and Jakob and they work as investigators with the Wiesenthal Organization. Their job is to hunt down Nazi war criminals all over the world. They had chased down Kaufmann, one of the war criminals on their list, before being discovered and abducted by the organization.

That's pretty much how it is. Roget and Vincent spend a short time looking through crates and taking pictures with a little "spy camera" (for some reason Sakina looks really silly with it, lol), but soon they have to hide themselves when the bad guys come in with Leah and Jakob. Kaufmann wants to get information without having to resort to violence, whereas Shiyuu Mirei or somebody is like "but violence >:)" Naga-san as an evil dude in a monk outfit is weird. Anyway, finally Kaufmann does point a gun at them and demand answers, and that's when Roget and Vincent run in with Leon etc. not far behind them. Live blanks are fired and maybe one of the bad guys takes a shot in the arm, basically they run away after Kaufmann goes down and Vincent immediately runs after them whereas Maxim is like "buh, where do they think they're going..." and Roget is like CHASE THEM YOU IDIOT. XP

When they turn toward Kaufmann, Roget demands to know about "Schmidt" to which his captive is silent; Leah tries to warn him but they're too late to stop Kaufmann biting down on his secret cyanide packet or whatever it is that he takes his own life with.

Leah and Jakob introduce themselves and there's more explaining of things etc. To me the other important part of the scene was Bachelet taking it slow like maybe he was injured, he blames it on his age but we find out a little later that he has a heart condition. Vincent knows about it and his medicine and stuff, but Bachelet doesn't want Roget to know.

Oh wait, before that was the part when Vincent comes back aiding a limping Maxim, and Roget is like "what, did he get shot?" to which Vincent replies "no, he just fell over and sprained his ankle :|" Lolol, Koma ♥

Roget is able to confirm the existence of the organization by listening to what Leah tells him. But is the 'Schmidt' that Kaufmann uttered the same man that Roget is looking for? Roget is convinced that he can find a link between the gun-running black marketer Gerhard and Schmidt.

Scene between Gerhard (Souno Haruto) and Klaus (Sagiri Seina).

ASDFGHJKL CHIGI. CHIGI. CHIGI. DO YOU SEE HER HAIR. It's like, buzzed short up the sides and then long on top in an EXTREMELY HOT WAY. ASDFJKLASDFJKL so Chigi is one of those slimy hitman types who apparently cares about his hair :P At least in my mind, because no normal syndicate dude in a suit would go to such trouble ;P IN ANY CASE VERY HOT -- evil, merciless Chigi, so hot ♥_______♥

Anyway, Klaus menaces Gerhard. Gerard asks for one more chance, because he has a wife and daughter. Klaus is unmoving. The secret organization is through with him, because Gerhard let slip their secrets.

After Klaus leaves Gerhard is still determined to save himself / his family. He hugs them close and tells them they're all he has, and that he's happy with them. He'll do whatever it takes... Klaus is still watching from the shadows.

Roget is kept alive by his burning desire for vengeance for a family slain. Leah is determined to catch and punish every last war criminal to ensure that war does not happen again. Roget and Leah are both driven and motivated by the past, what new secrets will their passion uncover as they begin to investigate together?

Roget and Leah talk about their motivations. Personally I think a man who lives for revenge isn't so attractive (not to mention dangerous / unstable), and Leah is much cooler because even though she was never personally affected by the war she still wants to bring down those who committed unspeakable acts. She gives a short, impassioned speech on the subject.

Before that, Leah and Jakob explain more things. Annoying Maid Dominique comes in announcing a phone call. Leah gives Roget some vital piece of information that puts him hot on the chase again.

I feel like there's some other short scene I'm forgetting... Oh, right, Gerhard comes to the police with some kind of document and a phony story that incriminates others but not himself. He claims his company was used or something. Leon looks him in the eye and doesn't believe him.

Agh, I'm going out of order, AFTER this was when the two leads talk about their motivations and then sing a little. (I've found with Masatsuka shows that it's just when you start thinking "there hasn't been a song in a while..." that he throws something in there.) The music was nothing special; I mostly remember the dancing. The musumeyaku with the red scarves come back and wrap them around the necks of their otokoyaku partners and it's... cool, stylistically, although I couldn't help but be concerned for Kari-chan's poor throat >.>;; But yeah. The dancing is pretty.

