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24 January 2011 @ 05:53 pm
I dream of Ouka...?  
I have yet another wacky dream to recount!

My subconscious seems to be dwelling on Ouka, undoubtedly out of guilt because I didn't write to her in time for to Tokyo raku like I told myself I would.

In my dream I met her on the street or near a bridge, somewhat like the one over which underclassmen are often seen going to and from the Grand Theater. I guess I had been making eyes at her during a show, but instead of saying "I saw you!" her response was more like "I saw you, during that part when I was wearing that yellow costume--" and continuing with lengthy descriptions of said costume.

Then there was an interlude during which I was spying on the gates of the Music School with Manda -- only it was more like peering over a bridge looking at stairs that went down to a basement door... Apparently TMS now has an underground wing?? x___x;; And the people going in were not teenage students, more like kindergartners being led by a teacher. Manda told me that they came from some other school that was allowed a tour of TMS once a year, and we were very fortunate to be able to see the tiny ones going in. It's possible she was taking pictures. (What.)

Then the dream switched back to Ouka, whom I ran into in some kind of cafe / bar. I was very curious as to what she'd be doing over her third post-Daigeki break. Then suddenly Dominic Monaghan was there too and he and Ouka were going to be performing in a band and it was communicated in less words and more looks that I was being invited to come along as their groupie. Or something.

...Too much TV for you, Julie >.>;;;;

In other news, I translated the summary for Nijinsky because I needed something to do.
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