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28 December 2010 @ 03:53 am
Hoshi news  
I was up late reading, and then I noticed that no one had said or done anything about this or this, and then suddenly I was up really late wiki-ing. >.>;;;

Mei-chan cast first, since I did it first.

Natori-san as the creepy evil grandfather = predictable but good. :)

Keiko-san as the sometimes-cute, sometimes-stern headmistress whose office is lined with One Piece manga = also predictable but good. Kai Hayato is her butler.

Other girl x butler combinations are as follows:

Otohana Yuri x Serika Toa

I don't remember anything about either of the characters. Oh wait, Rika is probably the one who's really bitchy to Mei at first but soon becomes a loyal friend. *cough*cliche*cough*

Hinami Fuu x Shiotsuki Shuu

I don't get this. Why does little Fuu get cool Shuu-kun as a butler, when Rira-chan is more needful of an "older man"?

Murasaki Rira x Rei Makoto

Miruku is supposed to be the tiny 12-year-old prodigy (short, cute-faced Rira, yes, check) who has this "gentle giant" of a butler who carries her on his shoulder. =/= Coto, sorry what.

Shizuki Otone x Sazanami Reira

This, as I recall, is the really overly-sexualized girl x really smarmy butler pair. They're the ones who seem to be constantly teasing the limit of the "no romance with your butler" rule... if they haven't already broken it. This role for Layla = small lol.

Natsuki Rei x Kisaragi Ren

Might I point out that Natsuki Rei is an otokoyaku.

I'm too tired to be more than faintly flaily and annoyed, but as the responsible head of the class, Izumi was my favorite character among the students. (Going from the drama, anyway.) I feel like both her and her equally responsible butler Kiba are miscast (give Renta the "gentle giant" or something, come on!!)

Anyway. I feel like I'm missing something with the rest of the characters... Minakaze Rina is a ballet teacher, Wakanatsu Ayame her daughter and Mei's friend, Hishiro Yua another ballet student, same for Marina Mayu... I get this from Japanese Wikipedia because I don't remember them at all. Must be from the manga and not in the drama. I thought Mei had a down-to-earth, non-rich friend whose younger sister was completely twitterpated with Rihito. None of that, it seems -- probably the opposite problem of "drama not manga".

Re: AiTan, I guess I don't actually have anything to say other than "hey, Hiroka Yuu got a role". There's no use in pointing out the people who didn't.

I'm going to bed. Seeing the updates on the Wiki to reflect Hoshigumi taidansha made my heart hurt a little.
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arlecchina: His care-free days with us are historyarlecchinic on December 28th, 2010 01:05 pm (UTC)
Beat me to it while I got sucked into my cross stitch again.


Also this post was more informative than Twitter rumours <----
Juliewao_wao on December 29th, 2010 08:29 pm (UTC)
Yeah. J-Wiki for the win ^_^;;

I mean like I said there are obviously some differences between what I saw in the drama and the original manga -- we'll see how much is drawn from each source.