Leon is supposed to have Gerhard under surveillance, but as he's walking down the street he's struck on the shoulder by a passerby (Klaus). What ever he was hit with is a powerful and fast-moving agent that causes him to collapse, and he dies even as Claude and Laura rush over to him and try to get help. (Kari-chan has a walk-on, or rather run-on role as a gaping onlooker :P)

When Roget and Leon go to talk to the grieving family they have a breakthrough in information. Gerhard's wife Christine (Miho Keiko) reveals that she always suspected her husband was a Nazi war criminal and that he had his face changed surgically. He had a doctor friend who came to visit them every month, and she never heard them talk about anything incriminating but apparently her daughter Monique (Sahana Mako) did overhear some things. They also have a photograph of Gerhard before his face was changed; Christine goes to fetch it.

The short conversation between Monique and Roget instantly became one of my favorite parts of the show. The daughter bravely acknowledges the fact that her father may have done terrible things but maintains that he was always a loving father to her. She very calmly asks Roget how she should deal with these two truths, and wonders if she and her mother could've done something to help Gerhard. Roget says all she can do is honor her father's memory and live the way he would want her to. God, I loved that bit. If only there could've been more Monique in this show... :( ♥

Christine comes back with the picture and says that she's fairly certain the doctor lives in Buenos Aires. Our heroes rush off...

And we get tangoing couples. Because you can't have Buenos Aires without tango, now can you? ;)

I just remember Manami Sora being heavily spotlighted in the tango sequences, possibly along with other taidansha. Oh, and Ayucchi reappeared as a singer at the tango club ♥ And I recognized Haruka Midori behind the bar.

Seshi shows up as their guide (a contact of Leah's) and suddenly I thought CECIL WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL THIS TIME. No love, Masatsuka, no love for Seshi either huh T___T;; Her character of Isaac encourages them to enjoy their first night in Buenos Aires before rushing off to do their jobs. In five minutes I got that Isaac is familiar with this country that's slightly less advanced than his own, and he's serious about his work but also allows himself time for "play". WANT. MORE. SESHI.

There's an implied past history between Isaac and Leah? At the very least after he leaves they keep on the subject of "fun" and Roget claims any romantic ties would distract him from the job. Leah thinks the right partner could balance him out -- "not someone like me, but..." But Roget thinks they're alike, at least, although he never says anything romantic (this is NOT a romantic show -- surprise, it's Masatsuka-sensei!) It's actually kind of awkward if you expect anything to really happen between Roget and Leah, but if you take it as two people who are focused on their jobs and just talking then it's okay. Mika is cool.

Then again, there is some awkward "will they / won't they" as they dither about turning in for the night or not. Finally Roget excuses himself, and Leah decides to go to sleep as a well, and just as they're leaving the club... a tango starts up. (Gaori x Satsuki Aina, Azusa Haruki x Yuuzuki Rena says my program? Man, good thing I got a strong image of Azusa Haruki right as she's retiring. MY YUKIGUMI CURSE, IT LIVES ON.) The two of them watch the dancing with a kind of longing and are drawn back in without really noticing it. They look at each other, and Leah almost suggests they dance... But Roget says something like "I could never do that" and Leah responds "yeah, it's not like I was ever good at tango / dance either." They part for the night. After that Mika gets a short solo.

Back in Paris, Leon receives official permission to seek out Schmidt / do whatever it takes to bring him in. Then Kimu crosses the ginkyou and sings the best song of the show. It's about Truth and Justice and The American Way, I don't know, hope in the future or something. It's slow tempo but optimistic and really suited to Kimu's voice and yeah ^______^

In Buenos Aires, they know that Schmidt isn't going by his real name so it's going to take some work to find him. Bachelet has parked himself along the busiest street in the city to watch people, certain that if he sees their man he'll remember his face and be able to follow him. Maxim is impressed, but possibly also hungry (maybe he always is ;P). They bother Roget about eating again, although Bachelet boasts that he ate while keeping up his surveillance.

