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12 September 2010 @ 02:24 am
I am the last person to do this meme  
Yes, yes, I'm back. Have been too busy catching up with things and fighting with internet to post. (The wireless connection in this house is extremely temperamental, but it seems to be working for now...)

I want to make a note that I am completely awesome because one of the last things I did before leaving Japan was write a letter to Kari-chan. As in, I wrote it on the bus and put it in the mailbox AT THE AIRPORT. Booyeah. 8D

And now, I have nothing interesting to say except meta crap, so instead I thought I'd do this meme.

The First and Last Meme

☆First sienne you ever saw (includes photos)

Let's see, the first I can really remember was Haruno Sumire in the Palermo program.

☆Last sienne you saw (includes photos)
*looks at calendar* Hanakage Arisu.

☆The first stage name you knew
Wao Youka.

☆Your favorite stage name
I could've sworn someone posted once about a 'sienne who had named herself "the most beautiful woman in the world" with kanji, but I can't remember now...

☆The first show you saw live
Never Say Goodbye.

☆The last show you saw live
The Gypsy Baron / Rhapsodic Moon.

☆The first clip you watched online
A lot of other "oldbies" have answered this question with "well back in MY day there WEREN'T any clips online, but..." When I got into fandom there were like, 10 clips online -- mostly from Elisabeth, so I'm sure it was something from Elisabeth.

☆The last clip you watched online
Ummmm probably "Midsummer Eve" from Puck. For some reason I got re-hooked on it and listened to it a lot while I was cleaning out my apartment.

☆The first goods you bought
*thinks* Probably the Wao clock... and the Wao mirror... And the Takarazuka Hello Kitty phone charm (I maintain that the ones from 2006 were the best).

☆The last goods you bought
Umm ochakai goods = a bunch of Ran-chan photos, and a badge. Official goods... probably that Sou pocket card for pinkpapyrus?

☆Your first star
Wao Youka.

☆Your current star
Hmm. Current. Hmm, hmm... Yeah, pass.

☆The first Takarazuka song to get stuck in your head.
I think either "Ai no Omokage" or "Yami ga Hirogaru"

☆The last Takarazuka song to get stuck in your head.
Songs from "Hamlet!!".

I can't do that other one yet, the "Happiness" one. It's still... a little hard.

But I have "Je Chante" finally (and other things) thanks to shirabyoshi, and we'll see how I feel after that ♥
Current Mood: tiredtired
Proactively Untwist Octagonal Hippopotamus Pants: takarazuka - mii-chan awesomedramaturgca on September 12th, 2010 09:53 am (UTC)
You have Je Chante? Oooooooooh...
(Deleted comment)
Kya: grinpinkpapyrus on September 12th, 2010 11:57 am (UTC)
I sleep with it on my pillow. ...Not actually, but spiritually. Figuratively. ...She's pretty. :D