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03 April 2011 @ 12:02 pm
Two days ago it was my Zukaversary. It's the day after my birthday, you know.

I used to do fun things like share clips and whatnot for my fan anniversary. This year, I've been contemplating paying less attention to LiveJournal and fading out of the fandom.

It's still tempting. More and more I feel like I may as well just keep my thoughts to myself.

Sometime last year kirakira_sora posed the question, "can I stop following Takarazuka but keep writing to babies?" The obvious answer being that then you'd have nothing to write them about, but... I know the feeling. Writing to seito to show my support has become a deep-rooted habit only strengthened by the news of the earthquake. Whereas a lot of Zuka news lately doesn't make me happy.

This morning I got an email from Chiko-chan.

Reading the first couple of sentences I thought it was just to tell me that she'd changed her email address, which was sweet in itself, but... She goes on to say she got my latest letter and present and she's so grateful and kind-hearted and precious.

And I knew. I knew that if I could, I would fly all the way to Japan to see and support her.

I've got my foot caught in the door. I'm stuck here.
Current Mood: numboverwhelmed
Becca: Micchan sailormuffin_song on April 3rd, 2011 09:00 pm (UTC)
My first thought was, "Oh, I'm glad the package got there safely!" My second thought was, "I'm glad Chiko-chan could read my handwriting!" XD

I'm glad you were able to get such a sweet message from her ♥
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