Somewhere in here I may have missed part of the conversation because CHIKO-CHAN FINALLY WALKED ACROSS THE STAGE. She was just another "person creating the background scene" and waved to Tachibana Kou, met up with her and then left or something, BUT STILL. Other 96ths were wandering around as well; I definitely caught Aoi Miki at least. Anyway, Chiko-chan and her silly makeup and her bright bright face and her pilot's jacket ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Oh, and then when the scene changed she had to turn the set piece around. I KNEW IT.

Scene changes to... oh, the room with the tiny couch. Seriously, there's Roget sitting on this little couch, and then Leon comes in and Roget scoots over and Leon gives him this doubtful look like "is there really enough room on that thing...?" But he does sit down and they talk. Leon hands over a paper -- tracing the bank account Gerhard used to send money to Schmidt, they've uncovered his address. He's almost certain they have their man.

Roget is certain as well... And certain that he'll probably kill Schmidt when he sees him. This he tells his friend, and of course Leon tries to talk him out of it. But Roget has been waiting for this for more than 20 years, and when Leon stands in his way he just handcuffs him to the couch. (Sasuga Masatsuka-sensei, again, for up throwing humor into a big dramatic moment. Since it was a short gag I think it worked better than it did in Last Play.)

Then it's the big spoiler scene where they find Schmidt and dun dun dun. Before that I'll just reassure you all that no, he's not Dr. Mengele.


















At the hospital, regular visitors Asaki Yumemi and Maisaki Rin establish that the doctor is so kind and generous, not very strict about payment and they come to give him fruit and things. Maria (Maihane Mimi) takes these and is talking with the women when Roget shows up. They give him sultry greetings and then leave. He asks seemingly innocent questions about the doctor and hospital, but Maria is on edge because tourists / strangers don't usually come this way. After a while Schmidt appears to find out what's taking her so long.

The two men eye each other. It's hard to remember what happened in what order, but... At some point Schmidt says "Are you that boy, from that time...? I've been waiting for this day to come." Anyway before Roget can even try to exact his revenge, Klaus steps out shouldering a rifle. He gets Roget to put his hands up -- before the cavalry comes barging in. I think it's Koma's job to keep Chigi down ;) No one gets shot, but Klaus is disarmed and on the ground temporarily. When Bachelet sees Schmidt he knows that's the man they've been looking for -- Roget has his gun on the doctor, but Leon begs him not to shoot. "If you shoot him, you'll be finished as well!"

Roget relents... and Klaus springs back up with a knife at Bachelet's throat. (I found myself wondering why Maxim or Jakob didn't just deal with him WITH THEIR GUNS.) There's a bit of "if you hurt him, I'll shoot the doctor" / "if you shoot him, I'll kill your friend." I don't remember how they get Klaus down again, maybe more reinforcements come. Oh, I think it was Isaac to the rescue ♥ and he handcuffs him.

Still Roget has his gun pointed at Schmidt. "If you're that boy, if you've come all this way for this, then you should shoot me." Maria protests, but Schmidt offers his life willingly. Roget's hand trembles but then he growls in frustration and turns away. Schmidt tries to bring up the past and Roget snaps "Don't say anything. I'll never see you again. I don't ever want to see you again, don't come looking for me." He starts to walk away until Schmidt calls out to him one more time, and Roget's wall breaks down. Aiming his gun again, he demands to know why Schmidt killed his family.

After one too many atrocities during the war, Schmidt says, he faked his own death and fled. Of course he was pursued, and starving as he fought to stay alive. That day he was so hungry, he thought he would just break into a house and steal some food without hurting anyone... But someone saw him. "I thought to myself, I haven't come all this way, I haven't fought so hard just to die here, and... My hand closed around a knife. My body moved on its own." For whatever reason he left one boy alive, and always knew that this end would be waiting for him.

For some reason the humorous theme of Maxim complaining for food and Roget always being reminded to eat, and then hunger being the reason behind Schmidt's actions... It seemed to me like it all tied together, in a strange way.

Roget still can't shoot Schmidt, and it's Bachelet who breaks the tension... by collapsing. Everyone crowds around him, and Roget cries for help -- someone, someone call a doctor.

A doctor.

Schmidt barely hesitates. He tells them to carry the man inside, and they all head for the hospital.

