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06 August 2010 @ 10:50 pm
Less than 48 hours to raku, and...  
It's Kacha.

50% of the time it's Kacha who makes me start crying in this show.

It's Kacha. She's my number two.

I guess subconsciously I've probably known since Je Chante. I certainly should have known when I wrote her a letter for Bow raku that completely drained me, just putting into words the sentiment "I love the way you smile at my girl".

It's Kacha. She's my next favorite actress after Alice-chan.

She is an actress, and her acting is what arrests my attention and holds my heart. I wish I could make everyone see what I see when I watch her. The way she shines. I wish I could give to everyone what she gives to me. Those smiles that just... make me want to believe in good things.

I'm crying again.

It's Kacha and I love her so much that I know I can't ever join her club.

I can't give my heart to her completely and officially, because my heart won't be able to take it if she doesn't make it all the way. I can't go through this crushing defeat again.

It's not a good idea to love someone who's star-tracked, you guys, if you're the type to have great expectations. In so many cases you're setting yourself up for a fall. No one should bet their heart on someone else's career, and yet so many of us do.

Anyway. Now I know.

Kacha, it's you. 心の中に応援しています。
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