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08 November 2010 @ 12:21 am
Yet more dreams  
For some reason I've lost the knack of posting about my dreams in a timely fashion -- the first of these is over a week late.

Not that my dreams are really that amusing to anyone but me; I guess I just record them because they persistently roll around in my head until I do.

So the first of these... It seems like four separate dreams, but I actually had them all in the same night.

I was back in Japan. I felt very proud of myself, as if I'd pulled off some kind of intelligent and sneaky maneuver to get myself there. I remember considering how I was going to explain things to my friends, and what I was going to do about housing what with my old apartment being occupied. It bothers me when I get all practical in my dreams :P

Next, I had apparently gone back in time and was seeing "Sora Fantasista!!" live from a very good seat. My dream only covered the prologue, I think -- it was mostly the same, except that Kacha had a dance solo and Masako had a singing part. And Taki-san and Ahi were there, inexplicably -- both of them had been transferred out of Soragumi by that time, but I'm not sure if my dream-self remembered that or not.

At some point later, I was seeing "Rock On!" It was one of my favorite parts -- the chuuzume, where Keiko-san sings "Goldfinger" and Mika slinks around on the floor in a fedora in a long dress with a long slit and... Well, my subconscious didn't choose to embellish, so what I saw in my dream was the same as my live experience -- Mika, Mika, Mika ♥___♥ With maybe a little Mizu in the periphery ;) Unfortunately this time my dream-self had an accurate sense of the season -- Manda was in the seat next to me, and we looked at each other and were like "wait, isn't it a little late for this show to still be running? Aren't they supposed to be retired?" Stupid logical dream-self.

My third kangeki was Tsukigumi, and maybe it's because it was the last troupe I saw live but my brain keeps coming back to them with new imaginary shows. I think it was intermission and I was on a squee-high but didn't have anyone to talk to, until I spotted a middle-aged foreign lady with a friend near the back of the first floor seats. She had already seen this performance and was telling her friend (and me, as I was immediately welcomed into the conversation) about what was coming up next -- something we wanted to be a little closer up for. Very fortunately and conveniently, we were allowed to change seats ;) What was coming up was seito in the audience :D But not merely dancing through the aisles, no, this was going to be a whole row of performers sitting in the seats until their cue to go up. There were non-star-tracked upperclassmen as well as some underclassmen, I think, and... They were supposed to represent the main characters' twins or doubles in some kind of massive mistaken identity comedy? ^_^;; We managed to get right behind where they were going to be sitting and watched excitedly as they filed in. Their costumes possibly looked kind of like the ones in "Gypsy".

When I woke up from all this I was impressed that I'd managed to dream about three different troupes in the space of a single night. :3

The dream I had a few days ago felt like a continuation of the "woo I'm back in Japan" theme, at least to the extent that I was trying to figure out what to do with myself there. It may have distantly had something to do with Alice-chan, as my head has been quite filled with her blog entries of late, but she was more like a concept being discussed rather than a physically present personage. Instead, her classmate Kasshii was there waxing sentimental about her own taidan experience.

And Chigi was there... throwing muffins at her.

...Don't ask me to even try to explain that one XD XD XDDDD;;;;;

Oh, you know what else, I also never posted the one about seeing "An Officer and a Gentleman" with my parents and the seats being oddly angled to face 90° away from the stage, forcing us to look over our left shoulders the whole time x___x I remember a non-aesthetically-pleasing video prologue with clips from the movie, Kaname singing a cracktastic-in-a-bad-way solo, and a number in front of the curtain with a musumeyaku who looked disturbingly like Ebi-chan until she turned into Ririka.

What, I don't know either ^^;;;

Adding that last one, though, means in one post I've covered dreams about every troupe except one... Hmm... *sends Hanagumi thoughts toward subconscious*
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An old diary.: Cupcake fishhappy_riceball on November 8th, 2010 02:11 pm (UTC)
I really enjoy your dreams, but you must stop thinking so logically in them! XD
Chigi throwing muffins at people. XDDD ♥
ohtori_tsuki: Kimuohtori_tsuki on November 8th, 2010 05:49 pm (UTC)
What fun dreams!!
Once I managed to have a dream about Kimu that went lucid. I figured everything out so that I was knocking on the door to her dressing room...and then she told me to go away because she was too busy. What's the point of lucid dreaming if Kimu won't even open the door to talk to me?
Julie: kimu reflectionwao_wao on November 8th, 2010 05:52 pm (UTC)
Ahahaha. You weren't lucid enough to be able to control the "guest star" in your dream XDD;;