Later, the doctor sends Maria to ask for a bed to be prepared at the bigger hospital.
He tells Roget about Bachelet's heart condition but says he should be okay for the time being.

Roget, stunned, sits down on a bench outside. He's completely overwhelmed. Leah approaches him -- he says he doesn't want to talk to anyone, but Leah says these times more than anything are when you need to not be alone.

It's hard to remember what they said to each other. I was just so rocked by the dramatic irony, seriously Masatsuka did it right this time.

I assume Schmidt is still arrested and tried, but they don't specifically say. Instead, we return to the tango club. Roget says he needs to apologize for blowing Leah off before, and she agrees that they should try for at least one dance.

Since neither of them claimed to be good at dancing, I feel that their tango is kind of a "dream sequence" that expresses how they imagine themselves rather than actually being an amazing tango. And then everyone, and I mean EVERYONE comes out to dance.

Admittedly once we'd passed the big climax I was ready to start searching for Chiko-chan in the background because I knew this was her only other scene. And she was there all right, all the way in the back, not in a tux but still wearing her pilot's jacket, DANCING WITH AMI. And oh, her smile ♥ ♥ ♥ She got to dance with her douki in their first show as Yukigumisei ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

But the actual end is Roget and Leah go their separate ways. Roget knows he'll have to find something new to live for, and the entire cast sings a song full of love and hope directed at Mizu as she walks across the ginkyou. A lot of people were sniffling when the curtain went down.


















It's a pretty good show. Stylistically Masatsuka-sensei will never be my favorite; sometimes I can respect his heroes but I don't usually find them very attractive. And I still don't think his treatment of musumeyaku is good at all; even if Leah is kind of a cool character she doesn't have that much depth.

Plus I can't stop making fun of the way Masatsuka-sensei is such a one-trick pony. ;P "I'll have my otokoyaku wear blue suits, and the musumeyaku will wear red! But sometimes the *otokoyaku* will wear red! People will lean against desks!"

And, you know, other things I mentioned above. ;)

I'll give it an A-? Perfectly decent in some respects, but perhaps not the roles I'd have liked for certain people's last shows... Or in some cases, it's the fact that they lack proper roles entirely. :\ Story is sometimes moving but not ~my favorite evar~.

...Now if you read all that and are asking yourself why I haven't done this before with other shows... Don't, okay. >.>;;; It comes down to lack of time / my moods / the urge to squee-capslock overriding analytical ability / doing demachi and coming home too late to write something this long / etc.

Hope all you Yuki fans enjoy though. :P
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Es ist Zeit zu Leben.: Mizu & Tonami // in the shadows.violet_tango on June 27th, 2010 01:22 pm (UTC)

Thank you so much for this.
More proper comment later, have to continue studying now.

I am not sure how to handle the impression that after Mizu's retirement, it seems Kitarou will actually end up being my most favourite yukigumisei. I'm so happy she keeps being treated that well.
And is there an actual sanbante role in this show?
Julie: chigi nishikiewao_wao on June 27th, 2010 01:37 pm (UTC)
Aww, I was hoping for a big long comment from you first and foremost ;P

Kitarou = for some reason that facial hair just accented her *beautiful* cheekbones to me ♥______♥

Sanbante role = I guess in terms of *roles* there isn't one? Kitarou, Chigi, etc are important characters, but they spend a lot of time not on stage / not as those characters.

But Chigi is sanbante; she gets to be "Rockstar Man #3" and has a talk column in the program that neither Kitarou nor Koma nor anyone else (besides Mizu and Kimu obviously) got.
Es ist Zeit zu Leben.: Chigi // is a rainbow.violet_tango on June 27th, 2010 01:43 pm (UTC)
Okay, hang on, you get a proper long comment now, just give me a little time to type it down. ;P
Es ist Zeit zu Leben.: Mizu & Maachan // an unkown passionviolet_tango on June 27th, 2010 02:00 pm (UTC)
Argh, and I feel as if I can't resist. Stupid me, I should be studying ^^;
But your entry is so awesome and the show seems so as well. <3 <3 <3
I will study after this, promised!

Actually, I kept looking again and again at that picture of Kitarou and Mimi, and each time I couldn't help but think how beautiful both of them are. I wouldn't have expected Kitarou to look *that* good having *that* kind of beard.

