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27 October 2010 @ 11:55 pm
Collection of Dreams  
So yeah, I think at least once a week I dream something about Japan and/or Zuka. Still.

At least twice now I've dreamed myself back in Japan, both times with sumire_no_hana (my subconscious is proving how much I miss a certain someone ;____;) I can't really remember the details... I think I was supposed to be back at my old apartment, but it looked like the room I'm sleeping in now. Or something. I was excited to be back, but disappointed that I'd forgotten the things I'd bought for Manda. (Someone should be getting a package soon... :D)

Then the other night I dreamed the action came to my place -- it was definitely the house I'm in now -- a bunch of friends were here watching something on the big TV. I remember ekusudei among them, at least, because while we were all hanging out there with some announcement with roles for a new show, and Masaki's was something that started with Pl- or Pr- which everyone immediately started turning into "Puru-puru-chan".

...Yeah I seriously don't know but XD XD XDDD

Then in the same dream Shin showed up with her pink bike (disclaimer: I am not aware if she actually owns a pink bike or not) in the front room of our house. I think she... parked it there? And then went out again to help my mom with gardening.

I really, really don't know <------- My mom hardly spends any time gardening <---------

Last week I had a dream that involved black leotards, a line dance, me falling on my ass and Chiko-chan asking me if I was okay. Ummmmm moving on.

The sad dream was maybe two weeks ago... I was at an outdoor event -- where I don't know -- with these little rows of bleachers. I was wandering around, maybe looking for a seat, and saw Mayu-chan and Keito sitting in the back row.

Yeah. Those ones retiring. Yeah.

Even in my dream I knew it was true, and so did other people because some fan went up to talk to them. I probably wanted to do the same thing but didn't have the guts. I looked around again and K-san from Eriko club was there, dressed up a really nice.

That's all I remember.

It's a little bit of a test of will to post this. I know posting about my dreams at all is silly, but somehow I feel that most of my internet friends will just smile and shake their heads along with me. Now, however, there's also the nagging feeling that some faceless, mean-spirited Japanese people could be reading my words and mocking me.

I know it's stupid. I mean, foreign fans could be mocking me behind my back just as well.

I probably shouldn't be writing this. Even as I dictate it it just sounds like a ploy to get people to tell me they care, again. God, I hope I'm not this whiny for much longer. But for some reason I feel compelled to voice my paranoia.

What the heck. I'm posting this publicly anyway.

Oh and hey, I can end on a good note -- yesterday I wrote letters to my Yukibabies (Kari-chan, Chiko-chan and Ami-chan♥♥♥) and today I put them in the mail and it made me feel really good :) ♬ Fandom! I can still do it! ^^
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Proactively Untwist Octagonal Hippopotamus Pants: takarazuka - wao phantomdramaturgca on October 28th, 2010 07:22 am (UTC)
I had the oddest dream last week about being in rehearsal for a show with a brand-new musumeyaku top and her partner not being there for some reason and Mizu appearing out of nowhere to escort her in for the first scene. Magee-chan and Dai-chan were both there too, so I have no idea what was actually going on. I think the show was some variation on Cinderella.
rouen81rouen81 on October 29th, 2010 05:13 pm (UTC)
All of us are mocked and loved at the same time. And as somebody once said Do what you like and like what you do since those who mind don't care and those who care don't mind. (good quote from the back of a manga= ). The only zuka dream I had, had me and my family brefiending Wao and Hanafusa on a bakery, than traveling together and Mari giving us some pensiIs, I think they were going to sing but I woke up.