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13 May 2011 @ 01:42 am
Untouchables & Shakunetsu  
I just watched Sabrina with muffin_song, so my heart is mush right now.

Untouchables shonichi has come and gone, Alice-chan hasn't written in her blog yet but probably will later today. When I'm asleep. So I'll post what little I have now.

Look! A picture! Alice-chan I cannot even. I'm so glad her first role back on stage is such a big one, but I wish she didn't have to wear a dress that makes her look twelve

Look! A tiny picture! But it's cute X3 ♥

Without an Alice-chan report I went to Hacchan's blog, and she says that after the show the entire cast went out to the lobby to wave goodbye to everyone. There may have also been a charity donation box.

Why, why am I not there ;__________________________;

...In not-feeling-sorry-for-myself news, hay there Yuki babies. Miss Sakina, you know, she's very "my type" at first glance but for some reason I never connected with her. (Aside: I also have this problem with Kaname.) But there's something about the look in her eyes in that poster that makes me go *____* a little bit. Shou looks great too, of course :3 Both of them have these... kind of devious, calculating expressions that interest me, to say the least. Looking forward to this show!

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Tellychan: kissusailortelevator on May 13th, 2011 10:38 am (UTC)
Don't ask me why, but when I saw the poster there was a very loud, and rather maniacal laughter in my head. XD THEY LOOK SO GOOOOD. ♥________♥ Shou is as beautiful and gorgeous as ever, and it's interesting to see that Saki's loosing a bit of her baby-face. It was expected ofc, and tho ofc I don't want her work so hard she looses loads of weight and becomes ill or anything, I still kinda look forward to the un-baby-faced star she'll become. ^___^

But my eyes are still all over Shou. ♥ ♫

Even in that childish dress she's BEAUTIFUL tho! She looks young, yes, but she's totally elegant and very, very pretty. ^__^