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17 July 2010 @ 09:18 pm
Still waiting for Yuki musumeyaku top etc  
So maybe I'm the only one doing constant calculations, but the Hoshigumi cast announcement yesterday rules out Hoshi girls to be moved to Yukigumi.

I was wrong about Soragumi, though. Tomu concert ends less than a week after Tokyo Roget. They could still take one of ours.

Or maybe someone could be moved from Hanagumi before Tokyo Sabrina?


Having been left hanging this long, I can only assume the company's waiting for a special date like Mura raku / Tokyo shuugoubi for Roget. Or something. The longer they keep us waiting the less sense any of it makes.

COMPLETELY unrelated, I wonder what happened to Miko-chan that she was out only for today. :( I assume that means it's not serious, but :(

Speaking of, I'm leaving very soon to go back up to Tokyo. Only for a day, because it's kaisouken and ochakai. Night bus-ing it both ways T_______T;;; And then Monday is a national holiday and I'm using it to see Tani and Eriko's show, Masaka no Change!?

I'm crazy, yes, I know. T______T;;; 行ってきます。
Current Mood: sleepytired already
utena1409: Tani black/whiteutena1409 on July 17th, 2010 12:37 pm (UTC)
You're going to see "Masaka no change" ?!?!?
I expect a looooong report about it!! ;____;
I STILL don't know if Tani just acts like a guy in a girls body or if she also dresses like one or what. This whole body switching story is way too complicated to understand without seing it. T_T
(It is totally impossible to get really good reports from my japanese friends, for whatever reason. Maybe they think I won't understand it, whenever I ask I just get 4 lines or so >___>. )
Julie: tani cosmo starwao_wao on July 19th, 2010 02:26 pm (UTC)
Maybe they think I won't understand it

That's nonsense, it was SUCH an easy story to understand.

It is body-switching, along with other things. Tani spends half the play being "sexy and cool play director" and half of it being "I'm the cleaning boy stuck in the body of said sexy director".
Tellychansailortelevator on July 17th, 2010 01:45 pm (UTC)
I'm developing tics from updating the news fiftythousand times a day. *sigh* I want the goddamn announcement!
Ms. Brittladybretagne on July 17th, 2010 01:55 pm (UTC)
I want the dang announcement so bad at this point I am going to lose my mind!

Have a wonderful time on your trip and seeing Tani and Eriko! <3333
(Deleted comment)
Julie: alice windowwao_wao on July 19th, 2010 02:23 pm (UTC)
Ah, it's that bad with you too? T____T;;;

another Yuki girl who was so young I'd never even heard of her

Can't get any younger than Ami -- everyone's heard of her only because of her shinko lead. >.>;;;

Mika, who my brain decided wasn't leaving after all

I keep coming back to this feeling. It would all be so much easier if Mika just *didn't* leave. :(
(Deleted comment)