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06 August 2010 @ 01:41 am
The First Half of 2010 Meme  
I swear I'm going to bed after this.

● What shows have you seen this year?

Hapsburg no Houken / Bolero
The Bund / Neon Shanghai
Solferino no Youake / Carnevale
Je Chante
The Scarlet Pimpernel
Trafalgar / Funky Sunshine
Roget / Rock On!
Romeo + Juliette
Sabrina / Exciter!!

● What's been your favourite role so far? (You can give answers for each of your favourite 'siennes)

Hanakage Arisu, Gigi.
Nagina Ruumi, Charles. (Although I do love Tom Allen a fair bit too.)
Shimon Yuriya, Farleigh.
Ranno Hana, Sabrina.
Aizuki Hikaru, Josiah.
Soranami Kou, Soapy.

● Who's a 'sienne you've fallen for this year? And what role was it?

Oops, I said it already ^^;;; Aizuki Hikaru, Josiah. She is Our Son (and seriously has a "mother complex", she & Alice-chan have exchanged tons of little gifts ♥ ♥ ♥)

● What shows from this year have you bought / do you plan to buy on DVD?

Casablanca, I saw it last year but the DVD came out this year. Plan to buy Trafalgar soon (it's already out)... Likely Tomu's concert, possibly Gin-chan if I'm really desperate for Soragumi.

●Which theatre do you prefer?

Actually I agree with Cate -- Bow Hall.

● What's the best seat you've had so far this year?

Bow Hall. First row. Don't remember the seat, 11 or 12 I think.

Daigekijou raku. Row two, which is actually the first row when you're all the way to the right (seat 82?) I never did post about that, did I...

● Who are your three favourite otokoyaku? (No OGs)

Nagina Ruumi, Ranju Tomu, and... and... *throws up hands*

● Who are your three favourite musumeyaku? (No OGs)

Hanakage Arisu, Ranno Hana, and... and... *throws up hands*

● Who are your three favourite OGs?

Wao Youka, Hanafusa Mari, and... oh heck, I'm cheating, Miwa Asahi and Nanaho Hikaru.

● I say dancer, you say... (current or OG)

Ranju Tomu.

● I say singer, you say... (current or OG)

Hanakage Arisu.

● Which underclassman has most caught your eye this year?

Ai-ai again probably, but also Mamiya Ryouko. (Chiko-chan can't be counted as "this year"; she caught my eye back in 2008. ;P)

● Manaka Ayu, Maihane Mimi or Yumeka Ami - who do you like best?

Manaka Ayu. Sorry Ami-chan, but she still comes first.

● Whose retirement has hit you hardest this year?

*manic grin*

● Your best three plays of the year so far.

Je Chante, Sabrina, and technically Aibou was still running this year. I vote it in for Actually Being Good.

●Your best three revues of the year so far.

Funky Sunshine, Exciter!!, Carnevale

● A big musical or a play and a revue, which do you prefer?

Generally a play and a revue. Big Western musicals are pretty fun though (Pimpernel, R+J, etc). For Whom the Bell Tolls may not be so fun.

● What's your favourite costume of the year?

From Je Chante -- Alice-chan's "Paris revue" costume, and/or the pair dance one. Both of them brilliant white, both the kinds of dresses a top musumeyaku would wear. (Though I do love the red Yuriko costume and those gogo boots ♥ ♥ ♥)

● Out of the shows performed / you've seen this year, which scenes / lines did you like best?

Je Chante:

Charles and Gigi standing under the awning, watching the rain and falling in love.

Gigi's line: "Wherever I go, I'll be myself."

Gigi dying in Charles' arms, with both Alice-chan and Kacha crying profusely.


All the scenes with Young Sora and Young Kai (Ryouko-chan ♥)


Fanny: "We're heading for London."

The scene at the restaurant with her, Emma, Nelson & William. The lovers' quartet, "Wasurerarenai Hito".

Josiah opening up to his father.

Funky Sunshine:

Taiyouzoku. Taiyou no Senshi.

● Have you taken a step forward as a fan this year? If so, please tell us about it.

Perhaps I have. As Cate said, taidan is a big step. Then again perhaps not, the way I still keep letting things get to me.

● Out of the goods you've bought this year, what's your favourite?

Hrm. My schedule book? But I bought it last year... Um, um. Je Chante pocket cards? I certainly act like they're my favorite, the way I still keep buying them...

OH! The 10x12 of Alice-chan & Tomu :D

Club goods, definitely the Alice & Yuya book. And the making of disc. So worth it.

And our taidan wear.

● Which Graphs and Kagekis have you bought?

All of them.

...Shut up.

● What are you looking forward to in second half of the year?


● What's a shop you recommend in Takarazuka?

Angel Love ;) And good ol' MisDo. And that stationery shop in Minamiguchi above Hankyu Oasis.

● Tag some people if you like.

Lots of people seem to have done this with or without being tagged ;)
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I'm hearing about so many shops that I've never gone to. :(
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