I still keep hoping for double nibante until I am proved wrong, but if it will be Chigi nibante, then yay Chigi nibante. :D

What you write about the show sounds quite impressing. I remember having read that as a top star, you usually have an influence on your last show. I wonder if this was the case here as well, and who came up with the topic of the show. War crimes and their punishment seem to be a rather difficult topic in Japan, and the more impressed I am that Roget is dealing with that exact matter.
Roget sounds very much like classic Mizu, on Mika I guess I can't really comment before having seen her. The role of Selia in Mariposa could have easily turned out as a flat character, but Tonami completely fleshed out the role and turned out to be quite impressing in it. I hope it's the same thing with Leah. Kimu's treatment seems to be proper, Kitarou I did cover already, and except of that... Masatsuka-sensei even seems to do the same smaller roles over and over and over. In Mariposa the characterless maid was Shina-chan, and I do not approve of the treatment of various other actresses here. In Mariposa, Seshi at least was a plot point.
In terms of Koma I'm at least happy that her role seems to have at least some relevance for the story, and didn't consist only of 'MASTER COME RIDE THE HORSES!'.
Do I understand it correctly that it comes down to only one scene for Kitarou and Mimi in Roget?

And seriously, I hope that Roget didn't get suspicious every time he heared the name 'Schmidt'. It's the most common last name in Germany. ^^;

What amuses me about the casting is that while some actresses who are actually decently promoted in other shows don't even get proper lines while other ones, like Kyabii, who usually are never allowed to open their mouth in main shows, get roles that definitely matter in the show.

And tango. Tank you Masatsuka-sensei, tango!
It wouldn't have been a proper last show for Mizu without tango.

I hope that the shonichi digest will show up very soon.
After reading all these things you wrote I am even more eager to see the show than before.
Julie: alice ayane heartwao_wao on June 27th, 2010 02:46 pm (UTC)
The role of Selia in Mariposa could have easily turned out as a flat character, but Tonami completely fleshed out the role and turned out to be quite impressing in it. I hope it's the same thing with Leah.

It's only the beginning of the run, after all. Plenty of possible layers to be added :)

Masatsuka-sensei even seems to do the same smaller roles over and over and over. In Mariposa the characterless maid was Shina-chan

Gosh, you're right! I had forgotten.

In terms of Koma I'm at least happy that her role seems to have at least some relevance for the story, and didn't consist only of 'MASTER COME RIDE THE HORSES!'.

Hehe, but like I said I can't be entirely bothered by it when "BUT MASTER, THE HORSES--!!" was what made me really love Koma ♥ ♥ ♥

Do I understand it correctly that it comes down to only one scene for Kitarou and Mimi in Roget?

Well, like I said there's the opening dance with everyone... And Mimi also got to be a "feelings dancer" during Mizu & Mika's song, but other than that... Yeah, yep, that's it.

And seriously, I hope that Roget didn't get suspicious every time he heard the name 'Schmidt'. It's the most common last name in Germany.

Ahahaha. I think he did, though. ;P Actually the plot hole that occurred to me was, why on earth does KNOW the man's name?! It's not as if you walk in, kill a bunch of people and then say "by the way, my name's Schmidt." ^^;;;;;

What amuses me about the casting is that while some actresses who are actually decently promoted in other shows don't even get proper lines while other ones, like Kyabii, who usually are never allowed to open their mouth in main shows, get roles that definitely matter in the show.

The pessimistic side of me says "it's because they're running out of suitable musumeyaku", but actually I think Masatsuka-sensei just prefers upperclassmen in general?

Anyway, I've liked Kyabii since I saw her doing Sky Fairy / Sky Reporter stuff, so I'm glad to see her get things to do, in the play and the revue! 88th love ♥ ♥
Es ist Zeit zu Leben.: Kitarou & Mimi // bonds beyond wordsviolet_tango on June 27th, 2010 05:55 pm (UTC)
I am curious how Leah will work out in the end. <3

I just love Koma so much in general. <3 <3
I don't think she is extremly outstanding in a particular way, but she's just such a charming actress with an impressing charima. I think I need to rewatch her Elisabeth Shinko. It's so entertaining. :D

