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03 December 2010 @ 04:14 am
Well, that's it. I sent an email to Chiko-chan and it hasn't bounced back.

Of course it took me until 3:00AM to write it. I tearfully but stubbornly finished the book I was reading -- about 200 pages of it -- before the attempt. I can only hope that it put me in the right state if mind, and that my words were appropriate.

At least now I finally feel willing to give in to my weariness and sleep.

To those of you who noticed the announcement and chose not to inform me promptly...

Maybe I would have been able to handle it better, buoyed up by the presence of my brothers and distracted by the family event. Maybe I would have been embarrassingly weepy in front of them. Obviously we'll never know that alternate scenario. In the midst of my hysterics tonight I allowed myself to wallow and feel betrayed, even though obviously my friends had nothing but my best interests at heart. I am going to put that feeling behind me now.

In the future, however, please appreciate how important it is to me to know things as soon as possible, especially when it's this personally relevant.

Good night.
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