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23 February 2011 @ 07:50 pm
Phantom role-switches  
Weeeelllll that was unexpected.

At first I kind of skimmed it for star names instead of roles, and just assumed they were switching Philippe and then two of arguably star-tracked roles like Lachenal and Richard.

But then I saw Sergio... And after a second of "...?" I was like "oh yeah, that's the one who usually does Young Carriere". So that would make sense. (Except it doesn't SAY they double as Young Carriere.... :\)

But really, WTF CHOLET. W. T. F. I guess that's one way to give someone a lot of stage time, like Micchan doing Renault in Casablanca... And it gives Hacchi-san the chance to be... CARLOTTA??? (I thought Ledoux for a split second before I was like NO WAIT.) But still... nrgh. Old Man Mitsuru. It's, um, a good chance for her to grow as an actress? T_____T

For some reason I was unrealistically imagining Sou as Philippe, even though obviously in '06 Yumiko did Carriere. But then I guess part of my brain was also seeing Maa-kun!Philippe.

I stand by her, people. She was shinko!Philippe before and I'm all for it. It's actually one of the few things I'm excited about in this cast.
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palais: discomfitted train guy: loud music!palais on February 24th, 2011 03:12 am (UTC)
I totally can't see Hacchi-san Carlotta. I love her, but she doesn't have the pipes. Though what other roles could there be for her? The only other person I can think of is the doorman, but that seems a bit too slim of a role...
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