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01 February 2011 @ 11:45 pm
If only one person has a change of heart, this post will be worth it.  
Even though I know there's little value in getting depressed about things I have no control over, sometimes I can't help it.

I've been thinking about Ami-chan and Chiko-chan a lot lately. And it makes me depressed.

The foreign fandom has, for the most part, always been such a nice place. People aren't usually inclined to listen to or spread ugly rumors.

But the combined outrage at the 96th expulsion incident and Ami-chan's meteoric rise has caused the gates to open and some of that hateful internet rumor-mongering to come through.

As if any of us really knows what happened. As if any of us were there, or spoke directly to someone who was.

As if anyone on the internet couldn't just say they were a friend of so-and-so and heard such-and-such. Oh, and don't tell me about court records. I don't believe those reports weren't twisted as well.

It's been over a year now, hasn't it. A year is enough time for one story to evolve into a tale of atrocities beyond all recognition.

And it's not as if people never picked on each other in TMS before the 96th class.

Did you know, there's a thread on a certain anonymous message board called "Soranami Kou's Comeuppance"?

At least the Japanese fans who are really bent on their hatred are consistent. They slander Ami-chan, and Kazu-chan, and Chiko-chan, and Shio-chan, and a score of others. They have something nasty to say about more than half of the 96th class.

Now, everyone knows I'm not fond of Sumika -- but that's because I don't like her style as an actress. I have no interest in digging up dirt and attacking her in a personal and vicious way on anonymous forums. That is a level of ill feeling that I will not sink to.

Why does anyone else do it? Why do people spread nastiness and hate?

I choose to believe in Ami-chan and Chiko-chan as I choose to believe in the 96th class as a whole. I will not endeavor to single out scapegoats to pointlessly despise. A few teenagers cannot be blamed for all the bullying that has occurred in the history of the Music School.

And those people who enjoy trading stories of alleged cruelties -- how is that helping them enjoy Takarazuka?

96th love.
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