It's not as if you walk in, kill a bunch of people and then say "by the way, my name's Schmidt." ^^;;;;;
I might give Masatsuka-sensei the benefit of the doubt here. Investigation concerning things that happened in WW2 are done very eagerly in Germany, and I could imagine that it would have been possible for Roget to find out via research who Schmidt was. But actually I doubt that Masatsuka-sensei knows that. ;)

I approve of directors liking upperclassmen. <3
In general. Very, very much. <3

It's kind of amusing how Kitarou's role seems to be quite prominent although she has only that one scene.
happy_riceball on June 27th, 2010 02:21 pm (UTC)
Thank you so, so much for this. Goodness, I really have to wait for DVD? So far away...

It sounds like a really good show, and Koma as an incompetent sidekick definitely makes me more happy than it should. X3
happy_riceball on June 27th, 2010 02:32 pm (UTC)
Wait, wait. Just realized the "Masatsuka-sensei is such a one-trick pony" was filled with links, and I can't stop laughing. XD
Julie: wao fersen lightbulbwao_wao on June 27th, 2010 02:35 pm (UTC)
The whole post is filled with links, actually, I really should bold them or something because the black text doesn't look much different from purple... T___T;;; Glad you were amused though ♥ ♥ ♥
maruizhenmaruizhen on June 27th, 2010 04:34 pm (UTC)
Thank you very much for this great review. I am not very fond of Masatsuka-sensei either, so I am glad to hear it was a decent show. Mizu really deserves to retire with a good show (especially as their last one was a Ueda Shinji play...).
可愛い女隊長さん: Seshiii!!midoriseppen on June 27th, 2010 05:15 pm (UTC)
Thank you, thank you, thank you for such a long and detailed post <3 Sounds like a really awesome show and I can't wait to see the digest, even if I am a little disappointed about the apparent lack of Cecil. :/ I'm hoping this doesn't become a trend. I don't need both Bonbon and her talents being overlooked. Guess we'll see after Mizu leaves and things get shifted around.
ohtori_tsuki: Mizu/Tonamiohtori_tsuki on June 27th, 2010 05:53 pm (UTC)
Ah! I want to see this show! Thank you for the review!!
Umm, does Mika have the etoile? And I'm sad that Haruka Midori doesn't seem to have much stage time.
michiru42: Sailor Neptunemichiru42 on June 27th, 2010 08:04 pm (UTC)
I wonder why Masatsuka-sensei writes for Takarazuka anyway? I remember in a Q&A in a playbook, someone asked who the ideal mate would be, or something like that. Masatsuka responded dismissively, saying he wasn't interested in anything like that. If there's no romance in him, why does he still want to write for Zuka?

I'm glad he does; there have been some great shows he penned (Winds of Buenos Aires, Boxman). But I wonder what the attraction is for him.
(no subject) - ayansai on June 28th, 2010 01:27 am (UTC) (Expand)
cosmos14: mizu innocentcosmos14 on June 28th, 2010 02:11 am (UTC)
interesting show! i would love to watch this. ♥♥♥♥
N ANY CASE VERY HOT -- evil, merciless Chigi, so hot ♥_______♥
especially that one. kiyaaaaaaaaaaahhh
Kitarou... ♥♥♥ so manly even in that facial hair. XD

Mori Shimonu: otpflower_ballet on June 28th, 2010 09:41 am (UTC)
This sounds... a lot like Silver Wolf to me. Intro scene with memories. Check. Hero waking up on couch. Check. The thing about food? CHECK. Funny buddy song. Check. Main "couple" bonding over a common experience. Check. Well, I guess it's Masatsuka-sensei in a nutshell, and I've always liked his shows. Silver Wolf is a favourite of mine, as it is, but both Canary and Romance de Paris are wonderful shows - with much the same themes. XD Is it just me, or does he have a thing for Yukigumi at the moment? Two Snow performances in a row, both important in that the first is a top star retirement and the second a top star debut. Pretty impressive.

I can't say anything about Mika in this show, obviously, but I really generally like his treatment of, at least, the lead musumeyaku. Mireille is an amazing character and so are both Nadja and Ajani. Not to mention the two times he wrote roles for Tonami, with Barbara and Selia. Oh, and Mirva! Fuu-chan. ♥